This church separated from the Summit Hill Church and was chartered in December of 1896.  Original Trustees were:

Alex Earley, John Gibson, Moriah Jenkins, Archie Reeves, Sr. and Charles Stewart Sr.


The church building was erected in 1901 and continued until the 1971 when the congregation merged back with the Summit Hill Church, by that time known as the First Presbyterian Church of the Panther Valley.


Charter members

Alex Earley

Mrs. James Walker

Margaret Earley

James McMichael

William Earley

Eli Moser

George Aiken

Robert Stewart

Lizzie B. Aiken

Nancy Stewart

Archie Reeves

Thomas McLaughlin

Jane Reeves

Rachel McLaughlin

William B. Crowe

James Aiken

Jane Crowe

Joanna Aiken

John Gibson

Joseph Cunning

Mary Gibson

Isabella Cunning

Moriah Jenkins

John A. Reeves

Elizabeth Jenkins

Thomas B. Reeves

Mary Watkins

Archie Reeves

William E. Watkins

William Earley

Jane Watkins

Thomas B. Aiken

William Neal

Benjamin Watkins

Mary Jane Neal

Jennie C. Blackburn

Jane Forgay

Eather Forgay

Elizabeth Neal

Mary A. Watkins

William Forgay

Ruby (?) Jenkins

Rachel Forgay

Kate Jenkins

George Gover

Martha Stewart

Jennie Gover

Jennie Arthur

John Stewart

Mary M. Whilden

Charles Stewart, Sr.

Jennie W. Neal

Mrs. Joseph Downs

Elizabeth Y. Aiken

Mary Downs

Joanna D. Aiken

Cora Downs

Annie Cunning






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