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My Name is William John Calladine.  My mothers maiden name 
was Norris and her ancestors are from the Uter family . She married
into the Webb family.  My deceased uncle John Hamilton Uter 
married into the Small family. 
His wife was formerly married to Richard Gandy.
I'm married to Martina whose maiden name was Kruck.
Her mother originated from the Huwe family and her father is related 
to the families Olschewski and Hecht.

If you would like to see pedigree charts of 
our families , please click here.


Family Names:   Webb - Uter -Norris - Sladen

Locations: Manchester (Chorlton) - London/Cambridge - 
Birmingham (Barnt Green/Redditch) - 
Basford/Notts - Clay Cross/Derbys


Family Names: Olschewski - Erlenhof - Stach - Hecht
ReinertPanther - Pfauth - Nabakowski

Locations:  West Germany - Berlin
East Prussia (Bergfriede, Saborowen, Ortelsburg, Malzhoefen) 


Family Names: August - Kashubs - Hirsch 

Locations: East Prussia (Kaukehmen/Elchniederung, 
Untereisseln, Kuckerneese, Endreischen)

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