From the

Bucktail Rifles


Camp Pierpont

February 13, 1862


The unexpected and unsought for reception which was tendered to me by the patriotic citizens of Mauch Chunk fills my heart with pride and emotions which will explain themselves in the forthcoming great struggle, and in no way will I be better able to repay them for the interest which they take in my behalf thereby showing them and proving that little Carbon is well represented in the Bucktail Regiment, and my only prayer would be that Manassas should be inscribed side by side with Drainesville on our glorious old Keystone banner.  Little did I expect that such honors as were shown to me by the patriotic citizens of Carbon County would be conferred upon me when revisiting Mauch Chunk, for I feel that I have done nothing by my duty to my country and only proved in reality what I have promised to them.  When the welcome news was received last spring from our Governor that my company was accepted, and when I parted from Mauch Chunk, all my aim has been to prove myself worthy of their confidence and let no stain of dishonor mark the footsteps of my company, and thank God so far I can say without compunction that the company has been no dishonor to little Carbon, nor its benefactors.


I herewith tender my sincerest thanks to the Union loving patriots of Mauch Chunk and especially the below named gentlemen for the kind reception and entertainment they gave me on my short leave of absence:


Dr. Shoemaker                        Nathan Barney

M. M. Dimmick                         N. Enbody

C. Albright                               ______ Ely

Charles L. White                      James Belford

D. Kalbfus                                _____ Swartz

E. T. Foster                              John Painter

A. Roberson                            J. Smith

James K. Polk                          Lieut. John Brelsford

J. B. Mc’Creary                         William H. Stroh

R. Q. Butler                              John Dolan

S. L. Kellam                             Charles Packer, Esquire

                   and many others.


Hoping soon to be able to give your readers a description of a glorious battle,


                                      I am, respectfully Yours,

                                                          Dennis McGee







Note on the writer:

          Dennis McGee served as a Captain in Co. F. of the Bucktail rifles, mustered in on May 15, 1861 and discharged in 1863.  He was later reinstated, resigning in 1865.  It is likely he was the same Dennis McGee living in Mauch Chunk working as a grocer, with a wife and son, in 1850.






Other notes:

1.     In McGee’s letter, he identified one of the citizens of Mauch Chunk as “Lieut. John Belford”.  This has been corrected above.

2.     There was an apparent typo concerning the date of the letter as printed in the paper.  It had the date as 1861, this has been corrected.



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