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Welcome to the Noel Family Tree

This page is currently under construction and is my first attempt at a web page so please be patient!

I will be uploading files of My family tree and hope that it helps others who are searching for Noel information and perhaps link me with distant relatives. Good luck in your search.

For now, here is a breif summary of my family tree:

David Noel

Wife: Virginie Lussier

Child: Albert Noel 1886-?

Wife: Regina Chauvin 1886-1974

Children: Ernest Noel 1904-1981

Ida Noel 1905

Hector Noel 1907

Gerard Noel 1909

Roger Noel 1912

Raoul Noel 1914

Felix Noel 1916

Lucien Noel 1918

Paul Noel 1921-1998

Mariette Noel 1924

Leon Noel 1927

Anna Noel 1930

Tanya Noel

Daughter of Maurice and Coleen Noel, son of Felix and Kathleen Noel, son of Albert and Regina Noel, son of David and Virginie Noel

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