1855 Calumet County State Census
Calumet County, Wisconsin Genealogy & History

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1855 State Census for Calumet County

Note: There are no individual pages listed for this census for Calumet County.

Aaron, Betsey36th District
Aaron, Caronelia36th District
Aaron, Cornelius36th District
Abishive, Christian020 Charlestown
Abishive, John020 Charlestown
Abner, Randall36th District
Abrahams, John W.36th District
Adalaid, Harriet36th District
Adams, Edward C.014 Manchester
Adams, Edwin36th District
Adams, Rick36th District
Albers, P.025 New Holstein
Alberts, John36th District
Alby, Moses36th District
Aldrich, Ira C.020 Charlestown
Allen, Barbary36th District
Allen, N. O.020 Charlestown
Allen, P.027 New Holstein
Amel, Peter014 Manchester
Anthony, Elizabeth36th District
Anthony, Lonufo36th District
Aps, Heas36th District
Arens, H.026 New Holstein
Arens, John36th District
Arens, Otto36th District
Arens, T.024 New Holstein
Areus, Henry G.36th District
Armstrong, Josiah018 Charlestown
Arps, T.026 New Holstein
Assower, T.022 Lima
Athoger, John36th District
August, Henry007 Stockbridge
Augustine, G.022 Lima
Ault, Thomas36th District
Austin, Ezekiel015 Manchester
Babcock, William36th District
Baily, Sabin001 Portland
Baker, George36th District
Baker, Goerge016 Manchester
Baker, Sarah36th District
Baldnin, Messin H.36th District
Baldock, Edward004 Portland
Baldwin, George009 Stockbridge
Baldwin, James36th District
Baldwin, John009 Stockbridge
Baldwin, John36th District
Baldwin, Lyman H.019 Charlestown
Baldwin, Lyman H.36th District
Baldwin, Myron019 Charlestown
Ball, Warren013 Manchester
Ballard, Stephen031 Woodville
Ballou, A. D.023 Luna
Banghen, Channcey L.36th District
Bannen, G.029 New Holstein
Bapiese, John017 Manchester
Baram, George36th District
Barber, Hannah36th District
Barber, Joseph L.018 Charlestown
Barber, S.023 Luna
Barker, Lucius020 Charlestown
Barker, William022 Lima
Barnard, S.031 Woodville
Barnes, Samuel012 Manchester
Barques, Hannah36th District
Bart, Joseph004 Portland
Bart, Michael004 Portland
Bassett, E.023 Luna
Bassett, Ira020 Charlestown
Bassett, J. N.017 Manchester
Bassett, James017 Manchester
Bateman, Barbara36th District
Bateman, Peter36th District
Bayer, G.029 New Holstein
Beach, Elias031 Woodville
Beaden, Union019 Charlestown
Bear, Bela36th District
Beekmann, T.027 New Holstein
Bennet, John36th District
Bennet, Peter36th District
Bennet, Rufus S.36th District
Bennett, Rufus S.010 Stockbridge
Berkhoz, Henry014 Manchester
Berry, William002 Portland
Betts, Aaron010 Stockbridge
Bielenberg, H.024 New Holstein
Binnet, Jeremiah36th District
Birch, Dewit C.016 Manchester
Birch, Jasper012 Manchester
Bitts, Aarin H.36th District
Blodgett, Anson019 Charlestown
Blood, Lewis019 Charlestown
Blunt, Stephen001 Portland
Bock, Chalres024 New Holstein
Boeck, Charles36th District
Boehmiensen, T.025 New Holstein
Boge, N.028 New Holstein
Boh, H.028 New Holstein
Boland, Batrick018 Charlestown
Bolean, N.023 Lima
Bolies, Nicholas36th District
Boner, Grand36th District
Bonkapot, Elisha36th District
Bonkapot, Jacob36th District
Boon, Eliajh020 Charlestown
Boss, Aaron015 Manchester
Bostwick, Henry016 Manchester
Bostwick, Henry36th District
Bovee, Abram007 Stockbridge
Bovee, Frederick007 Stockbridge
Bovee, Henry007 Stockbridge
Bower, William S.36th District
Bownaer, Elizabeth36th District
Boye, John36th District
Boyer, Charles36th District
Boyer, Johnh36th District
Boyer, Leonard016 Manchester
Boyer, Lonard36th District
Boyer, William017 Manchester
Boyle, John005 Portland
Boyle, William004 Portland
Brach, Elias36th District
Bredof, T.027 New Holstein
Breed, Henry001 Portland
Breed, Norman018 Charlestown
Breed, Russel003 Portland
Brewer, Henry36th District
Brewster, John L.002 Portland
Brewster, John L.007 Stockbridge
Brishill, Benjamin36th District
Brittan, Dewit C.019 Charlestown
Brockman, Amasa36th District
Browmaer, Lewis36th District
Browman, Jane36th District
Brown, Barbara36th District
Brown, Benjamin36th District
Brown, John C.009 Stockbridge
Brown, John C.36th District
Brown, Nicholas009 Stockbridge
Brown, W.36th District
Bruhn, T.026 New Holstein
Bruhuhols, P.024 New Holstein
Brushel, Henry014 Manchester
Brushel, Jonathan36th District
Brushell, Henry36th District
Brushes, Benjamin012 Manchester
Brushil, Samuel36th District
Buchnen, John018 Charlestown
Buhl, T.024 New Holstein
Bukle, Joseph36th District
Buldin, Deborah36th District
Bull, Charles A.36th District
Bull, George C.36th District
Bull, Hannah36th District
Bulland, Stephen36th District
Bullen, Edward031 Woodville
Bulman, Henry016 Manchester
Bundlander, M.027 New Holstein
Burell, Eli36th District
Burges, F.026 New Holstein
Burk, T.027 New Holstein
Burns, Thomas007 Stockbridge
Burot, Joseph018 Charlestown
Bushel, Hannah36th District
Butler, William J.36th District
Butterfield, Catham36th District
Button, Chauncey003 Portland
Caligan, Patrick006 Portland
Calkins, Raymond007 Stockbridge
Camdy, Jacob36th District
Cammer, Thomas36th District
Campbell, John O.002 Portland
Candis, Molly36th District
Carr, Benjamin P.031 Woodville
Carr, David014 Manchester
Carter, H.023 Lima
Caubbs, William007 Stockbridge
Ceasar, Julius36th District
Chapin, Myron001 Portland
Chapney, Horain36th District
Charles, Moses36th District
Cheats, Hannah36th District
Cheesbn, Micholas36th District
Chesebro, Joseph001 Portland
Chesebro, Nicholas V.001 Portland
Chesebro, Nicholas003 Portland
Chesman, Robert36th District
Chibbuck, Susan36th District
Chicks, John N.36th District
Chicks, Joseph36th District
Christiansen, Ch.024 New Holstein
Christie, James Jr.010 Stockbridge
Christie, James Sr.010 Stockbridge
Chubbuck, Job36th District
Clad, T.025 New Holstein
Clapper, John H.002 Portland
Clark, N. S.031 Woodville
Cleaveland, Samuel020 Charlestown
Cleaves, J. H.010 Stockbridge
Clifford, Cephas010 Stockbridge
Clifford, Cephas36th District
Clop, Jeremiah36th District
Cluiks, Josiah C.36th District
Clune, John008 Stockbridge
Coe, George D.008 Stockbridge
Coffin, David015 Manchester
Coffin, Marshall017 Manchester
Coffin, Nathan014 Manchester
Cohel, Albert36th District
Colbotha, Max022 Lima
Colby, James020 Charlestown
Colby, John020 Charlestown
Cole, Ebenezar36th District
Coleman, John002 Portland
Comefort, Richard005 Portland
Conely, Dennis005 Portland
Conely, Michael005 Portland
Cook, George36th District
Cooke, Jerry009 Stockbridge
Cooper, Robert005 Portland
Copperel, Albert014 Manchester
Corlin, John36th District
Corr, Francis002 Portland
Costela, Peter36th District
Cott, Ephraim W.001 Portland
Cowell, Edward36th District
Coy, George002 Portland
Coyhis, Benjamin017 Manchester
Coyhis, Benjamin36th District
Coyhis, John Jr.019 Charlestown
Coyhis, John020 Charlestown
Coyhis, John36th District
Coyhis, Martha016 Manchester
Coyliers, Martha36th District
Craig, Jacob018 Charlestown
Crammund, James36th District
Cramond, James012 Manchester
Crandal, A.36th District
Crandall, Abram014 Manchester
Crane, Henry B.013 Manchester
Crawford, S. M.012 Manchester
Crevice, M.022 Lima
Crolby, George36th District
Crosby, James36th District
Crosby, William36th District
Crosley, David S.002 Portland
Crosley, James021 Luna
Crosley, James36th District
Crosley, John012 Manchester
Crosley, William017 Manchester
Crouch, William003 Portland
Crouch, William006 Portland
Crowder, Francis J.003 Portland
Crowl, Peter36th District
Cruse, Casher D.022 Lima
Cuish, John014 Manchester
Cuish, John36th District
Cummings, Francis001 Portland
Cummins, John001 Portland
Cummins, John007 Stockbridge
Cummuck, Thomas013 Manchester
Cummuck, Thomas36th District
Cunnelly, Dennis36th District
Curdy, Jacob031 Woodville
Curtiss, Eli020 Charlestown
Curtiss, Frederick J.003 Portland
Dagget, Daniel36th District
Damman, C.024 New Holstein
Damouth, Jacob015 Manchester
Dashow, Solomen36th District
Daskam, William H.001 Portland
Davids, Daniel36th District
Davids, Jacob36th District
Davis, Even G.005 Portland
Davis, Satah36th District
Dayton, Telem013 Manchester
Dean, John008 Stockbridge
Deer, Big36th District
Degrief, Jane030 Woodville
Deland, O. P.010 Stockbridge
Delano, Facteal031 Woodville
Delou, Eli36th District
Demoth, John36th District
Demouth, John021 Charlestown
Denel, Jacob B.008 Stockbridge
Denny, Catherine E.36th District
Denslow, Elihu008 Stockbridge
Deroy, P.024 New Holstein
Dick, Alenzo D.36th District
Dick, Alexander G.36th District
Dick, Alonzo D.018 Charlestown
Dick, Benjamin013 Manchester
Dick, Cynthia012 Manchester
Dick, Cynthia36th District
Dick, Daniel36th District
Dick, Elias012 Manchester
Dick, Elkanah36th District
Dick, Hammiah36th District
Dick, Hannah014 Manchester
Dick, Isaac Sr.36th District
Dick, Jherusha012 Manchester
Dick, John008 Stockbridge
Dick, John36th District
Dick, Laton012 Manchester
Dick, Lucine36th District
Dick, Nancy017 Manchester
Dick, Nancy36th District
Dick, Nathan C.015 Manchester
Dick, Satlo36th District
Dick, Thomas36th District
Dick, Wiather C.36th District
Dick, William H.013 Manchester
Dick, William Sr.015 Manchester
Dick, William36th District
Dickinson, A.P.36th District
Diederick, Bongrals017 Manchester
Dietzen, J.022 Lima
Digman, Patrick015 Manchester
Dignon, Petrick36th District
Diller, Charles005 Portland
Dimbler, T.027 New Holstein
Dix, Christopher031 Woodville
Dixon, Hannah004 Portland
Dixon, John003 Portland
Dothater, Joseph36th District
Doustow, Eliha36th District
Dow, Asa P.006 Portland
Doxtaer, Mary R.36th District
Doxtaler, Jaocb014 Manchester
Doxtater, Benjamin36th District
Doxtater, David36th District
Doxtater, Dolly36th District
Doxtater, Jacob36th District
Doxtater, James36th District
Doyle, William005 Portland
Drake, John008 Stockbridge
Dsmpdon, Snfy D.36th District
Ducher, Claus36th District
Ducker, C.026 New Holstein
Duell, J.B.36th District
Duffee, Philip005 Portland
Dukelaw, John018 Charlestown
Dukelaw, Peter018 Charlestown
Dukelaw, Richard018 Charlestown
Duken, P.028 New Holstein
Dunn, Robert010 Stockbridge
Dunning, Orson B.002 Portland
Dutcher, Henry008 Stockbridge
Dutcher, Joshua001 Portland
Dutton, Williar36th District
Earl, Benjamin F.016 Manchester
Earl, Benjamin36th District
Easan, Claws36th District
Easrn, Gertha36th District
Eastman, Nathan C.36th District
Eastman, Nathan E.001 Portland
Eaton, Abel36th District
Eden, T.026 New Holstein
Eitle, P.025 New Holstein
Elay, Henry36th District
Elderman, Carolina36th District
Elderman, Martin36th District
Eldred, Enoch020 Charlestown
Eliler, Peter36th District
Ellenbeck, T.028 New Holstein
Ellenhurst, Jacob36th District
Elliot, G. W.019 Charlestown
Esau, Henrich36th District
Esau, Margaret36th District
Esider, M.36th District
Fader, Martin020 Charlestown
Fargasin, Sutsana36th District
Fargason, Silas36th District
Farler, Colin36th District
Fastschgan, Martin030 Woodville
Fedles, John36th District
Fender, Bartin36th District
Fenler, David36th District
Fenler, Smith36th District
Fenter, Alexander36th District
Fenter, David36th District
Fenter, Lyman P.36th District
Ferguson, Leroy008 Stockbridge
Ferguson, Silas009 Stockbridge
Ferguson, William009 Stockbridge
Fiddler, Richard010 Stockbridge
Fiddler, Richard36th District
Fiedler, Henry007 Stockbridge
Fields, Lemuel Jr.003 Portland
Fields, Lemuel36th District
Fields, Lennal Sr.002 Portland
Filench, F.022 Lima
Finkenflogal, Bernard030 Woodville
Finkenflogal, Henry031 Woodville
Finkenflogal, John030 Woodville
Flatten, E.028 New Holstein
Flecher, Sarah36th District
Fletcher, Sally016 Manchester
Flint, Andrew36th District
Floss, F. G.026 New Holstein
Fonderlider, John030 Woodville
Fonlin, Hizikiah36th District
Forkin, John005 Portland
Fouler, James L.36th District
Fouler, William36th District
Fowelr, Orsamus D.013 Manchester
Fowle, Laton36th District
Fowler, Alexander015 Manchester
Fowler, Amy015 Manchester
Fowler, Benjamin012 Manchester
Fowler, Benjamin36th District
Fowler, Collins012 Manchester
Fowler, David012 Manchester
Fowler, Elizabeth012 Manchester
Fowler, Elizabeth36th District
Fowler, Francis36th District
Fowler, Hezekiah015 Manchester
Fowler, L. S.013 Manchester
Fowler, Laton012 Manchester
Fowler, Lorenzo D.012 Manchester
Fowler, Lorenzo D.36th District
Fowler, Lucius S.36th District
Fowler, Lyman P.013 Manchester
Fowler, Onsannus D.36th District
Fowler, Orrin016 Manchester
Fowler, Phebe36th District
Fowler, Phoebe015 Manchester
Fowler, Rosetta36th District
Fowler, William012 Manchester
Franzen, T.029 New Holstein
Fredmarin, Charles028 New Holstein
French, John019 Charlestown
Freyman, P.027 New Holstein
Friedericksen, R.024 New Holstein
Frrenkenfloyel, John36th District
Gabbner, Migael010 Stockbridge
Gaddin, Isaac36th District
Gage, Richard004 Portland
Ganess, Mihan011 Stockbridge
Gardner, Rowland36th District
Gardner, William36th District
Gaze, Thomas Q.36th District
Gehring, P.022 Lima
Gibbs, Hyrum M.031 Woodville
Gibbs, William F.002 Portland
Gill, John005 Portland
Gill, Joseph36th District
Gill, Luke36th District
Gimm, Frits36th District
Gimmes, Betty,36th District
Gimns, Giesber36th District
Girard, John004 Portland
Girard, Louise004 Portland
Gleason, Charlotte001 Portland
Gleason, Samuel004 Portland
Goding, James004 Portland
Goff, Charles36th District
Goff, Ziba003 Portland
Goodell, Lemand36th District
Goodell, Lemuel008 Stockbridge
Goos, C.025 New Holstein
Gouning, Charles36th District
Grady, Michael006 Portland
Granger, Ephraim002 Portland
Graves, Leroy019 Charlestown
Gray, Henry003 Portland
Grcin, William36th District
Greeley, Joseph010 Stockbridge
Green, John002 Portland
Green, Thomas031 Woodville
Greening, Philip019 Charlestown
Gregiene, B.028 New Holstein
Greve, A.028 New Holstein
Greve, C.026 New Holstein
Greve, Elaier36th District
Greve, F.028 New Holstein
Greve, S.027 New Holstein
Greve, Simon36th District
Griem, W.024 New Holstein
Groans, H.022 Lima
Groed, H.022 Lima
Groos, F.025 New Holstein
Grunning, Charles024 New Holstein
Guck, Edward004 Portland
Gurnest, Helena36th District
Hachar, G.029 New Holstein
Hacket, Patrick019 Charlestown
Hackeze, F.027 New Holstein
Hadlcok, E Dgar016 Manchester
Haight, Alonzo012 Manchester
Halhurst, Jobes36th District
Hall, Robert005 Portland
Haller, Reuben D.36th District
Halsch, C.023 Lima
Halstead, David W.008 Stockbridge
Halsted, Jesse Rev.36th District
Halsted, Joseph010 Stockbridge
Halsted, Joseph36th District
Halsted, Watson002 Portland
Halthusen, T.028 New Holstein
Hamilin, Edward36th District
Hamlin, Canot36th District
Hamlin, Cohart009 Stockbridge
Hammar, Ira015 Manchester
Hammar, John C.015 Manchester
Hammar, Thomas009 Stockbridge
Hammer, Eelzabeth36th District
Hammer, Ira36th District
Hammer, John C.36th District
Hammer, Polly36th District
Hander, C.028 New Holstein
Hanly, Simon A.36th District
Hansen, A. F.026 New Holstein
Hansen, T.027 New Holstein
Hansen, T.028 New Holstein
Hanser, A.022 Lima
Hanson, Fredrich36th District
Harlow, James005 Portland
Harlow, James018 Charlestown
Harlow, John018 Charlestown
Harlow, Patrick005 Portland
Harris, William014 Manchester
Harsh, John007 Stockbridge
Harsler, John36th District
Hart, A. H.023 Lima
Hart, Cury013 Manchester
Hart, John018 Charlestown
Hart, Orvel013 Manchester
Hartman, Joseph36th District
Hartman, Paul36th District
Hartoman, Joseph36th District
Harzen, G.022 Lima
Hasser, Dennis004 Portland
Hassier, Olrin36th District
Hastman, Mary36th District
Hauer, J.023 Lima
Haul, Surena36th District
Healy, Stephen019 Charlestown
Heathway, Israel36th District
Heiller, John009 Stockbridge
Heinricks, H.022 Lima
Henderson, Joseph016 Manchester
Hendrick, John36th District
Hendrick, Mary36th District
Henneda, John018 Charlestown
Henrick, Johannes36th District
Hensen, H.025 New Holstein
Herzog, T.029 New Holstein
Heuest, Conrad36th District
Heurst, Hamack36th District
Hibke, T.030 New Holstein
Hick, John36th District
Hicks, William003 Portland
Hiederman, J.023 Lima
Higerts, Jacob36th District
Higgins, Thomas005 Portland
Higgins, Thomas36th District
Hihhin, Rli36th District
Hill, John36th District
Hilton, O. T.003 Portland
Hinkle, Mathis J.36th District
Hinohuke, T.027 New Holstein
Hintermaster, Jacob004 Portland
Hitehen, Edward007 Stockbridge
Hithighs, William36th District
Hoalsch, F.023 Lima
Hoffman, Jacob008 Stockbridge
Hohenberger, J. H.022 Lima
Hohenberger, J.022 Lima
Holland, Linty M.007 Stockbridge
Hols, T.030 New Holstein
Holt, Abbert010 Stockbridge
Holt, Albert36th District
Holt, Hiram007 Stockbridge
Holthussen, F.026 New Holstein
Hone, J. C.010 Stockbridge
Howe, Edwin36th District
Howe, George36th District
Howe, Julia36th District
Howe, William36th District
Huberty, M.029 New Holstein
Hufner, A.022 Lima
Hufner, J.022 Lima
Hurly, John006 Portland
Huss, W.029 New Holstein
Hutchenson, Leonard36th District
Hutchinson, Leonard009 Stockbridge
Huysen, Freding36th District
Hyatt, Aaron003 Portland
Hyatt, Alonzo003 Portland
Hyatt, Gilbert003 Portland
Hyber, Jesse36th District
Ingham, Albert E.010 Stockbridge
Jacobs, Aaron36th District
Jacobs, Isaac36th District
Jacques, Daniel36th District
James, Joseph36th District
James, Stephen H.002 Portland
Jammes, Claus36th District
Jamson, Mills36th District
Janes, Mary36th District
Jaques, Daniel012 Manchester
Jeffries, William021 Luna
Jenkins, Benjamin007 Stockbridge
Jenkins, Luther001 Portland
Jewett, George002 Portland
Jimess, Isaac36th District
Johannes, Antonine36th District
Johnson, Abram008 Stockbridge
Johnson, Alexander36th District
Johnson, Colon016 Manchester
Johnson, David015 Manchester
Johnson, David36th District
Johnson, Harvey36th District
Johnson, Henry015 Manchester
Johnson, Henry36th District
Johnson, Jeremiah W.013 Manchester
Johnson, Jeremiah36th District
Johnson, John Jr.014 Manchester
Johnson, John Jr.36th District
Johnson, John Sr.015 Manchester
Johnson, John Sr.36th District
Johnson, Joseph M.36th District
Johnson, Martha015 Manchester
Johnson, Martha015 Manchester
Johnson, Matthew36th District
Johnson, Nathaniel H.36th District
Johnson, O. G.015 Manchester
Johnson, Orin G.36th District
Johnson, Phebe36th District
Johnson, Rebecca36th District
Johnson, Roulend36th District
Johnson, Rowland015 Manchester
Johnson, William017 Manchester
Johnson, William36th District
Jokiam, Lansence36th District
Jones, E. B.031 Woodville
Joshua, James36th District
Joyce, James004 Portland
Junger, W.021 Lima
Keketer, May36th District
Kelley, John N.36th District
Kelliher, John36th District
Kellogg, James H.013 Manchester
Kemper, Albert36th District
Kemper, William030 Woodville
Kenedy, Catherine005 Portland
Keyes, Abel008 Stockbridge
Kindness, James J.013 Manchester
Kiness, James36th District
Kiness, Thomas36th District
Kiness, William36th District
King, Leonard F.031 Woodville
Kinght, William36th District
Kinkapot, Lucy36th District
Kismire, Yocum36th District
Kisner, Isac013 Manchester
Klapper, Antoine36th District
Klappierch, N.029 New Holstein
Klein, P.029 New Holstein
Klopper, John36th District
Knap, Lewis36th District
Knapp, Homer013 Manchester
Knickabocker, P. A.001 Portland
Knickerbocker, Adam001 Portland
Kolt, Hinan36th District
Konkapot, Levi36th District
Krapp, T.029 New Holstein
Kreepsir, Henry004 Portland
Krenden, H.029 New Holstein
Kroemecker, D.O.36th District
Ladd, G.023 Lima
Ladd, George M.36th District
Ladd, George36th District
Ladd, Nancy36th District
Lahman, 007 Stockbridge
Lahrsen, T.027 New Holstein
Lane, James M.001 Portland
Lang, Gottfried007 Stockbridge
Langemach, P.026 New Holstein
Lann, C.025 New Holstein
Larkey, Asma36th District
Leach, Sarah36th District
Leaders, Philip014 Manchester
Learler, Orrin36th District
Lee, William008 Stockbridge
Lehner, Jacob004 Portland
Lehner, Jacob36th District
Lehner, Matthew006 Portland
Leny, Albert36th District
Linde, P.029 New Holstein
Linkensinfelser, R.022 Lima
Lipke, M.028 New Holstein
Lippe, Marks36th District
Littleman, Jeremiah36th District
Lochinsen, H.028 New Holstein
Locus, Joseph36th District
Lonso, Chester36th District
Lorenzen, P.028 New Holstein
Low, David020 Charlestown
Ludewig, C.028 New Holstein
Luke, Michael018 Charlestown
Lye, Elizabeth36th District
Mabzen, H.027 New Holstein
Mahrwinkel, M.024 New Holstein
Mahrwinkel, T.027 New Holstein
Main, Woody36th District
Maine, Nathan002 Portland
Malbick, Peter I.36th District
Mangan, James006 Portland
Mangan, Richard006 Portland
Mangan, Richard36th District
Mann, John014 Manchester
Mann, John36th District
Mann, Zenos36th District
Mansfield, O.023 Lima
Martin, Antoine36th District
Martin, Casher36th District
Marygold, John004 Portland
Massman, C.025 New Holstein
Mathers, John009 Stockbridge
Mathers, Ramson36th District
Mathers, Ransom016 Manchester
Mathew, John36th District
Matoxen, Simon36th District
Matoxer, Sonsa36th District
Mattews, Eliphalet36th District
Mc Fay, Nancy36th District
Mc Norton, Daniel36th District
Mcallister, Joseph011 Stockbridge
Mccarty, Francis009 Stockbridge
Mccole, Patrick005 Portland
Mccue, John005 Portland
Mcculland, 007 Stockbridge
Mcdonald, James019 Charlestown
Mcgrath, James018 Charlestown
Mclaughlin, John008 Stockbridge
Mclean, Hector008 Stockbridge
Mclean, Thomas008 Stockbridge
Mcnorton, Robert019 Charlestown
Me Allister, Joseph36th District
Meggers, A.027 New Holstein
Meier, M.022 Lima
Mendal, Reuben020 Charlestown
Merrick, Levis001 Portland
Merrill, Almond019 Charlestown
Merrill, Calvin003 Portland
Merrill, Melanchton001 Portland
Merrill, Ripley003 Portland
Mers, East36th District
Mertens, A.029 New Holstein
Mertens, O.029 New Holstein
Metoxew, John36th District
Meyen, H.026 New Holstein
Michole, Stephew36th District
Miles, James36th District
Miles, Phebe36th District
Milfilfer, J.C.36th District
Miller, Clarissa36th District
Miller, Clarissa36th District
Miller, Dinah36th District
Miller, John008 Stockbridge
Miller, John36th District
Miller, Manona36th District
Miller, Samuel36th District
Mills, Jesse007 Stockbridge
Mills, Jesse36th District
Mirrell, Almond36th District
Mitoxew, Daniel36th District
Modlen, Henry36th District
Modlin, Henry018 Charlestown
Mollen, W.029 New Holstein
Moller, A.024 New Holstein
Moller, L.029 New Holstein
Monage, Joseph36th District
Montgomery, George019 Charlestown
Moon, Jormiah36th District
Moon, T.029 New Holstein
Moore, Alonzo36th District
Moore, Jacob36th District
Moore, Job36th District
Moore, John36th District
Moore, John36th District
Moore, Sophia36th District
Mordman, G.36th District
Morgan, Nancy36th District
Morse, Ebenizer36th District
Mortail, Patrick006 Portland
Mortimer, E.004 Portland
Moulten, Reuben002 Portland
Moulten, Reuben020 Charlestown
Moyer, Peret36th District
Moyer, Peter014 Manchester
Muhlpueng, P.029 New Holstein
Mullane, William H.021 Lima
Munsper, P.027 New Holstein
Murdock, Allen015 Manchester
Murdock, Allen36th District
Murdock, Julian Ann36th District
Murdock, Leander36th District
Murdock, Wheeler015 Manchester
Murdock, Wheeler36th District
Murray, P. D.021 Lima
Napper, Abel021 Lima
Neff, J.023 Lima
Nelson, N.004 Portland
Nervell, Jeffrey Rev.36th District
Newell, Jason009 Stockbridge
Newell, Jeffery009 Stockbridge
Newell, Stewart017 Manchester
Nicks, Thomas020 Charlestown
Nightingale, Reuben017 Manchester
Niles, James012 Manchester
Noe, Abram022 Lima
Nolan, James005 Portland
Nolan, James36th District
Nolan, Martin017 Manchester
Nolan, Michael006 Portland
Nolen, James36th District
Norton, Robert Mc.019 Charlestown
Norton, Sophia019 Charlestown
Nugent, H. B.023 Lima
Nunis, A. H.019 Charlestown
O`Brien, Edward36th District
O`Brien, William36th District
Obermien, C.025 New Holstein
Obermien, W.025 New Holstein
Obermier, Veban36th District
Obermire, Conrad36th District
Obrien, Edward016 Manchester
Obrien, Michael030 Woodville
Obrien, William012 Manchester
Obtz, Mihan011 Stockbridge
Oconner, Patrick008 Stockbridge
Ocuish, John36th District
Oetlieb, Mathias004 Portland
Oharren, Owen005 Portland
Oldsen, A.021 Lima
Oltragge, P.027 New Holstein
Oneil, James005 Portland
Oram, George002 Portland
Orndiff, Orlando016 Manchester
Orr, T.024 New Holstein
Orsan, Mark36th District
Orson, C.024 New Holstein
Orson, Claus36th District
Osborn, Joseph009 Stockbridge
Ostenffeld, T.024 New Holstein
Owen, Patrick017 Manchester
Palemer, Charlotte36th District
Palmer, Benjamin36th District
Palmer, Charlotte36th District
Palmer, Chester B.002 Portland
Palmer, Elizabeth36th District
Palmer, Nicholas36th District
Palmer, Shermain36th District
Palmer, Sherman36th District
Palmer, Soloman36th District
Pardan, Timothy36th District
Park, Benjamin F.003 Portland
Parsons, William010 Stockbridge
Paters, Mary E.36th District
Patten, Gafford019 Charlestown
Paul, Charles013 Manchester
Paul, Eliza36th District
Paul, Hamah36th District
Paul, Phebe36th District
Paul, Solomon012 Manchester
Paul, Solonon36th District
Paul, Solonon36th District
Paulison, E.P.C.36th District
Paulsen, E.024 New Holstein
Pease, Sylvester016 Manchester
Peasi, Lylveste36th District
Peters, Amos36th District
Peters, H. T.026 New Holstein
Peters, H.R.36th District
Peters, Henrich36th District
Peters, K.028 New Holstein
Peters, Melancthen36th District
Peters, T.028 New Holstein
Peters, William36th District
Peters, Zebaa L.36th District
Pettace, Hiram J.007 Stockbridge
Petter, Alonzo002 Portland
Pettet, Ephraim002 Portland
Pettet, Luther004 Portland
Pfeifer, T.025 New Holstein
Philips, Welcome016 Manchester
Phillips, Welcome36th District
Piker, Henrich36th District
Pipper, T.027 New Holstein
Plett, C.028 New Holstein
Plumb, Joseph A.007 Stockbridge
Plunket, P. T.005 Portland
Poor, Andrew J.36th District
Potter, Caroline36th District
Potter, Sheldin001 Portland
Potter, Thomas J.018 Charlestown
Powell, Schuyler031 Woodville
Powers, Johnathan007 Stockbridge
Powers, Jonathan36th District
Powers, Sampson021 Lima
Pratt, Russel021 Lima
Prchner, Raadolf36th District
Prentiss, Lucy W.007 Stockbridge
Prentiss, Orlando010 Stockbridge
Prentiss, Orlando36th District
Price, Alexander010 Stockbridge
Price, Alexander36th District
Proff, Anna36th District
Proff, Mary36th District
Proff, N.028 New Holstein
Puchner, R.024 New Holstein
Pullman, Henry36th District
Pumroy, Caleb014 Manchester
Putname, John36th District
Pye, Abram36th District
Pye, Benjamin36th District
Pye, Paul36th District
Quanncy, Josephn M.36th District
Quell, H.022 Lima
Quimery, Washington36th District
Quincy, Austir E.36th District
Quinney, John P.36th District
Quinney, John W.36th District
Quinney, Simeon36th District
Rachley, George36th District
Rader, Peter021 Lima
Rankle, W.023 Lima
Ratchfack, P.027 New Holstein
Rawtaur, Histhan36th District
Reade, William016 Manchester
Reader, Goerge007 Stockbridge
Reed, Joseph015 Manchester
Reed, Stephen36th District
Reed, William36th District
Reese, James021 Lima
Reightley, Goerge001 Portland
Reinhart, William004 Portland
Renting, N.025 New Holstein
Reynolds, Sewell018 Charlestown
Rhodes, Arnold009 Stockbridge
Rhodes, Dolphens36th District
Rice, L. D.023 Lima
Rice, P. F.023 Lima
Richard, S. W.021 Lima
Richardson, Thomas021 Lima
Rick, William36th District
Rie, T.026 New Holstein
Ringleka, Henry36th District
Roach, Edmond006 Portland
Roberts, Betsy L.36th District
Roberts, Francis J.36th District
Robinson, James005 Portland
Robtliz, G.025 New Holstein
Rohdes, Arnold36th District
Rohlfs, P.024 New Holstein
Rolfs, Peter36th District
Rolhfoflz, Peter36th District
Ropinot, J.004 Portland
Rose, Daniel36th District
Roxan, Mary36th District
Ruckle, Peter36th District
Rusha, Nod36th District
Ryan, Charles019 Charlestown
Sailor, Mary36th District
Salor, Joseph36th District
Sampson, Clark D.017 Manchester
Sampson, James013 Manchester
Sampson, Ralph W.013 Manchester
Samsen, Ralph36th District
Samson, Eliza36th District
Samson, Esther36th District
Samson, Melina36th District
Samson, Moris36th District
Samuel, Abram J.36th District
Samuel, Electa36th District
Sass, T.025 New Holstein
Savory, Loiver36th District
Sax, Adam36th District
Schildhauer, T.026 New Holstein
Schildkinecht, F.027 New Holstein
Schioden, C.028 New Holstein
Schmidt, M.029 New Holstein
Schmiezier, Tereomand007 Stockbridge
Schoaf, T.029 New Holstein
Schoomer, Charlotte36th District
Schooner, Johnathan015 Manchester
Schooner, Jonathan36th District
Schuarz, C.024 New Holstein
Schwalbach, V.023 Lima
Scipio, Electa36th District
Scott, A. J. M.010 Stockbridge
Scott, M. J. W.001 Portland
Scott, William36th District
Seancher, Christian36th District
Sears, John010 Stockbridge
Sebars, Bernard030 Woodville
Sebellin, H.026 New Holstein
Seeketer, Patience017 Manchester
Sehley, Margaret36th District
Seidel, A.022 Lima
Sekeber, John36th District
Seketer, Charled36th District
Seketer, Delilah36th District
Seketer, Milo36th District
Seketer, Patience36th District
Sell, C.025 New Holstein
Sepio, Dinnis36th District
Seymor, John R.36th District
Shafer, Valentine031 Woodville
Shaff, Ahnnah36th District
Shaff, Johhn36th District
Sheffer, Philip014 Manchester
Shell, Abram014 Manchester
Shell, Abram36th District
Shell, John36th District
Shell, Sanford014 Manchester
Shelley, Betsy012 Manchester
Shelley, David013 Manchester
Shelley, Simon Sr.36th District
Shelley, Simon017 Manchester
Shelly, Elizabeth36th District
Sherer, M.022 Lima
Sheriff, Adair36th District
Sherman, Eron021 Lima
Shill, Sanford36th District
Shuntop, Samuel36th District
Sierks, M.024 New Holstein
Sierves, P.024 New Holstein
Simms, John36th District
Simons, Alonzo36th District
Simons, Catharine36th District
Simons, Charlotte014 Manchester
Simons, Hannah014 Manchester
Simons, James013 Manchester
Simons, John014 Manchester
Simpson, Jane36th District
Sinden, Peter J.36th District
Sinth, Daniel G.36th District
Siseher, Frederick004 Portland
Sittleman, John36th District
Sittleniaer, Peter36th District
Siveel, Janice Rev.36th District
Skasuck, David36th District
Skasuck, David36th District
Skeeduck, Abram36th District
Skeeduck, Arnold36th District
Skeeduck, Philinda36th District
Skeeduck, Sylvester36th District
Skeenuck, Samuel Jr.36th District
Skeesuck, Abram016 Manchester
Skeesuck, Arnold013 Manchester
Skeesuck, Charleth36th District
Skeesuck, Daniel36th District
Skeesuck, Henry009 Stockbridge
Skeesuck, Samuel014 Manchester
Skeesuck, Samuel36th District
Skeesuck, Thonkful36th District
Skeihan, Patrick018 Charlestown
Skidmore, Carlos008 Stockbridge
Skinner, David002 Portland
Skunick, Simon36th District
Skusick, Henry L.36th District
Slingtrlans, Jeremiah36th District
Smidt, M.025 New Holstein
Smidt, T.025 New Holstein
Smidtz, P.029 New Holstein
Smild, John022 Lima
Smith, Amelia36th District
Smith, Anthony017 Manchester
Smith, George008 Stockbridge
Smith, Henry36th District
Smith, John P.020 Charlestown
Smith, Levi36th District
Snyder, Joseph020 Charlestown
Somason, Clark36th District
Somon, Isaac36th District
Somons, James36th District
Sounabend, H.024 New Holstein
Spaulding, John M36th District
Spaulding, Milton003 Portland
Speck, H.025 New Holstein
Spencer, Richard010 Stockbridge
Stanton, C.S .023 Lima
Stanton, Cato36th District
Stanton, Moses003 Portland
Stanton, Moses36th District
Stauton, Joseph36th District
Stearns, William010 Stockbridge
Steere, Harris003 Portland
Steinmetz, M.029 New Holstein
Stenbock, H.027 New Holstein
Stengel, G.029 New Holstein
Stevens, Charles36th District
Stevens, Samuel36th District
Stevens, Thankful36th District
Stineph, Peter018 Charlestown
Stoesser, P.023 Lima
Story, George015 Manchester
Sturgess, William013 Manchester
Sweet, Benjamin J.008 Stockbridge
Sweet, Benjamin003 Portland
Sweet, James010 Stockbridge
Sweet, John003 Portland
Sweet, John36th District
Sweet, William36th District
Sykes, Adam018 Charlestown
Tagge, H.027 New Holstein
Tams, C. Jr.026 New Holstein
Tams, C. Sr.026 New Holstein
Tapp, H.025 New Holstein
Tar, Aps36th District
Taylor, Amuel015 Manchester
Taylor, Zachary36th District
Tellen, T.029 New Holstein
Teller, William010 Stockbridge
Tens, T.024 New Holstein
Tensen, P.024 New Holstein
Teny, Joseph G.36th District
Tess, F.027 New Holstein
Thaver, H.023 Lima
Thayer, William36th District
Thede, M.025 New Holstein
Thedens, T.024 New Holstein
Thegjins, C.026 New Holstein
Theisen, M.026 New Holstein
Thomas, David021 Lima
Thomas, Martin36th District
Thompson, Benjamin C.020 Charlestown
Thompson, Garret36th District
Thompson, Jonas36th District
Thompson, Malinda36th District
Thompson, Rufus008 Stockbridge
Thomston, Nancy36th District
Thomton, Daniel36th District
Thoren, Martin020 Charlestown
Thorp, Isaac36th District
Thurgo, W.028 New Holstein
Thursday, Thilliam36th District
Thurston, Cyrus W.008 Stockbridge
Thurston, Nancy008 Stockbridge
Tiedman, F.030 New Holstein
Tievers, T.025 New Holstein
Timcan, Andrew005 Portland
Timm, G.027 New Holstein
Timm, Thry36th District
Tonceo, Thomas36th District
Tonler, George Rolwy36th District
Toster, Bailing36th District
Toucy, Sarah007 Stockbridge
Towcee, Thomas012 Manchester
Trembow, John36th District
Tripman, Henry36th District
Trukey, Aron36th District
Tubble, Horatio36th District
Tunean, B.028 New Holstein
Tupper, George017 Manchester
Tuttle, Horatio003 Portland
Udell, William001 Portland
Uqinney, Lucinda36th District
Urmston, William019 Charlestown
Urmston, William36th District
Vader, Moses010 Stockbridge
Vailily, Stephen005 Portland
Vallt, Nicola36th District
Vanable, Mary030 Woodville
Vandewacker, Addison003 Portland
Vanfleest, Nicholas030 Woodville
Vangroll, K.022 Lima
Vanloop, Arnoldus030 Woodville
Vanwie, A.023 Lima
Vaudia, Alice36th District
Vaughan, Chaucney003 Portland
Vaughen, Chauncey36th District
Vauhl, C.026 New Holstein
Vernam, W. S.020 Charlestown
Vers, E.025 New Holstein
Verwest, Rudolph031 Woodville
Vincent, Martin018 Charlestown
Volgnartz, H.025 New Holstein
Volquarts, Henry36th District
Waggner, Christian018 Charlestown
Wagner, Henry019 Charlestown
Wait, Austin004 Portland
Waller, Mary C.36th District
Waller, Orrin F.36th District
Waller, Parley36th District
Wallt, Ernest36th District
Wallt, Nicola36th District
Walstead, David W.36th District
Wanby, Silas36th District
Wassenberg, John W.030 Woodville
Waterman, B. F.001 Portland
Waters, Hilliam P.36th District
Waters, Orrin J.36th District
Waters, Wiliam018 Charlestown
Wauby, Isaac016 Manchester
Wauby, James36th District
Waughby, James013 Manchester
Webster, Bradley021 Charlestown
Webster, Bradley36th District
Weeks, Aurthur004 Portland
Weeks, William021 Lima
Weggins, Leander014 Manchester
Weigand, Conrad36th District
Welch, Benjamin009 Stockbridge
Welch, Benjamin36th District
Welch, David009 Stockbridge
Welch, David36th District
Welch, Erasters36th District
Welch, Erastus009 Stockbridge
Welch, Heira36th District
Welch, Henry009 Stockbridge
Welch, Henry36th District
Welch, Hira015 Manchester
Welch, James36th District
Welch, John010 Stockbridge
Welch, John36th District
Welch, Leroy36th District
Welch, Stephen009 Stockbridge
Welch, Thomas014 Manchester
Welch, William016 Manchester
Welch, William36th District
Welch, William36th District
Wellen, C. H.027 New Holstein
West, Thomas N.031 Woodville
Westcott, George002 Portland
Westphal, H.026 New Holstein
Wheeler, James36th District
Wheeler, L.S.36th District
Whick, P.029 New Holstein
Whitby, Richard009 Stockbridge
White, C.026 New Holstein
White, Orrin C.009 Stockbridge
Whitney, Daniel36th District
Whitney, Joseph36th District
Wichmann, T.026 New Holstein
Wiggind, Conrad013 Manchester
Wiggins, Betsey36th District
Wiggins, Charles016 Manchester
Wiggins, Charles36th District
Wiggins, David016 Manchester
Wiggins, David36th District
Wiggins, Eli012 Manchester
Wiggins, Elizabeth016 Manchester
Wiggins, Ezekial36th District
Wiggins, Ezekiel017 Manchester
Wiggins, Martin012 Manchester
Wiggins, Martin36th District
Wiggins, Samuel36th District
Wight, David36th District
Wilber, Elizabeth36th District
Wilber, John019 Charlestown
Wilhelm, T.028 New Holstein
Wilkenson, Charles019 Charlestown
Willard, Robert021 Lima
Willemson, Charles36th District
Williams, Eli36th District
Wimsley, Hannah36th District
Wing, Ebenezer016 Manchester
Wing, James001 Portland
Wing, James36th District
Winter, W.028 New Holstein
Witt, N.025 New Holstein
Wobby, Isaac36th District
Wodsworth, Lucy36th District
Wompsnnd, Elizabeth36th District
Wood, D.E.36th District
Wridt, D.026 New Holstein
Wright, Barbara36th District
Wyatt, Elizabeth36th District
Yocum, Juliet36th District
Yokum, Jhn36th District
York, J.R .020 Charlestown
York, Nathan020 Charlestown
Yorle, John36th District
Yule, Benjamin002 Portland
Yule, James C.36th District
Yule, James001 Portland
Yule, John002 Portland
Zephenfild, William36th District

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