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Gathering the Branches

The genealogy of my family is complicated, entwined and at times mysterious. Those are the things that keep me seeking new information about my ancestors and their families.

Adoptive Family Genealogy

Most of the information on these pages is about my adoptive family, as I have had ready access to family stories, documents and photos. However, I believe that my adoptive mother and I actually share a common ancestry!

Birth Family Genealogy

Although I have been researching my adoptive family for years, my interest in genealogy has been fertilized by the discovery of my birth mother. In the short time we had to get to know each other, she provided me with enough information to begin the pursuit of my bloodline.

The roots of my blood lineage run deep in North American soil, as I am of Acadian descent and believe I have ancestors who were some of the early settlers of Virginia. Research into that line hinges upon determining my birth father's ancestry, which is unconfirmed at this point.

Latvian Genealogy

I have included my husband's ancestry on this site, in part, because it is so interesting and, in part, because there is very little information about Latvian genealogy online. The family surname is rare in Latvia, although the name is often used in the Latvian language in a generic way. Latvia's history is one of continual occupation, except for a few years of independence in the 1900’s. Digging for the records requires extra effort, as much of the documentation has been destroyed by the occupiers. So, out of necessity, information about this family is based upon oral tradition.

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This website presents some of the information that I've gleaned over the years. I have made every attempt possible to ensure that the information is correct, however, there will undoubtedly be errors. Please contact me if you find something needing correction.

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