††††††††††† Unfortunately the same thing that keeps the internet free, capitalism and advertising, has spawned that evil seed known as SPAM.Prior to beginning this website, I received a minimal amount of SPAM.But last fall things changed, and my SPAM intake has become tremendous.I learned there are ďrobotsĒ, programs that is, that go out over the internet to harvest email addresses from internet sites.They are known as spambots, and the whole thing is insidious.

††††††††††† In an effort to outsmart the spambots, Iíve been forced to change my way of letting my address be known.Links from my name will now bring you to this page:


††††††††††† What you see here is an image, a picture of my email address.I wrote it in MS Paint, converted it to a jpg and inserted it here.You will have to type it into an email address box in order to email me, it is not clickable and you canít copy and paste it as text.But the spambots will be unable to recognize it as an address, and hopefully forget all about me.I just hope that I havenít closed the barn door too late!





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