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Journey Into Life, This has been a journey with hair pulling, crying and mind boggling experience that I would not trade for anything. I have learned Some patients, never say never and always ask the same question at least 100 times and then ask again. Never stay within a box when doing family research. Always look outside the box. Go to the in laws, out laws etc, check our yours cousin, sisters brother etc. Remember one thing. the spelling of the name can be soundex or error. Check out the neighbors etc. Look all documents carefully. I almost used the wrong information on a family line by not looking carefully at a marriage document. So go over every detail. Write them down or type them and look at the info as you type. Remember one thing. A puzzle piece may look like it fits when it does not, however the one piece you looked at all night and does not look like it fits will. Follow your own feelings at times and documents for sure. Never doubt the Bible records, often would change birth dates for no apparent reason we would know of. Even Names in Bibles will be different from names in Census. Birth Certificates and Bibles with disagree. My Grandfather was name John Christopher Columbus Jr. He was Jr in the 1900 census and in the 1910 census he was Samuel Christopher and on his birth certificate of 1906 Samuel Christopher, however the Bible has him as John Christopher Columbus JR. Dont forget Nicknames can become real names. Dont forget that people for no reason in the time before birth certificates just changed their names. So good luck on you Quest for your Journey Into Life.

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