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The Society of Friends

The Society of Friends – aka Quakers – is a Christian Protestant sect founded by George Fox in the 17th century.

In 1717, they directed that stones should not be set up on graves, and that any already erected should be removed. Many were moved to private houses – see John Elam.

They held their services at meeting houses:

They were very active in Rastrick. In 1759, there were more Quaker meeting houses in Halifax parish than those of any other group of Dissenters.

In general, Quakers could only marry other Quakers.

Quakers were banned from attending universities and went into trade and industry – such as Cadbury, Rowntree and Fry – rather than the professions.

Because of their pacifist beliefs, Quakers were not popular with the general public and were often persecuted.

An Order for Imprisonment of Friends [1660-1666] lists a number of Quakers aged over 18 years who had refused to take an oath of allegiance. They were ordered to be received into the gaol and held there.

The list included

They had their own Burial Grounds

There are several entries relating to Quakers in the district:

Adult School Movement

Albert Benjamin Bayes
David Binns
Rev Joseph Birch
Bootham School, York
Henry Broadbent
James Brooksbank
Charles Roden Buxton

John Clay
Joseph Travis Clay
The Collinson family of Halifax
Thomas Collinson
Rev Henry Crabtree

Thomas Dearnally
District Friends' School, Ackworth
Robert Duckworth
Henry Dyson
Simeon Dyson

Robert Eastburn
John Eccles
John Elam

John Fielden
John Fielden
Joshua Fielden
Joshua Fielden
Joshua Fielden
Joshua Fielden
Thomas Fielden
Thomas Fielden
Joseph Firth
Joseph Firth
Thomas Firth
Thomas Firth
Alexander Fothergill
George Fox
Friends Adult School, Halifax
Dr Joseph Fryer

The Greene family

Jonathan Halliday
Sir Thomas Hanbury
Richard Hanson
Richard Hanson
Abraham Hodgson
Sarah Hodgson
Henry Kailey
Abraham Kershaw
John King

Jonathan Laycock
Joshua Laycock
Joshua Laycock

Mankinholes Quaker Meeting House

Newlands Meeting House, Rastrick

Pilkington Hall Burial Ground, Mankinholes
Pilkington Hall, Mankinholes
Jonas Preston
William Preston

Quaker Burial Ground, Shoebroad
Quakers in Brighouse & Rastrick

Robert Ramsden
Rowntree's of York

Sir Richard Saltonstall
Rev Thomas Shillitoe
Shoebroad Farm Meeting House
John Smith
Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
Snake Hill Meeting House, Rastrick
Snake Hill, Rastrick
Sowerby Old Road Quaker Chapel
The Stancliffe family of Shibden
Jonas Stansfield
Steeple Tax
Stones House, Todmorden
Mary Storrs
Daniel Sutcliffe

Rev Christopher Taylor
Captain Thomas Taylor
Joseph Thorp

Henry Wadsworth
Ephraim Winn
Matthew Wright

Yeoman clothier

The Clay family of Rastrick
The Cooper family of Brighouse
The Fryer family of Rastrick

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