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My interest in genealogy began when I inherited some large paper scrolls on which my grandfather had written what he knew about his family (Lundberg) and grandma's family (Linstrum) but there was very little about my father's family (Lindquist and Hagman). The blanks were as irritating and as compelling as the unfilled spaces in a jigsaw puzzle; I was hooked.

My mother told me that the family was French. She thought they might have come up from France when Bernadotte (one of Napoleon's officers) took over the French throne in the early 1800's but as I worked on the family, it became obvious that that could not be the French source. I finally dismissed the possibility as I was now in the early 1800's and there were only Swedes -- or so I thought!
By now, I realized that my Hagman line had a lot of metalsmiths in it but I was also "stuck" and so I stopped working on the lines for some years. My luck changed with the internet. Finally able to contact people in Sweden who were knowledgeable about genealogy, I found help. My metalsmiths were my missing "French" ancestors. Not French, but Walloon. Belgian Protestants who were accomplished metalsmiths and who had been actively recruited by DeGeer beginning in the 1630's to come to Sweden and develop Sweden's metallurgical industry.
As I went back further, I found other ancestral emigrants to Sweden - Matts Finne from Finland, the Pemer and Stockhaus family from Germany, and a lot of Walloon ancestors who had lived in Holland for a few generations and then emigrated to Sweden. I have now found Walloon ancestry in the following lines: Almelin, Hagman, Linstrum and Petersson and it is strongly suspected in the Lindgren line.

My Swedish lines are grouped as follows: Present through 2nd GGP , 3rd GGP, 4th GGP, 5th GGP, 6th GGP, 7th GGP, 8th GGP, 9th and beyond. The families are subdivided into these main groups: ALMELIN (Jönköping län and Örebro län), LINDQUIST (Jönköping län), HAGMAN (Örebro län), LINDGREN (Örebro län, Östergötland), LUNDBERG (Örebro län), LINSTRUM (Östergötland) and PETERSSON (Värmland). The Lindgren line married into the Hagman and the Lundberg lines and so is represented once.


I also decided to work on my husband's MORRIS line. Had I been aware of its true difficulties, I might never have started. His lines include notherners who went south and southerners who went north; people who lived on the frontier and, in some instances, may have deliberately avoided any contact with "official record keepers." The avoidance probably from intruding into Indian Territory (now Oklahoma) while raising and driving cattle.

The Morris lines are MORRIS (MT, OK, IT, TX, MO and nothern), PARKS (MT, ND, MI, OH, NY, VT, CT), BURGESS (TX, MO, NY), JEWELL (Ontario and Cornwall), ROBERTS (MO, VA and ?), SMITH (Patrick Co., VA), HENDRICKS/HENDRIX (MI, VA and ?).

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Cheryl Morris
Rev. 22 Feb 2000