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Local Wills

Roger Beasley has kindly provided details concerning Local Wills and the beneficiaries, which he has collected from the Probate Records and other sources.

This is a list of some Local Wills for the year 1892

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Died      Date of Will      Name Place Vol/Page/Deed      Notes
189216 Mar 1850Joseph LivingstonBrighouse[42/289/125]
189207 Aug 1863Thomas HalliwellHalifax[22/156/75]
189222 Jul 1868John LacyLangfield[42/500/251]
189207 Aug 1868Benjamin BeardNorland, Halifax[20/635/330]
189224 Jan 1870Joseph AtkinsonHalifax[15/730/366]
 Joseph Atkinson, retired cardmaker of Halifax. Died 1870. Probate to John Atkinson, joiner, relationship not listed 
189229 Jan 1870Jacob [Jack] NaylorSouthowram[12/901/467]
 Jacob Naylor, gentleman of Bottoms, Southowram. Susannah Naylor, widow 
189204 Jul 1870Hannah GotthardtOvenden[24/643/325]
 Hannah Gotthardt, widow, of Rydal Mount, Savile Park Road, Halifax 
189221 Sep 1870Harriet WilcockThornhill Edge[11/245/139]
189217 Jul 1871Thomas WaiteHalifax[31/339/190]
 Thomas Waite, tailor, of Milton Terrace, Halifax. Jane Eliza Waite, widow 
189211 Jun 1872Thomas NichollHalifax[17/354/205]
 Tom Nicholl, grocer, of Ashfield, Queens Road, Halifax. Eliza Nicholl, widow 
189224 Jul 1874Sarah SutcliffeWadsworth, Halifax[18/132/70]
 Sarah Sutcliffe, widow, of Wainsgate Lane, Wadsworth. Probate to John Greenwood, fustian cutter, and Sarah Greenwood (wife of Booth Greenwood) 
189207 Oct 1874James GreenwoodHalifax[33/63/31]
 James Greenwood, gentleman, of Carr House, Luddenden. Probate to William Greenwood, draper's salesman, James Thomas, gentleman, and Thomas Calvert, worsted spinner 
189219 Mar 1875Joseph AllenLightcliffe[33/57/28]
 Joseph Allen, insurance agent, of Lightcliffe, near Halifax. Died at Esholt, near Guisley, Yorkshire. Martha Allen, widow 
189216 Sep 1875Mary PeaceSiddal, Halifax[22/799/410]
189220 Nov 1875George HarkerSowerby Bridge[30/92/47]
189213 Dec 1875Cornelius RedmanHalifax[42/801/406]
 Cornelius Redman, machine tool maker, of 31 Hare Street, Halifax. Mary Redman, widow 
189216 Sep 1876Mary AinleyBarkisland[33/799/419]
189216 Apr 1877Abraham StansfieldStansfield[22/880/451]
 Abraham Stansfield, farmer, of Scout Bottom, Mytholmroyd, Sowerby, Halifax. Probate to John Stansfield, warehouseman, and Henry Stansfield, carpet weaver 
189217 Aug 1877Henry HoyleHalifax[25/633/317]
 Henry Hoyle, former mill manager, of Swires Road, Halifax. Sarah Hoyle, widow 
189214 May 1878Joshua WormaldHalifax[19/814/390]
189214 Jun 1878Elizabeth BentleyElland[23/541/281]
189201 Nov 1878Jane FosterHalifax[15/585/293]
189222 Jan 1879James GreenwoodHalifax[10/586/328]
189209 Nov 1880James FarrarSouthowram[4/553/308]
189223 Dec 1880Joseph MarsdenRastrick[39/525/276]
189231 May 1881Samuel SutcliffeHalifax[26/264/108]
 Samuel Sutcliffe, clogger, of 2 Alma Street, Halifax. Emma Sutcliffe, widow 
189224 Aug 1881Simeon EllisonQueensbury[7/555/311]
189205 Dec 1881Thomas ShawBarkisland[13/700/367]
 Thomas Shaw, yeoman, of Hollas Hill, Barkisland. Sophia Shaw, widow 
189201 Sep 1882Samuel AtkinsonHalifax[20/408/210]
 Samuel Atkinson, gentleman, of 12 North Parade, Halifax 
189211 Sep 1882John ClarkHalifax[35/864/476]
 John Clark, gentleman, of Hampden House, Lister Lane, Halifax. Probate to Sarah Hannah Whiteley, spinster 
189221 Oct 1882Abraham Garside SunderlandHalifax[13/130/68]
 Abraham Garside Sunderland, Esq, of Coley Hall, Hipperholme. Probate to Joseph Samuel Sunderland, Esq 
189206 Dec 1882Isabella Clark PriestleyHalifax[10/575/321]
189202 Apr 1883George GibsonNorthowram[29/241/127]
189201 Jul 1883Matthew BrownHalifax[10/677/385]
189226 Jul 1883William John HorsfallHalifax[14/58/31]
 William John Horsfall, retired grocer, of Kent House, Halifax 
189215 Sep 1883James DavyHalifax[11/831/436]
189221 Nov 1883John AldersonHalifax[18/113/58]
189223 Jun 1884Joseph BancroftHalifax[18/420/216]
189212 Jan 1885Joseph StottStainland[11/514/265]
 Joseph Stott, gentleman, of Stainland. Probate to James Stott, butcher and farmer 
189213 Jan 1885Edmund OutramGreetland[21/323/177]
 Edmund Outram, dyer and finisher, of Ellistones House, Ellistones, Greetland. Probate to Ann Ashworth, widow, and Elizabeth Outram, spinster 
189202 Feb 1885Joseph BeaumontElland[18/867/451]
 Joseph Beaumont, gentleman, of Elland. Henry Beaumont, insurance broker 
189222 Jul 1885Susy StansfieldIllingworth[22/84/41]
 Susy Stansfield, widow, of 1 Church Terrace, Illingworth-in-Ovenden 
189208 Oct 1885James OgdenOld Lindley, Halifax[27/946/491]
 James Ogden, farmer, of Old Lindley, Halifax 
189219 Oct 1885David BrooksbankRastrick[22/645/339]
189228 Nov 1885John GreenwoodStansfield[40/672/338]
 John Greenwood, bobbin turner, of Green End Shore near Todmorden. Willie Greenwood, bobbin turner 
189218 Dec 1885Robert HowarthHalifax[19/180/85]
189213 Jan 1886William WadsworthHalifax[30/791/377]
 William Wadsworth of Bottoms Lane, Salterhebble, Halifax. Probate to Farrar Wadsworth, cartwright, and Thomas Wadsworth, dyer 
189201 Jun 1886Mary Ann GreenwoodHalifax[21/449/244]
 Mary Ann Greenwood (wife of Charles Greenwood) of 21 Cross Hills, Halifax 
189206 Aug 1886James HartleyHalifax[10/899/487]
 James Hartley, woolsorter, of 20 Salisbury Place, Ackroydon, Halifax. Probate to Samuel Hartley, woolsorter and John Hartley, insurance agent 
189231 Aug 1886Alfred CawthraQueensbury[26/846/399]
189229 Nov 1886William CrowtherHalifax[29/56/30]
 William Crowther, bookbinder, of Osborne Terrace, Queens Road, Halifax 
189204 Jan 1887Benjamin CharlesworthGreetland[19/843/407]
189224 Jan 1887Mary LightowlerNorthowram[36/123/67]
 Mary Lightowler, widow, of 11 Moor Close Lane, Northowram. Probate to James Lightowler, draper, and Arthur Lightowler, boot and shoe maker 
189201 Feb 1887Bairstow AckroydQueensbury[5/870/457]
189205 Feb 1887Samuel CrabtreeNew Pellon, Halifax[6/619/308]
189216 Feb 1887Abraham LeedhamQueensbury[33/505/263]
189223 Apr 1887Edward WilcockThornhill Edge[11/261/141]
 Edward Wilcock of Thornhill Edge, Thornhill. Probate to Edward Wilcock, stone mason 
189227 Jun 1887John ParkinsonHalifax[30/530/249]
189214 Jul 1887James HaighHalifax[2/686/374]
 James Haigh, pattern maker of Brighouse 
189210 Aug 1887William Henry BulmerHalifax[18/453/236]
 William Henry Bulmer, engineer, of Midgley Terrace, Shibden, Halifax. Probate to Sarah Bulmer, widow, Eliza Stansfield (wife of John Stansfield) and Maria Moore (wife of Charles Edward Moore) 
189227 Aug 1887John StottHolywell Green[35/704/385]
 John Stott, farmer, of Burnall Bank, Holywell Green, Stainland. James Stott, farmer 
189216 Jan 1888George William TaylorHalifax[39/841/436]
189228 Feb 1888James MurgatroydOvenden[2/664/360]
189220 Mar 1888Jonathan PriestleyOvenden[5/929/492]
189223 Jun 1888Jonas GreenwoodMytholmroyd[10/900/488]
 Jonas Greenwood, plumber, of Mytholmroyd, Halifax. Probate to Elizabeth Greenwood, widow, and Alfred Greenwood, woollen manufacturer's manager 
189216 Jul 1888Henry WilsonHalifax[19/395/191]
 Henry Wilson, registrar of births and deaths, of Manor Heath Lodge, Skircoat, Halifax. Elizabeth Wilson, widow 
189230 Jul 1888James CrabtreeHalifax[42/290/126]
 James Crabtree, labourer, of Holme End, Wadsworth, Halifax. Alice Jobling, widow 
189209 Oct 1888John PogsonRastrick[3/230/126]
 John Pogson, designer and mill manager, of Railway Terrace, Rastrick. Probate to Ann Pogson, widow, and David Pogson, pattern weaver 
189203 Jan 1889William CockcroftHebden Bridge[17/344/200]
189203 Jan 1889Thomas WalkerSkircoat[15/771/383]
 Thomas Walker, retired overlooker, of Belmont Terrace, Sowerby Bridge. Probate to Eliza Ann Walker, spinster, and William Henry Walker, mechanic 
189218 Jan 1889Jonas FosterBradshaw, Halifax[16/449/227]
 Jonas Foster, retired farmer, of St John's Cross, Bradshaw, Ovenden. Probate to Mary Beaver (wife of Stephen Beaver) and Grace Ann Foster, spinster 
189223 Jan 1889Fred NewsomeSowerby, Halifax[14/337/177]
 Fred Newsome, book keeper, of West End, Sowerby Bridge. Formerly of 27 uarry Hill, Sowerby Bridge. Emma Newsome, widow 
189225 Jan 1889William StandevenHalifax[23/773/405]
 William Standeven, greengrocer, of 1 Rose Street, Halifax 
189212 Feb 1889James RichardsonSowerby Bridge[22/697/364]
189223 Feb 1889Margaret Jane BedfordHalifax[3/569/314]
 Margaret Jane Bedford (wife of Marmaduke Bedford) of 76 Crossley Terrace, Halifax. Probate to Sarah King, widow, and Marmaduke Bedford 
189220 Mar 1889Simeon BarracloughRastrick[19/941/455]
 Simeon Barraclough, woollen weaver, of Slade Lane, Rastrick. Mary Barraclough, widow 
189226 Mar 1889William PopplewellQueensbury[18/365/187]
189202 Apr 1889Miles DysonHalifax[9/543/288]
189224 Jun 1889Anne LumbyHalifax[6/133/75]
189204 Jul 1889James GreenwoodLuddenden[29/429/226]
 James Greenwood, gentleman, of Carr House, Luddenden. William Greenwood, draper's salesman 
189204 Sep 1889John CrabtreeHalifax[2/665/361]
189206 Sep 1889Nancy HarwoodWadsworth, Halifax[32/413/212]
 Nancy Harwood, widow, of Mount Skip, Wadsworth. Probate to Harwood Harwood, beerhouse keeper, and Sarah Ann Ashworth (wife of Thomas Ashworth) 
189226 Nov 1889Mary Ann SumnerBrighouse[9/300/160]
 Mary Ann Sumner, widow, of 11 The Crescent, Brighouse. John Sumner, silk dresser, of 12 Police Street, Brighouse, son 
189227 Nov 1889Joseph AckeroydNorthowram[6/137/78]
189227 Nov 1889Francis RaynerRastrick[16/281/144]
 Francis Rayner, book keeper, of Rastrick. Probate to John Charnock Rayner, engine tenter, and Allan Smith Rayner, wire drawer 
189227 Nov 1889William ThomasOvenden[10/234/136]
 William Thomas, general dealer, of Union Street, Halifax. Mary Jane Thomas, widow 
189202 Dec 1889John ThomasHalifax[6/626/313]
189215 Jan 1890John BeaverOvenden[18/114/59]
 John Beaver, bread baker, of Ovenden. Ruth Rebekah Beaver, spinster 
189210 Feb 1890John ShawWarley, Halifax[14/723/374]
 John Shaw, commission agent, of Cote Hill, Warley. Mary Shaw, widow 
189216 Mar 1890William BarracloughBrighouse[20/875/466]
 William Barraclough, hosier of Brighouse 
189222 Apr 1890Samuel Henry ByrneClifton, Brighouse[38/804/414]
 Samuel Henry Byrne, wire manufacturer of Brighouse and 80 Holland Road, Kensington Middlesex 
189226 Apr 1890Robert RamsbottomHalifax[27/550/280]
 Robert Ramsbottom, licensed victualler of the Lord Nelson Inn, Halifax. Hannah Leah Ramsbottom, widow 
189206 May 1890William WhiteheadSowerby Bridge[19/817/393]
 William Whitehead, gentleman, of Hollins Lane, Sowerby Bridge. Mary Whitehead, widow 
189212 May 1890Marshall CharlesworthGreetland[19/844/408]
 Marshall Charlesworth, butcher, of West Vale, Elland cum Greetland. Eliza Jane Charlesworth, widow 
189216 Jun 1890Joseph SheardHalifax[16/299/153]
 Joseph Sheard of West Mount Street, Halifax. Elizabeth Sheard, widow 
189207 Jul 1890John MatthewsElland[43/357/166]
 John Matthews, beer retailer of Old Lane, Halifax. John Robert Matthews, beer retailer, of Old Lane, son 
189222 Oct 1890Ann GreenwoodHove Edge, Lightcliffe[12/243/121]
 Ann Greenwood, widow, of Syke Lane, Lightcliffe 
189213 Nov 1890John BottomleyBrighouse[5/838/434]
 John Bottomley, stone mason, of Richard Street, Brighouse. George Bottomley, stone mason 
189216 Nov 1890Abraham SmithNorthowram[2/156/81]
189219 Nov 1890Amelia BrearleyIllingworth[8/221/120]
 Amelia Brearley, widow, of 13 Woodbine Terrace, Halifax 
189221 Nov 1890Joseph BatemanNorthowram[6/624/311]
 Joseph Bateman of St Luke Street, Claremount, Halifax 
189201 Dec 1890Richard OatesHalifax[11/561/287]
189220 Dec 1890Luke ShooterBailiff Bridge[16/820/420]
189231 Dec 1890James CrossleySouthowram[2/582/319]
189208 Jan 1891Charles RotheryHalifax[14/434/224]
 Charles Rothery, pipe manufacturer and tobacco and cigar merchant, of 54 Prescott Street, Halifax. Elizabeth Rothery, widow. Fred Rothery, tobacconist 
189204 Apr 1891David SmithSiddal, Halifax[9/52/32]
 David Smith, wool merchant, of Siddal, Halifax. John Smith, wool merchant. Thomas Smith, chemical manufacturer 
189211 May 1891Stephen HemingwayElland[31/112/64]
 Stephen Hemingway, woollen manufacturer, of Whitwell House, Elland. Joshua Hemingway, woollen manufacturer. Hannah Hemingway and Mary Hemingway, spinsters 
189203 Jun 1891Isaac SmithSandbeds, Queensbury[23/49/30]
 Isaac Smith, retired draper, of Sandbeds, Queensbury, Bradford 
189206 Jun 1891Jonas PottertonOvenden[30/296/135]
 Jonas Potterton, farmer of Ovenden. Ann Potterton of Ingham Lane, widow 
189224 Aug 1891John WoodheadShelf[40/317/164]
 John Woodhead, farmer, of Upper Giles Hill, Shelf. Isaac Woodhead and Rufus Woodhead, farmers 
189208 Sep 1891Abraham CockcroftTodmorden[18/133/71]
189214 Sep 1891Thomas NobleGreetland[13/701/368]
 Thomas Noble, mason and contractor, of Noble Cottage, Greetland. Luke Noble, stonemason. Mary Harriet Noble, spinster 
189223 Sep 1891William InghamOvenden[22/260/129]
 William Ingham, retired shopkeeper, of Park Lane End, Ovenden. George Ingham and Wiliam Henry Ingham, worsted spinners 
189211 Oct 1891Samuel JowettBrighouse[10/874/472]
 Samuel Jowett, contractor, of Haigh Street, Brighouse. Anne Jowett, widow. Samuel Jowett and Walter Jowett, contractors 
189217 Oct 1891George FowlerHalifax[11/88/51]
 George Fowler, fruit and potato merchant, of Halifax. William Fowler, potato merchant, of Holly House, Burringham, Lincolnshire, brother. George Fowler, potato merchant, of Savile Parade, Halifax, son. William Fowler, potato merchant, of Union Street South, Halifax, son 
189220 Oct 1891Hannah LorymanHalifax[16/450/228]
 Hannah Loryman, widow, of 13 Mayfield Grove, Parkinson Lane, Halifax. Harriet Ellen Loryman and Hannah Loryman, spinsters 
189203 Nov 1891Charles MarsdenHalifax[25/340/174]
 Charles Marsden, retired wire drawer, of 17 Parliament Street, Halifax. Ann Marsden, widow 
189204 Nov 1891Charles DennisonHalifax[11/791/416]
189224 Nov 1891James OgdenBrighouse[12/471/236]
 James Ogden, joiner of Brighouse. Johnny Ogden, joiner 
189203 Dec 1891Jeremiah AlexanderHalifax[11/169/99]
 Jeremiah Alexander, gentleman of 13 Hawthorne Terrace, King Cross Road, Halifax. Elizabeth Alexander, widow 
189204 Dec 1891John DilleyBrighouse[10/875/473]
 John Dilley, cooper of Brighouse. Sybil Dilley, widow. James Dilley, cooper 
189205 Jan 1892Mary Ann Brear FirthHalifax[41/867/442]
 Mary Ann Brear Firth, widow, of 13 Woodbine Terrace, Halifax. Richard Brear, farmer 
189206 Jan 1892William MurgatroydOvenden[10/576/322]
 William Murgatroyd, worsted overlooker, of 63 Bradshaw Lane, Ovenden. John Murgatroyd, worsted overlooker 
189217 Jan 1892Hannah SmithBrighouse[29/495/260]
 Hannah Smith, widow, of School Dame Green, Rastrick. Isabella North (wife of Joseph North) 
189218 Jan 1892Joseph Travis ClayRastrick[12/401/201]
 Joseph Travis Clay, Esq, of Rastrick. John William Clay, Alfred Clay and Arthur Travis Clay, Esqs 
189218 Feb 1892Nathan William BottomleySkircoat[15/152/74]
 Nathan William Bottomley, mercantile clerk, of 8 First Avenue Fer(sic) School Lane, Halifax. Lucy Hannah Bottomley, widow 
189207 Mar 1892Mary Jane VarleyHalifax[22/738/387]
 Mary Jane Varley, widow, of 30 Savile Park Street, Halifax. Joseph Wilson and Samuel Robertshaw Wilson, school inspectors 
189207 Mar 1892John WhiteleyHipperholme[12/215/105]
 John Whiteley, gentleman of Rose Grove, Hipperholme. Emma Whiteley, widow 
189219 Mar 1892William Frederick FlemingHalifax[18/119/62]
 William Frederick Fleming, brush manufacturer, of 13 North Parade, Halifax. Ann Fleming, widow. Ada Aspinall (wife of George Aspinall) 
189223 Mar 1892Amos BancroftWadsworth, Halifax[30/1010/485]
 Amos Bancroft, carter, of Rock, Wadsworth. James Bancroft, draper 
189223 Mar 1892George BancroftLighthazzles, Soyland[17/787/426]
 George Bancroft, stone merchant of Lighthazles, Soyland. James Anthony Bancroft, innkeeper 
189202 May 1892James GraydonHalifax[27/146/75]
 James Graydon, retired boot and shoe maker, of 65 Clare Hall Road, Halifax. Hannah Graydon, widow. Rawdon Graydon, boot and shoe maker 
189210 May 1892William TerryNorwood Green[32/910/467]
 William Terry, retired farmer, of Lower Oxheys, Norwood Green, Hipperholme. Alfred Terry, warehouseman 
189227 May 1892Hannah JenningsSowerby Bridge[23/853/443]
 Hannah Jennings, widow, of Sowerby Bridge. John Jennings, carrier 
189208 Jun 1892Harriet AaronHalifax[25/808/411]
 Harriet Aaron, widow, of 4 Braithwaite Court, Gaol Lane, Halifax 
189210 Jun 1892William EtheringtonElland[32/759/388]
 William Etherington, innkeeper and coal merchant, of The Fleece Inn, Elland. Mary Etherington, widow 
189204 Jul 1892William Henry TinklerHalifax[30/490/230]Intestacy
189229 Jul 1892Daniel FieldingOvenden[33/166/89]
 Daniel Fielding, common brewer, of Bradshaw, Ovenden. Eli Fielding, common brewer 
189211 Aug 1892Alfred RamsdenHalifax[42/350/163]
 Alfred Ramsden, Esq, of Kingston, Halifax. Arnold Ramsden, bank cashier, and Sarah Jane Ramsden, widow 
189226 Sep 1892George Henry AllportScarlet Heights[32/535/275]Intestacy
189229 Oct 1892Mary ParkinsonNorthowram[37/1/1]Intestacy
189210 Dec 1892Charles Henry FarrarHalifax[42/24/14]Intestacy
 Charles Henry Farrar, dyer's manager, bachelor, of Delph Cottage, Halifax. Probate to Keighley Walton, town clerk of Swift Place, Soyland and Frank Patchett, wire manufacturer of Heathside, Halifax the cousins-german and two of the next of kin 

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