Clatterbuck James
      James Clatterbuck

      James Clatterbuck was born about 1806 in Caroline County Virginia, the son of Reuben Clatterbuck and Martha Pasty Griffin. He married Permilla A. Howard on June 22, 1829 in Shelby County, Kentucky. Little is known about James and his wife. James' brother, Cageby married Magaret Howard, and their is some speculation that Margaret and Permilla were sisters. Margaret's father was Chester Howard.

      The 1830 Franklin County, Kentucky census shows James and presumably Margaret and a son age 0-5. On August 1, 1833, James received a land grant in Callaway County, Missouri. On November 9, 1835, he received a second land grant. In 1838 he is listed in his father, Reuben's will. On Novmeber 2, 1838 he was enlisted into Captain William McKenney's mounted unit to fight in the Missouri Mormon war. He probably never saw any conflict as he was discharged just days later on November 7th after it was learned that Joseph Smith had surrendered on November 1st and the "war was over".

      In 1840 he is listed as paying a poll tax, and also in the 1840 census with one male child age 0-5, one male child age 10-15, One male age 30-40 (presumably James) two females age 5-10 and one female age 20-30. (presumably Permilla). In 1846 he is listed by his mother in her widow's pension hearing. After 1846, there does not seem to be any evidence for either of them. They are not in the 1850 Census. What happened to them? If anyone has any information on this family, I would appreciate it.

      The 1850 census does show an Elizabeth Clatterbuck, age 15, living in the home of a Singleton Shuley and his wife Jane. (There are "Sheleys" in this area, could this be Singleton Sheley?) Elizabeth Clatterbuck that married a John Goff on December 7, 1865. In the 1870 census she is known as "Sarah Elizabeth" Goff. In 1900 she is living with her daughter, Sabina and her husband, William Bowen in Davies County, Missouri. In 1910 she is found living with her daughter, Martha and her husband, John Bean in Colfax County, New Mexico. She died in about 1920.

      The Children of James Clatterbuck and Permilla Howard were:

      Margaret Permilla Clatterbuck b. Feb. 1830 d.after 1900 in Jefferson County, Colorado.
      She married David Moore on November 4, 1852 in Macon County, Missouri

      Margaret and David had the following children:
      Nancy J.
      U. Grant

      Sarah Elizabeth Clatterbuck b. April 1832 d. abt 1920.
      She married John Goff on December 7, 1865.

      Sarah and David had the following children:

      Martha Thomas b.Nov 15, 1866
      She married John R. Bean on Dec. 16, 1890.

      James Robert b. Oct 4, 1868 d. Nov 12, 1954
      He married Maggie Barnes on November 27, 1889

      Sarah Sabina b. June 30, 1870 d. May 16, 1926
      She married William Simmons Bowen on Nov 17, 1891.

      Herbert Leslie b. April 7, 1873 d. Jan 25, 1875

      Ernest Belmont b. March 1, 1875 d. Jan 20, 1874

      Cora Ethel d. Oct 14, 1878