DEATH RECORD 1835-1873
From Books 1 and 2 of the church records

Book 1 of the church records, 1835 to 1854

These records were made by Rev. Richard Webster, first Pastor of the church in Mauch Chunk.  Rev. Webster kept very good records, but in some cases it was hard to transcribe his writing.  Where interpretation was difficult, I had to resort to question marks.  In some place, I’ve added some additional info or comments, which appears in brackets

ENTRY NO.    NAME OF DECEASED        DATE OF DEATH              AGE               PLACE OF BIRTH

1          Adair, Martha, widow of George                      1835/12/03                 abt. 25 yrs         Ireland
    Her husband died 3 days previous - she left a little babe, her only child.

2          Bigger, James C.                                              1838/06/04                    abt 48 yrs         Columbia Co., Pa.
    At Clear Creek, Ohio, leaving a widow and two children.

3          Walker, Margaret, wife of Joseph                     1839/08/26                        44                 Garvaugh, Ireland
    At Nesquehoning, leaving one son.

4          Winterstein, Sarah, wife of James                      1842/10/29                  nearly 70             Amwell, NJ.
    At Mauch Chunk, b. 2/6/1773, died very suddenly with hardly a moment's warning.

5          Conner, Desire, widow of John                         1842/12/22                  age 76                   New London, Ct.
    In early life, the Congregational  Church of which her mother was a member being in a cold and lifeless state, she attended Baptist meetings & was immersed, subsequently she removed to the state. of NY & fell into a state of lukewarmness from which she was roused by the conversion of her husband; with him she joined the Methodist Society, but about 10 years ago they withdrew and joined the Presbyterian Church, Easton Pa.  She was buried in Easton beside her husband.
[Much of this was in very fine print and difficult to read.  According to the Mauch Chunk Cemetery records, the Conners are buried in Mauch Chunk]

6          Winterstein, Mary, wife of John                         1842/12/27                  abt. 35                         Pa.
    At Summit Hill, leaving five children.  Daughter of John Fordram [father's last name is uncertain]

7          Winterstein, James                                            1843/03/08                 over 70                New Germantown
    At Mauch Chunk, of a fit.  In early manhood joined the Presbyterian Church of Knowlton, NJ.; removed about 20 years ago to Conyngham, Luzerne Co., resided near Mauch Chunk about 8 years.

8          Wilson, Margaret Jane, wife of Robt.                1843/05/09                  abt. 22                     Ireland
    Having been married about 3 years, died of a rapid decline, leaving an infant son of about 2 months who died May 1848.

9          Fatzinger, Anna, wife of John                              1843/07/11                38 yrs, 3 mo.         Philadelphia, Pa.
    One of the earliest and most zealous supporters & a regular & ?careful hearer?.  In her final illness ?-?-? convictions ?-?-?-?-fully revived and she remained a long time in dreadful distress, her experience was peculiarly  deep & scriptural, and her end was ?peace?.

10        Patterson, Ann, wife of Thomas                        1845/02/25                  abt. 40                    Dutchess Co., NY
    In early life joined the Presbyterian Church of Troy NY under the Pastoral care if D. Coe.  Died of consumption leaving two daughters.

11        Lippincott, Margaret, wife of Edward                1845/07/24                      23                        Philadelphia, Pa.
    Died of rapid consumption, calmly and peacefully, leaving an infant daughter of six months old, which survived her by only a few weeks.

12        Douglas, Harriet C. wife of Edwin A.               1846/02/26                     37                         Windsor, Conn.
    Died as was supposed of disease of the heart, having been a professing Christian 20 years, leaving 3 daughters & an infant son of a few weeks.

13        Salkeld, Emily, wife of G. W.                            1846/06/20                  b. 10/1822
    Died after a long state of weakness from bilious diarrhea, she was deeply exercised in mind for several years, obtained a hope  and joined the church in the Revival of 1842.  She left two sons, the youngest survived her only a few weeks.  Her brother Theodore died about six weeks before her, of congestion of the brain.
[Her maiden name was Emily Leisenring, daughter of Johannes and Anna (Stedman) Leisenring]

14        Beighe, Catherine, wife of John                         1846/12/11                     59                         Northampton Co.
       After a painful illness of eleven months.

15        Allen, Nancy, wife of Nathan                            1848/02/06                  b. 4/??/1805             Braintrim, Pa.
    Had awakened under able exhortion of mine Dec. 1835, was a sincere hearty Christian the last four or five years of her life, she suffered from rheumatism, dropsy & bilious complaints, she died of paralysis.

16        Wilhelm, Margaret, wife of Michael                   1848/02/22                   51                              Northampton Co.
    The father Mr. Hineline was baptized by Mr. Gastone in his last days.  Mrs. W. united with the church Nov. 1842 and died after a short illness, having had a paralytic stroke.
[Her father could be "Mr. Hinsline"]

17        McFetrich, Sarah Jane, wife of Joseph             1848/11/30                     43                                 Ireland
    Her maiden name was Love.  She united with the church in 1843.  She lay speechless & helpless from a fit for ten days before her death.

18        Butler, John B.                                                  1846/10                       abt. 60            Derry, Columbia Co., Pa.
    United with the church of Derry, was one of the early settlers of Mauch Chunk, amassed property, moved to a farm he had purchased on the W. Branch and died of bilious fever, as did his wife (see below).

19        Butler, Abby, wife of John B.                            1846/10                       abt. 44            Derry, Columbia Co., Pa.
    Her name was Farr, she was of a Baptist family and was baptized by me.  They left their two eldest children behind them.

20        Edgar, James                                                    1848/03/18                  abt 43              Coleraine, Ireland
    Converted under the ministry of Mr. Hunter of Coleraine, came to Summit Hill in 1837, ordained an Elder there April 1839, died of cramps in the stomach March 18, 1848, leaving a widow and five children.

21        Salkeld, Maria Bockee, d/o Isaac Salkeld         1848/03/22                  b. 12/1810
    She became the subject of religious impressions, in early life was a faithful Sabbath school teacher for 20 years; after a period suspense ?-?-? anxiety?, she was comforted with good hope thru grace.  On hearing me preach from ?Haggae? ?I.T. ? the question "Am I concerned for the glory of God " decided her to profess her faith in Christ.  She was baptized & Held fast her profession.  She was taken with small pox in its worst form & after much suffering, died.

22        Chamberlain, Jane T., w/o Rev. R. N. Lafferty     1848/04                    26                   Mecklenburg Co., NC
    She came from Wilkes Barre  to MC in 1840; was a faithful ?judicious? teacher in the Sabbath School and a constant serious attendant of the word preached.  She united with the church after a long period of religious impressions.  Was very active and useful in the Revival of 1842; at the close of which she removed to N. Carolina.  She died after a fortnight's illness.

23        Oliver, Thomas                                                 1849/12                      abt 43                    Delaware
    Had partaken of the Lords Supper the ?Sabbath? in Dec. 1849, & took his own life on Friday evening after, being insane; leaving a widow & four young children.

24        Simpson, John                                                  1850/02                       55                   Aghadowey, Ireland
    Died of typhoid fever at Summit Hill.

25        Collins, Marie                                                   1851/09/21
    A widow for 18 years, for a long time unable through illness to attend public worship.

26        Hutchinson, James                                              1852/02/05              71             Mt. Bethel, Northampton Co., Pa.

27        Salkeld, Hannah, widow of Isaac                        1852/02/25              74             Philadelphia, Pa.
    Was baptized when nearly 60, a sincere friend, a true Christian.

28        Leisenring, John, Sr.                                        1853/07/09                              Lehigh Co., Pa.
    Died after a long decline.  After several years of much thoughtfulness, he was comforted with hope in Christ, in the fall of 1842 & united with the church.  A careful student of his bible, a hearty, steadfast friend.

29        Abbot, Sybol, wife of Abial                              1853/08
   Died at Kingston, Pa., after many years of much suffering.  She was awakened early in life, united with the church of Kingston under the ministry of Rev. Hutchings Taylor; a sincere, warm hearted Christian, a woman of great worth & Christian excellence.

30        Hoyt, William Riley                                                                               abt 45                 Greene, NY
    United with the Church in Philadelphia under the care of Rev. James Patterson, died of consumption leaving a widow and three children.

31        Heilman, Rebecca Huff, wife of John             Died spring of 1853 near Danville, Pa.
    Died of consumption, leaving several young children.

32        Wilson, Sarah, widow of John                           [abt 1853]                   about 70             Donagh, Ireland
    She came to Philadelphia with her brother John Caldwell - marrying soon after, she removed to Columbia Co., Pa. and enjoyed the ministry of Mr. John B. Patterson, and was among the earlier settlers of this place & was one of the original members of the Church - on the death of her husband, being childless and poor, she was welcomed under the roof of Robert McIntyre of Catasauqua and continued to live with him or his brother John till her decease - an humble, faithful suffering follower of Christ. 

33        Thompson, John Drake                                      1854/08/19                Born 1802           Mendham, NJ
    He settled in Weissport as a physician and married Rebecca, daughter of Thomas Weiss.  On her death, he removed in 1840 to Mauch Chunk, united with the church in 184?  & was ordained an Elder in 1842.  He was early ?improdded? with deep concern, this renewed within him in 1836, a close escape from death produced a marked change in his character & while hearing me preach from Phil 2.12.13 his mind was relieved of distrust & comforted with hope.  Was very active & useful in the Revival of 1842, he died after a week's illness.

34        Andrews, Charlotte, Mrs.                                 1855/08/12                 b. 1806             Gloster Co., NJ
    Was drowned while bathing at Atlantic City, NJ.

35        Pauli? Josephine, Mrs.                                        1854/08
    Died in Philadelphia, Pa.


    Rev. Richard Webster died 6/19/1856, at age 45, some saying from pushing himself too hard in his devotion to God and Church.  Rev. Webster made the first two records in book 2.  Temporary ministers made following records until Rev. I. Aspinwall Hodge became Pastor in late 1857.  Rev. Hodge served in Mauch Chunk until 1863.  The record keeping deteriorated after Hodge, in many cases only the name of the deceased was noted, but not the date of death.  Information inside brackets I supplied from other sources, often from the Mauch Chunk Cemetery records.

1          Williams, Rebecca, wife of Nathan T.                1856/02/26                   b. 1813/10             Ohio
    Daughter of Samuel Abernathy, died after several weeks of illness.

2          Fegley, Juliet, wife of Nathan                            1856/05/10                   [abt. 40]  
    Daughter of John & Anna M. Leisenring, died suddenly of bleeding of the lungs.

3          Hyndman, Samuel                                             1857/08/12                 [b. 4/1/1803]    [Co.Derry, Ireland]
    From the effects of injuries received on the LVRR Aug. 10/1857. [A native of the Parish of Dunboe near Coleraine]

4          Barnes, Eliza                                                     1858/05/12

5          Palmer, Elizabeth (widow)                                1858/05/30
    Of disease of the lungs.

6          Leisenring, Anna Maria (widow)                         1858/09/27   

7          McLean, Elizabeth, wife of Hugh                      1859/04/08
     From consumption.

8          Ruddle, Hannah, wife of John                           1859/06/16
    Of cancer.

9          Boyle, Thomas                                                     1860
    Died near Wilkes Barre, crushed by the falling of coal.

10        Salkeld, George Washington                             1861/02/06
    Of consumption.

11        Fegley, Nathan                                                 1861/03/07
Ordained Elder Feb. 10, 1856.

12        Boyd, Ruth A., widow of Dr. Boyd                   1861/04/25
    At Wilkes Barre of disease of the heart.

13        Lentz, Alexander                                              1861/07/22
    Volunteered in the U.S. Army Apr. 22/1861, for 3 months, died at Hayerstown, Md., in the hospital of consumption.

14        Ross, Robert                                                      1861/12/31
    Of consumption.

15        Lynn, Maria                                                      1862/03/15
    Of cancer after many months of suffering.

16        Pryor, Maria, wife of John                                1862/05/14

17        Salmon, John Fries                                           1862/05/14
18        Hall, Edwin                                                      [abt. 1863]
    Killed by the explosion of a steamboat.

19        Lyon, Catherine, wife of Isaiah                          1864/10/15
    Cold after confinement.    [Word "Cold" is uncertain]

20        Kennedy, Samuel                                             1862/08/01
    Ordained Elder of Gnadden Hutten Presb. Ch. Dec. 24, 1857.

21        Ruddle, John                                                    1865/07/02
    Run over by locomotive June 10, 1865, loosing left arm and injuring one leg.

22        Hutchison, Diana, wife of Samuel B.                  [1865/06/05]

23        Wasser, Anna                                                   [1866/11/06]
    Died of no particular disease - old age. [At age 87 yrs., 4 months & 21 days, wife of David Wasser]

24        Gould, Margaret, wife of Justus                           1867/01/26
    Of Pneumonia.

25        Depew, Elizabeth, Mrs.                                    [1869/03/21]
     [Wife of George.  Surname more commonly spelled "Depuy"]

26        Wilbur, Evelina, Mrs.

27        Hutchinson, John                                              [1869/04/26]

28        Leggitt, James, Mrs.

29        Zelner, Elizabeth, Mrs.

30        Ashley, Sophia S., Mrs.

31        Tolan, Matilda, Mrs.

32        Lockhart, A. P., Mrs.

33        Bertsch, Amanda E., Mrs.

34        Smith, Elizabeth, Mrs.

35        Bertsch, Catherine, Mrs. wife of Daniel             [1872/12/18]                                        [nee Solt]

36        Salkeld, Catherine, Mrs.                                  [1873/02/17]

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