Clatterbuck Happenings
      Callaway Clatterbuck Happenings

      Maggie Clatterbuck (Nov. 22, 1887)

      At the residence of the brides, father, Thomas Clatterbuck, six miles southeast of Ashland, Tuesday evening, Nov. 22, 1887 at 7 p.m. by Rev. W.H. Burnham, Mr. Jeff Trammel to Miss Maggie Clatterbuck, all of Callaway County.

      Attendants: Charles Reynolds and Nannie Emmons. A large number of friends and relatives were present and partook in the festivities.

      Baxter Clatterbuck (Dec 13, 1893)

      Married- at the home of the bride near Guthrie, Callaway County, December 13, 1893. Mr. Baxter Clatterbuck and Miss Ida Allen. Rev. C.A. Mitchell officiating.

      Clatterbuck-Humphreys (Dec 7, 1898)

      Married, at the residence of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Susan Humphreys, near Carrington, on Wednesday, Dec 7th 1898, Mr. Boyd Clatterbuck and Miss Ella Humphreys: Mr. Wood Wilson and Miss Annie Reynolds attendants.

      At 6:15 o’clock the bridal party entered the parlor, where Rev. C. W. Bullard pronounced the sweet, solemn words that joined in the holy bonds of wedlock these most estimable young people.

      Mr. Clatterbuck is a prosperous young man of many sterling qualities, a descendant of Reuben Clatterbuck, one of the first settlers of Callaway County, and possesses all the manly qualities of that good old Virginia stock.

      Miss Humphreys is the only daughter and youngest child of Mrs. Susan Humphreys and a pure minded, religious young woman of taste and refinement.

      After the ceremony the guests entered the dining room, where long tables were groaning under the weight of numerous good things prepared with the skillful hands of the best cooks in the whole country.

      Mr. and Mrs. Clatterbuck will remain on the home farm the remainder of the winter and possibly longer.

      We extend hearty congratulations.

      Robert Wesley Clatterbuck (8-23-1903)

      R.W. Clatterbuck sold his farm (The Goff place) near Englewood to David Hubbard for $1600.

      Alex Barnes sold his 200 acre Cedar Creek farm to R.W. Clatterbuck for $3100.

      Clatterbuck-Bryan (Dec 21, 1904)

      A very pretty wedding was solemized at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. James W. Clatterbuck, at 3:30 o'clock Wednesday evening, Dec 21, 1904. Rev. Har, of Fulton in a few solemn words united Miss Fannie Clatterbuck and Mr. Felix Bryan in marriage. The wedding was a quiet home affair, only the immediate family of the contracting party witnessing the union of this happy couple for life's journey.

      Mr. Bryan in winning Miss Clatterbuck for his companion, has won one of New Bloomfield's most excellent and charming young ladies, who is admired by a host of friends in this community and who wish her much happiness in life.

      The groom is a highly respected young farmer of this community, who is well and favorably known in this county.

      The News extends congratulations to this young couple and wish them much happiness in married life.

      Herbert and Joseph Clatterbuck (Oct 27, 1906)

      A double wedding in the office of Dr. O.O. Davidson at Jefferson City, Oct 27, united for life Mr. Joseph Clatterbuck of Guthrie and Miss Jessie Thomas of New Bloomfield and Mr. Herbert Clatterbuck of Guthrie and Miss Lula Lawson of New Bloomfield. The Messrs. Clatterbuck are well known farmers and stockmen and brothers of J.W. Clatterbuck of this place.

      Carl Wilson-Annie Clatterbuck (Feb 16, 1910)

      Mr. Carl Wilson and Miss Annie Clatterbuck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Clatterbuck west of Guthrie, were married Wednesday evening, Feb 16, 1910. Rev. Frank Powell officiated. "The groom" says the New Bloomfield news, "is an up to date farmer and a gentleman of high social and business standing. The bride is a member of one of Callaway’s best families and is a most charming and attractive young lady."

      The bride is the youngest sister of our well known fellow townsmen, J.W. Clatterbuck.

      Gussie Earl Clatterbuck (Dec 13, 1914)

      Miss Gussie Earl Clatterbuck, Daughter of Robert W. Clatterbuck but who lived since a little girl with grandfather, M.J. Barrow, married at home of J, M. Barrow west of New Bloomfield on Dec 13, 1914 to Roy Clinkenbeard son of I.K. Clinkenbeard, by C.A. Mitchell.

      J.H. Clatterbuck (1916)

      In Callaway County, the race for sheriff was close. J.L. Cole defeated J.H. Clatterbuck by nine votes.

      Abby L. Clatterbuck (April 6, 1916)

      Miss Abby L. Clatterbuck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Clatterbuck of New Bloomfield and A. Frank (Shawn) Martin, son of W.T. Martin of NW of Ashland, were married in the parlors of the central hotel in Jefferson City at noon Thursday April 6, 1916 by Rev. G.W. Hatcher.

      Herbert Clatterbuck (June 1916)

      Herbert Clatterbuck is the owner of a new automobile.

      Ella Bennett Humphreys Clatterbuck (Nov 5, 1916)

      W.W. Foster of Guthrie and Mrs. Ella Clatterbuck of near Carrington were married November 5.

      J.W. Clatterbuck (Nov. 1916)

      J.W. Clatterbuck, Sr. sold his residence in New Bloomfield to J.W. Clatterbuck Jr., for $3000 according to the News.

      Curtis Christian and Miss Mary Clatterbuck (Dec 14, 1916)

      Curtis Christian and Miss Mary Clatterbuck, popular young people of New Bloomfield, were married last week. The bride is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Waller Clatterbuck.

      J.W. Clatterbuck (Feb 1, 1917)

      J.W. Clatterbuck, former manager of the Bass-Johnston Mercantile Company was recently elected cashier of the Guthrie bank and assumed the duties of his position.

      Buck Foster ( April 19, 1917)

      Buck Foster’s barn, near Carrington, destroyed by fire. A calf was killed by the flames.

      Clatterbuck, Wilson and Company (Oct 11, 1917)

      New Bloomfield Big farmers now own 1200 acres in one body. Clatterbuck, Wilson and Company, made two deals lately which added 485 acres more to their farm southwest of New Bloomfield, we learn from the news. The firm bought the Mirt Rhodes farm of 240 acres for $5000 and closed a deal about the same time with Charles Smith for his farm containing 245 acres at $3000 acres. They now own 1200 acres all in one body, which is well fenced and has an abundant supply of water, there being a deep well and several good ponds on the premises. With the newly acquired lands they now have about 150 acres of creek bottom soil attached to their possessions.

      Roy A. Clatterbuck (Dec 13, 1917)

      In Double Wedding, Guthrie young people motor to Mexico and are married by Rev. Mitchell. Two Guthrie couples were participants in a double wedding that was solemnized at the home of Rev. C.A. Mitchell in Mexico, Wednesday morning. Roy A. Clatterbuck son of Mr. and Mrs. B.G. Clatterbuck, and Miss Beulah Trammel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.D. Trammel, were one couple, and Logan Trammell, and Miss Hattie Jones, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Jones, were the other couple. They went to Mexico in an automobile and returned to Guthrie the same day.

      Douglas Clatterbuck (Feb 13, 1919)

      Farm sold twice, Guthrie Farmer Sorry he sold his place, $1500 worth. On Friday George R. Criswell, one-half miles northeast of Guthrie, sold his 160 acre farm to Douglas Clatterbuck of the same community for $17,000 or $106 an acre. Mr. Criswell thought the deal over pretty thoroughly Friday night and the next day went to Mr. Clatterbuck and gave him $1500 to let him have the farm back, says the Fulton Gazette. The place is on of the best in the community.

      Grace Clatterbuck (Feb 27, 1919)

      W.I. Reynolds and Miss Grace Clatterbuck of Guthrie were married Feb. 19 by the Rev. C.A. Mitchell. The bride is a daughter of Baxter Clatterbuck.

      O.P. Wilson ( April 8, 1919)

      O.P. Wilson had a three-car assignment of good steers and two loads of hogs on the market last week. The cattle cleared to killers at $13.10 and $13.25. The latter price was obtained for a load of long yearlings that averaged right to one thousand pounds. The $13.10 mark was paid for two load of heavier weight cattle, 37 head in all. The cattle were practically all bought as feeders in Boone County last November at a cost of $8.90. "The steers did not make any money for me." Wilson states, "But they did break even, and for that I am thankful. I have three heavy loads back ready to market."

      G.W. Clatterbuck (Guy Walthall) (May 5, 1919)

      G.W. Clatterbuck took aerial route when shell landed in dugout under him.

      G.W. Clatterbuck, of New Bloomfield, in the Argonne Forest fighting, ways the Fulton Telegraph, tells of his experience as follows:
      Clatterbuck and three companions were standing on the top of a dugout that had been used by the Germans from which to direct artillery fire against the allied troops. A shell from German guns landed in the dugout, which had been excavated so that a large dirt roof was left on top. When the shell hit in this hole it blew the top right off and Clatterbuck took an unexpected aerial trip. His two companions were shot forward for a great distance.

      Clatterbuck says the shock was so great that he did not remember a thing until after he landed. It made his so deaf that he does not remember having heard the sound of the explosion, which his comrades later told him was terrific. The fact that the shell was under the dirt top of the dugout prevented the pieces of shrapnel from coming through and undoubtedly saved Clatterbuck’s life.

      He says he went a great distance in the air- he had no means of determining how far- and it seemed to him that he was a long time coming back down. When he landed on terra firma he dislocated his ankle and was sent to the hospital. During that fighting he saw men of his company killed and wounded and he considers himself lucky to have escaped with his life.

      Rebecca Dixie Clatterbuck (Feb 7, 1920)

      Miss Rebecca Dixie Clatterbuck of Guthrie, daughter of J.W. Clatterbuck married Feb. 7, 1920 in Columbia at home of and by Rev. SS. Keith to Seth Raymond Whitfield son of Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Whitfield.

      Waller Clatterbuck (Sept. 1920)

      Farm and Stock Notes.

      J.R. Pace last Tuesday put out two loads of hogs and one load of cattle.

      W.A. Foster last week bought 108 head of stock hogs- 28 from Jack Quinn, 29 from M.G. Pace, 15 form Ira Pace, 12 from Robbie Forbis, 5 from Arthur Nichols and 18 from J.W. Martin. He also bought 25 head of yearling heifers from Waller Clatterbuck and resold them to Harrold Ewing.

      J.L. Clatterbuck (Nov 25, 1920)

      J.L. Clatterbuck rented his Cedar Creek farm and moved to Columbia.

      Carl A. Wilson (Nov 25, 1920)

      Carl A. Wilson recently bought the Roberts and Craighead stock of merchandise at Guthrie, says the New Bloomfield News.

      Omer Clatterbuck (Aug 27, 1925)

      Foot lost on "Bumming" Trip. Omer Clatterbuck, 20 year old Fulton high school boy, son of J. H. Clatterbuck, collector of Callaway county, who with two companions left Fulton on a "bumming" trip, is in the Audrain hospital as a result of his adventure. When he attempted to board a freight train in the Mexico yards, he fell beneath the train and his foot was so badly mangled that a part of it had to be amputated.

      J.W. Clatterbuck (Sept 5, 1925)

      J.W. Clatterbuck and Miss Pearl Holt, both of Guthrie, were married at the home of the bride September 5, the Rev. C.C. Riley officiating. The bride is a daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Holt, who lived north of Guthrie Mr. Clatterbuck is cashier of the Guthrie Bank.

      J.W. Clatterbuck (1-21-26)

      A warranty deed conveying the old J.W. Clatterbuck farm of 239 acres, located west of New Bloomfield, to Roy Roberts, of Reeves County, Texas, was filed for record recently. It called for a consideration of $29,900.

      Frances Clatterbuck (Feb 2,1927)

      Miss Frances Clatterbuck, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Clatterbuck, of Jefferson City, and Gilbert Vosseller of Kansas City, were married January 22, in the later city. They will make their home in Kansas City.

      Mrs. Gilbert Vosseller (Nov 14, 1935)

      Mrs. Gilbert Vosseller and little daughter, Gloria Ruth, of Kansas City, visited here Wednesday with Mrs. Lillian Douglas and other friends. She will be remembered as Miss Frances

      Pearl Holt Clatterbuck (Aug 29, 1942)

      Announcing the marriage of Mrs. Pearl Holt Clatterbuck of Guthrie to Edwin Nichols of Ashland, Saturday A.M. at First Baptist Church in Jefferson City.