Newspaper Items

Obituaries and other items from various local, national and inter-national sources. These items have been collected over the years. Some are from my own collections, others from various mailing lists, while others have been donated for one reason or another. I have tried to list the sourse(s), but at times they were saved without one. Most often the item may be found in the papers dealing with one or more of the addresses listed in the item. I have many more to add when time permits, especially for the year 1998. During that time period the newspapers had an online site, called New Brunswick Deaths. I began to copy them, but discovered they took up too much of my time. I have however, saved over 250 files, each with from 4 to 10 entries. Many of them are duplicates, as obits often ran for several days. It will take a lot of time for me to sort these out, so don`t expect updates soon. Cleadie B. Barnett, 28 Feb 2011

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