Valerie's Family Research Web Page: A Baugh Family History
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A Baugh Family History
Descendants and Relations of William Baugh
of Virginia and North Carolina

A work in progress ...
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Baugh Family Crest
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Original author and date unknown
Virginia and North Carolina Roots
This Baugh family line appears to have had its early roots in Virginia and North Carolina.  Compiled information so far leads us to William Baugh, an indentured servant in Virginia in the 1700s or early 1800s, who ran away to Wake County, North Carolina, where he settled and raised his family.   From where he originated, who paid his passage in exchange for labor, and information about his parents and possible siblings is not yet known.

A Brief History of Wake County
Wake County, located in the east central section of North Carolina, was founded in 1771, and formed from parts of Cumberland, Johnston, and Orange counties.   It lost some of its land area to Franklin County in 1787 and Durham County in 1881 and 1911.   Today, Wake County contains 832 square miles and has a population of approximately 656,000.   Though its history reaches back to 16th century England, the City of Raleigh was established as the capital of North Carolina in 1792 in honor of Sir Walter Raleigh, considered the father of English America despite the fact he never stepped foot in the New World.  

In the early 1800s, Wake County was a sparsely settled, agrarian community.   A good many of the Baugh ancestors were tobacco farmers.

There is great risk in reading too much into isolated pieces of information.   Imagine trying to figure out what an elephant looks like with only a toe, an ear, or just the snout as clues.   The further we go back in to time, limited available records--if we're lucky to find any at all--provide only a momentary glimpse into a situation, and often subject to the interpretation or limitations of the person recording it.

I have tried to be diligent in recording the sources of my information so that it can be judged by myself and others as to its reliability.   Just because a record exists does not mean it was recorded accurately, whether by the scribe or the original provider.   But such records are helpful in providing us with clues that could help verify our assumptions or point us in new directions.

Photos help remind us that this is about more than facts and statistics; these were real people of flesh, bone, and blood.   They experienced the adventures of youth, the trials and tribulations of raising a family, the struggles of work and making ends meet, the joys of traditions, and the sorrows of loss.   Some died young; others lived long, fruitful lives.   In some cases, we may even see a reflection of one another.

Any information, corrections, clippings, suggestions, and/or photos offered that will help weave the fabric and reveal the texture of the Baugh family's history will be greatly appreciated.   All photos or other original documents will be handled with great care, copied, and promptly returned to their owner, unless instructed otherwise.  While I am eager for ANY information, including stories and oral histories, that will help tell our story, I also want to be respectful of people's privacy and to use discretion in matters that may be sensitive.

This document is only as complete and accurate as the information available up to this moment.  No doubt it will continue to evolve over time, as it should.

Information to share?  Please contact me at [email protected].



Angeline Traywick/Trawick
Angeline Traywick Baugh
-- click on image for larger view, 23 KB --
Angeline's photo is of the farthest generation back that we have so far. She married Calvin Baugh in 1847 and had seven children:
William H. Baugh (abt. 1848)
John Calvin Baugh (1850)
Charles Henry Baugh (1855)
Robert Allison Baugh (1858)
Florence Baugh (abt. 1862)
Alice Baugh (abt. 1866)
Willie Baugh (abt. 1874)
Families of John Calvin Baugh
John Calvin Baugh
John Calvin Baugh
Adelaide Williams Baugh
Adelaide Williams Baugh
Mamie Baugh, 1908
Mamie Baugh
Mamie Baugh, 1910
Mamie Baugh
Hubert Ivan & Minda Partin Baugh
Hubert Ivan & Minda Partin Baugh
Hubert Ivan & Minda Partin Baugh
Hubert Ivan & Minda Partin Baugh
Mamie Baugh
Mamie Baugh, 2nd from left
Mamie Baugh
Mamie Baugh, 2nd from right
Mamie Baugh
Mamie Baugh
top right
Elsie Baugh Avent
Elsie Baugh Avent
Dallas & Elsie Baugh Avent
Dallas & Elsie (Baugh) Avent
Barbara Avent Davis
Barbara Avent Davis
William & Minta Baugh Bullock
William and Minta Bullock, 1914
Minta Baugh & William Bullock
Minta Adelaide Baugh Bullock
Minta Baugh & William Bullock
Minta & William Bullock, and Dan the horse
Minta Adelaide Baugh Bullock
Minta Adelaide Baugh Bullock

Roy Baugh

Eddie Baugh
Arthur Traywick & Alma Layton Baugh
Arthur Traywick &
Alma Layton Baugh
Alma Layton Baugh
Alma Layton Baugh
& Unknown Friend

Baugh Family Picnic
date unknown
Can you help identify the people in this photo?

Families of Robert Allison Baugh

Baldy Pleasants, 1880

Baldy & Annie
Pleasants, 1920s

Rena Maude Pleasants

Rena Maude Pleasants, 1980
Baugh Children, c. 1917
Children of Robert Allison Baugh, c. 1917

Joseph Almond Baugh

Charles Calvin

Grave of Robert & Maude Baugh

Grave of Annie Baugh Watkins

Grave of Infant Baugh, daughter of Ralph & Evelyn Baugh

Grave of Robert Arthur Baugh

Grave of Frank V. Baugh

Grave of Charles Calvin Baugh

Grave of Baldy & Annie Pleasants

Grave of Jamie Pleasants?

Families of Charles Henry Baugh

Charles Henry Baugh

Mattie Irene Baugh Samuels

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