The following was transcribed from Book 1 of marriages kept by the first permanent minister of the Church, Rev. Richard Webster. Webster kept excellent records; not only did he give the full names of both parties, plus the date, he included info like the parents, location, and extra notes.  After the death of Rev. Webster, these notes are not found in any of the entries of the subsequent ministers. 


As time went by, Rev. Webster’s methods did differ a bit.  In this first batch, the column headings are below.  Part way through, when his methods change, another set of column headings appear.  In a few places, I’ve added extra information, either to clarify Webster’s notes, or in a few cases to correct his mistakes.  My own notes appear in brackets and in red text, so as not to be confused with Webster’s.  Webster’s own notes appear in Italics.  Question marks denote something that could not be deciphered in certainty from the original writings.  In one or two cases, Rev. Webster must have forgotten the name and left the space with a blank line, i.e. “____________”


ENTRY  GROOM                                              BRIDE                                                  DATE                    BRIDE’S FATHER

                LOCATION OF MARRIAGE



1          Ripple, Isaac                            Conner, Elizabeth                    1838/10/13      John Conner                                        Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. R. died at MC 6/23/1838, age 24 y, leaving an infant son



2          Pike, John                                Bailey, Mary Ann                    1837/08/17      Abram Bailey             

            Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. P. obtained a divorce from him and mar. a Mr. Burby (?)



3          Simpson, John                         Salisbury, Hannah                   1837/09/14      Henry Salisbury, of Towanda 

Mauch Chunk  



4          McLean, Hugh                         Wilson, Elizabeth                     1837/09/19      John Wilson, of Co. Derry, Ireland            Mrs. McLean died at Pittsburgh, 6/1838, leaving an infant a few days old.  Hugh McLean was killed 5/1839

while working in a well by the falling of a bucket, in Illinois, age 24 years.   The child survived the mother only a few days.



5          Dodson, Abial                         Wilson, Margaret                     1837/12/07      John Wilson, of Co. Derry, Ireland            Mauch Chunk 



6          Heaton, Reuben                       Carter, Mary                            1838/02/22      Robert Carter, of Tamaqua



7          Taylor, William                                    Lyons, Elizabeth                      1838/03/09                                                                  Mauch Chunk



8          McGinley, William                  Nevin, Margaret                       1838/03/13      Joseph Nevin, of Summit Hill              Mauch Chunk 



9          Cooper, Samuel                                   Ross, Christiana                       1838/04/09      Edward Ross, of Mauch Chunk 

Mauch Chunk 



10        Murphy, Benjamin                   Henry, Isabella                                    1838/06/19      Robert Henry, of Summit Hill                  Mauch Chunk                         

B. M. died after a long illness, January 1853



11        McLaughlin, John                    Tait, Margaret                          1838/09/11      John Tait, of Summit Hill       

Mauch Chunk 



12        Hyndman, Mark                      Wilson, Eliza                           1839/01/31      James Wilson, of Summit Hill

Mauch Chunk    



13        Salkeld, Isaac                           Leisenring, Juliet                      1839/04/11      John Leisenring, of Mauch Chunk            Mauch Chunk                                     

I. S., born 12/28/1813(?), died of rapid consumption 12/26/1839, his infant daughter was born and died the day before his death & was buried in the same grave12/28/1839.  Juliet died 5/10/1856. [Note: Juliet’s 2nd husband was Nathan Fegley]



14        Craig, Alexander                      Jameson, Jane              1839/05/22                  Widow of Aaron Henry                                   Mauch Chunk                                     

A. C. died of consumption at Summit Hill, 1851.  She married Thomas Morrison of Mauch Chunk.



15        Conner, Cornelius                    Hebner, Christina                     1839/10/27      John Hebner, of Baltimore            Cherryville, Northampton Co.


16        Ripple, Isaac                            Ebbert, Julia                             1839/11/06                                                                  White Haven, Luzerne Co.     



17        Shaw, Matthew                                    Vaneman, Martha Ann                        1840/02/06                                                                  Nesquehoning                         

Removed to Sevonia(?), Michigan



18        Hattrick, Robert                       Stukey, Margaret                      1840/04/23                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



19        Hoyt, Jared                              Yarrington, Temperance          1840/06/28                                                                  Mauch Chunk                          Removed to South Trenton, NJ.



20        Grover, Nathan M.                   Horn, Hetty                              1840/10/20      Jacob Horn of Mauch Chunk              Mauch Chunk 



21        Ripple, Silas                             Harris, Elizabeth                      1841/04/24      Abraham Harris of Mauch Chunk            Mauch Chunk                          Divorced



22        Niecht, Joseph                         Herring, Levina                                    1841/10/18                                                                  Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. N. died in St. Louis in 1849 leaving six children.



23        Brodrick, Thomas                    Conner, Elizabeth                    1841/10/14      Cornelius Conner                                 Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. Brodrick died 7/1849, leaving 3 daughters.



24        Salkeld, George Washington    Leisenring, Emily                     1841/07/24      John Leisenring                                               Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. Salkeld died 6/20/1846



25        Wilson, James                          Been, Hannah                          1842/03/27                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



26        McKinney, James                    Hadon, Ann                             1843/04/18                                                                  Summit Hill    



27        Hyndman, Hugh                      Bayne, Catherine                     1843/09/25                                                                  Mauch Chunk 

            [NOTE: Catherine, nee Hoff, was first married to John Bayne]



28        Jones, Isaac                             Marsden, Ruth                         1843/10/07                                                                  Nesquehoning 



29        Lippincott, Edward                  Simpson, Margaret                   1843/11/01      John Simpson             

            Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. L. died 7/24/1845



30        Van Artsdalen, Garret              Warne, Harriet Eliza                                        E. S. Warne                 

            Port Carbon, Pa.



31        Hart, Nathan Boileau               Cox, Susan Letchworth                        1843/12/12      Joseph Cox                 

            Mauch Chunk                         

Removed to Missouri, 1854



32        Moore, James                          Black, Jane                              1844/02/02                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



33        Sterling, Joseph                                    Shirra, Mary Jane                     1844/02/06                                                                  Mauch Chunk                         

Removed to Erie Co. Pa. May 1848

[NOTE: The Sterlings later settled in Quincy, Illinois, and later still in Madison Co., Missouri]



34        Boyle, Edward                         Rehrig, Sarah                           1844/04/09                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



35        Lyons, James                           Clark, Sarah                             1844/05/03                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



36        Leisenring, John Jr.                  Bertsch, Caroline                     1844/05/12      Daniel Bertsch            

            Mauch Chunk 



37        Gorman, John                          Wilson, Mary Jane                   1844/06/06      George Wilson            

            Mauch Chunk                         

Removed soon after to the West



38        Douglas, Andrew                     Leisenring, Mary A.                 1844/10/14      John Leisenring, Sr.                             Mauch Chunk 



39        Harned, Ashbel Green, Rev.    Catherine Hugg Fatzinger         1844/11/04      John Fatzinger                                     Mauch Chunk 

            [NOTE: Rev. Harned was the 2nd pastor of the Presbyterian Ch. at Summit Hill, following Rev. Richard Webster]



40        Brown, Geo. Washington, MD Tindall, Rebecca                      1844/11/21                                                                  Tamaqua         



41        Masky, Robert                         McConnell, Ellen                     1845/02/05                                                                  Nesquehoning 



42        Cortright, Nathan Dodson        Harlan, Margaretta Louisa        1845/02/06                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



43        McElrane, James                      McCormick, Jane                     1845/02/08                                                                  Beaver Meadows



44        Halsey, Richard C. MD                        Harlan, Mrs. Anna                   1845/02/11                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



45        Kocher, Conrad                                   Wasser, Catharine                    1845/02/13                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



46        Weyhenmeyer, Joseph             Bobst, Sarah                            1845/02/23      George Bobst              

            Union Farm    



47        Fagley, Nathan                         Salkeld, Mrs. Juliet                  1845/03/02      John Leisenring Sr.     

            Mauch Chunk                         

[Nee Leisenring, former w/o Isaac Salkeld, she died 5/10/1856; Nathan’s surname often spelled “Fegley”]



48        Thorp, William                                    Ross, Mrs. Jane                        1845/03/03                                                                  Mauch Chunk                          Removed to Jefferson Co., Pa.



49        Ivor, Isaac W.                          Muller, Margaret                      1845/03/05      Edward Muller                                     Mauch Chunk 



50        Irwin, Rev. Leslie                    Wilson, Mary Ann                   1845/03/14      John Wilson                                         The Settlement



51        Wilson, Hugh Osborne, MD    Guetter, Matilda A.                  1845/05/29      H.G. Guetter                                        Mauch Chunk                         

Dr. W. united with Lutheran Ch. Slatington  1854



52        Henry, Samuel                         McLean, Mary Jane                 1845/07/16      Robert McLean           

            Mauch Chunk                         

Samuel killed at battle of Chancellorsville in 1865, was color bearer of 147th Pa. Volunteers



53        Aiken, John                             Walker, Mary Ann                   1845/09/24      Andrew Walker                                   Mauch Chunk                         



54        Atkins, John                            Waters, Margaret                      1845/09/29                                                                  Nesquehoning 



55        Wilson, James                          Steele, Rachel                          1845/12           /18                                                                   Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. W. died at Catasauqua   1853



56        McClelland, William                Nevins, Elizabeth                     1845/12/23      Joseph Nevins                                     Mauch Chunk 



57        Pollack, William                                  Adams, Sarah                          1846/01                                                                                   Mauch Chunk 



58        Groton, Ira                               Wintzler, Maria L.                    1846/02                       Casper Wintzler                                   Mauch Chunk 



59        Eberle, William                                    Kuehner, Marcena                   1846/03/05      John Kuehner

            Mauch Chunk                                                 



60        Fister, Thomas                        Mack, Eliza                              1846/04/13                                                     

            Mauch Chunk                         

T.F. died of consumption in 1852, leaving 3 sons



61        Simpson, Jonathan                   Hebner, Matilda                       1846/05/21      John Hebner   

            Mauch Chunk 



62        Vance, Lorenzo                                   McFall, Margaret                      1846/09/20      John McFall                                         Mauch Chunk 



63        Shaffer, Charles                       Heasley, Jane                           1846/10/29      Thomas Heasley                                  Ashland          



64        Henry, Robert                          Beer, Susan                              1846/12/07                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



65        Holmes, Charles                      Burns, Fanny                           1846/12/22                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



66        McCloskey, George                 Kennedy, Jane                         1847/01/01      Samuel Kennedy                                 Mauch Chunk 



67        Leisenring, Alexander W.        Ruddle, Ann                            1847/03/04      John Ruddle                                        Mauch Chunk 



68        Stewart, William                      Leslie, Elizabeth                      1847/04/03                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



69        McLellan, James                      Kennedy, Mary Jane                1847/04/23      Samuel Kennedy                                 Mauch Chunk 



70        Ott, Jonas                                 Weidel, Catherine                    1847/06/06                             



71        Wisely, William                                   McCormick, Nancy                 1847/07/18                                                                  Nesquehoning                          Removed 1853 to Wisconsin



72        Williams, Richard                    Harris, Eliza                             1847/08/05      John Harris                                          Mauch Chunk 



73        Nevins, William                                   Cochran, Mary                                                                                                             Removed in 1853 to Illinois



74        Jones, Henry                            Palmer, Sarah                           1847/10/29                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



75        Stockhous, George W.             Lomison, Henrietta                  1847/09/05(?)  James Lomison

            Mauch Chunk 



76        Scott, James                             McElraine, Margaret                1847/11/20                                                                  Mauch Chunk 



77        McGargan, W.W., MD             Wilson, Harriet                                    11/20/1847      William Wilson

            Beaver Meadows        



78        Teese, Joseph                          Kanig, Elizabeth                      3/12/1848        Henry Kanig                                        Nesquehoning 



79        Smith, Matthew                                    Sterling, Esther                         3/21/1848        Henry Sterling                                      Mauch Chunk                         

Removed 1855 to Missouri

[NOTE: Had returned to Mauch Chunk by 1860, where they both remained]



80        McAffee, Samuel                    Wiseley, Mary                         5/6/1848                                                                      Mauch Chunk                         

Mrs. W. died of consumption at Tamaqua July 1854



81        Wilhelm, Michael                    Haus, Mahala                           5/8/1848                                                                      Mauch Chunk 



82        James, William                                    Bradwell, Elizabeth, Mrs.         7/1/1848                                                                      Mauch Chunk                         

Elizabeth was the widow of Wm. Bradwell of Nesquehoning



83        Freby, Christian                                   Decker, Jeanette                      7/1848                                                                         Summit Hill    



84        Gray, Robert                            Sh???ell, Catherine                  8/15/1848                                                                    Newburgh, N.Y

            [Bride’s surname written over and unclear]



85        R-?-?, William                         Brown, Eliz. Lincoln                9/1/1848                                                                      Mauch Chunk 

            [Groom’s surname unclear, might be Rex or Race]



86        McClemons, William               Hyndman, Mary                      10/1848                       Hugh Hyndman          

            Mauch Chunk 



87        Hutchison, Charles                  McCullock, Agnes                   10/1848                                                                                   Beaver Meadow Mines           



88        McConnell, James                   Martz, Sarah                            1/6?/1849                                                                    Mauch Chunk 



89        Kennedy, James                      Andrews, Jane                         1/??/1849         James Andrews                                    Mauch Chunk 



90        Nichols, Robert                                    Tolan?, Hannah                                   2/13/1849                                                                    Mauch Chunk 



92        (McCaller?), John J.                 Davis, Sarah Ann                     5/06/1849                               



93        McAffee, Samuel                    Wisely, Esther                          7/03/1849                               

Mrs. McAffee died of consumption at Tamaqua, July 1854, leaving one child



94        Ziegenfuss, John                      Haldeman, Rebecca                 7/15/1849                               



95        Johnson, Robert                                   Elizabeth, wdw. of Robt Wray 9/_/1849                                 

Married by Rev. B.F.Bittinger



96        Pryor, John William                 Ginter, Eliza                             10/02/1849                             



97        Rupp, Benjamin                                   Rauch, Mary A.                       10/10/1849     



98        Canning, Thomas                     Quinn, Margaret Jane               11/04/1849                             

Removed to Michigan



99        Warbass, Uzal G., MD             Conner, Mary                          11/13/1849      Cornelius Conner        



100      Moore, James                          Mullen, Nancy                         3/29/1850        John Mullen                

Removed to Catasaqua



101      Bryson, John                           Brewster, Sarah Jane                5/11/1850                               



102      Lockhart, Robert                      Wilbert, Anna Packer               5/16/1850        Henry Wilbert 



103      Boyd, John Howard                 Cross, Margaret                        8/01/1850        William S. Cross




104      Wilhelm, George Washington  Palmer, Hannah                       8/04/1850                               



105      Pryor, Herman Hellman                       Weller, Mary E.                       11/01/1850      Joseph Weller             



106      Roberts, Robert M.                  Long, Susannah                                   11/05/1850      Anthony Long            



107      Sterling, Henry Jr.                    Johnston, Mary Ann                11/06/1850      Samuel Johnston         

Removed 1855 to Missouri

 [NOTE: Had returned to Chunk by 1860, later lived in Lehighton, Freeland, then returned to Missouri, settling in Sullivan Co. by 1880]



108      Rouse, Daniel                          Gilbert, Sarah Ann                   12/12/1850                             

Sister of Charles Gilbert



109      McLellan, John                                    Mullen, Jane                            12/25/1850      John Mullen



110      Winterstein, Andrew Jackson  McConnell, Mary Taylor         12/31/1850      B.R. McConnell



111      Biehl, William                          Boyer, Louisa                          1/28/1851        Joshua Boyer              



112      McConaughy, Robert               Cochran, Ann                          2/_/1851          Niece of Robert Cochran



113      Cooper, Thomas D.                 _______________                  3/31/1851       



114      Beighe, John                            Spear, Elizabeth                                   9/21/1851                               

Elizabeth widow of William Spear



116      Cochran, William                     Hyndman, Elizabeth                10/16/1851      Hugh Hyndman                                   Removed Oct. 1854 to Missouri



117      Belford, William                      Hutchinson, Martha                 11/_/1851                                                                    W.B. died of cholera, Catasaqua, Aug. 1854



118      Connell, Alexander                  Crawford, Margaret                 12/_/1851       

            [NOTE: Later settled in Sullivan Co., Missouri]         



119      Ross, Thomas                          Connell, Sarah                         1/_/1852                                                                      A sister of Alex Connell  / Removed to Summit Hill

 [NOTE: Later settled in Sullivan Co., Missouri]



120      [Entry missing from copy]      



121      Polk, James A                          Bertsch, Emeline                      5/27/1852        Daniel Bertsch            



122      McLaughlin, John M.               Woodburn, Letitia                    6/__/1852                                                        Removed to Michigan





From this point, the entries change a bit.  They now include the names of both parents in many cases, as well as the occupation of the groom.  In one case, they even include the bride’s occupation.  The entries are also a bit more specific about the location of the marriages.  It is interesting to note that these marriages did not take place in the church, they took place in various homes.  Many were performed in Rev. Webster’s own home, the original Presbyterian Parsonage on West Broadway. 


Beneath the names of the principals, further info such as parents, residence, place of birth and occupation appear.


ENTRY GROOM                                                               BRIDE                                                  DATE OF MARRIAGE

                GROOM’S PARENTS                                      BRIDE’S PARENTS

                HIS RESIDENCE                                               HER RESIDENCE

                HIS BIRTHPLACE                                           HER BIRTHPLACE


                LOCATION OF MARRIAGE


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


123      Dougherty, Hugh                                 Souter, Elizabeth                      7/6/1852         

?-?-? & Matilda Dougherty                  ?-?-? & Catherine Souter

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk             

Aghadowey, Co. Derry, Ireland                       Dunboe, Co. Derry, Ireland

Occ. – Laborer                                                           

At the house of John Stewart  

Removed to Philadelphia. 



124      Fulton, William                                                Lance, Mary Elizabeth             10/2/1852       

John. & Mary Fulton                           Joel C. & Anna Lance

Nesquehoning                                      Nesquehoning

Nesquehoning                                      Whitehall, Hunterdon Co., NY

Occ. - Mule driver                                                      

At the house of Samuel Marsden, Nesquehoning       



125      Campbell, Henry                                 Markley, Caroline                    10/13/1852     

John & Mary Campbell                                   Jonas & Catherine Marley

Co. Tyrone, Ireland                             Weissport

Weissport                                             Weissport


House of Richard Webster, Mauch Chunk



126      Murphy, George                                  Patton, Rosanna                       12/__/1852                                                      James & Rosanna Murphy                   ?-?-? & Mary Patton   

            Summit Hill                                         Mauch Chunk

            Ballyhacket, Ireland                             Bratwell, Ireland

Laborer                                                                                                                                                                       At the house of her father, Mauch Chunk                              



127      Franks, Reuben F.                                Hall, Ann                                 1/3/1853                                                          Susan Franks                                       ?-?-? Hall

            Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

            Berks Co.                                             Warren Co., NJ


At the house of Enos Tolan, Mauch Chunk    



128      Walker, Benjamin                                Gilmore, Hannah                     1/15/1853                                                        Andrew & ___ Walker           

            Summit Hill                                         Summit Hill

            Ireland                                                 Ireland


At the house of George Esser, M.C.                                        




129      Dunlap, Robert                                                McLean, Margaret                    1/29/1853                                                        John & Nancy Dunlap                         Robert & Ellen McLean          

            Summit Hill                                         Summit Hill

            Co. Antrim, Ireland                              Londonderry, Ireland


At the house of John Tree, M.C.         



130      Mellen, Samuel                                                Paul, Mary                               2/23/1853                                                        Wm. & Mary Mellen                            Joseph & Mary Paul   

Summit Hill                                         Summit Hill

            Ireland                                                 Wales


At the house of John Tree, M.C.                                             



131      Jarrett, William Jones                           Detweiler, Susannah                2/26/1853                                                        Solomon & Lydia Jarrett                      Daniel & Maria Detweiler

            Phoenixville, Pa.                                  Mauch Chunk

            Macungy, Lehigh Co., Pa.                    Berks Co., Pa.

            Currier                                                Seamstress

            At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.



132      Jones, Thomas P.                                 Harris, Sarah                            1853/__/__     


Slatington, Pa.                                      Nesquehoning



At the house of Robert Klotz  



133      Hauser, Franklin                                  Kutz, Elizabeth                                    7/3/1853                                                          John & Ann Hauser                             Wm. & Eve Kutz                                                                                             Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Cherry Valley, Monroe Co., Pa.                      


At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.



134      Brindenzer, John                                 Decker, Jane                            11/__/1853                                                                                                                  Andrew Decker

            Rockport                                              Penn Haven



At the house of Chas. Freeby, M.C.                                        



135      McLaughlin, Thomas                           Aden, Rosanna                                    [Late 1853]                                                      Ed. & Mary McLaughlin                      Michael & Susan Aden           

            Summit Hill                                         Nesquehoning

            Co. Londonderry, Ireland                    Co. Cavan, Ireland      


At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.                          



136      Horn, Josiah                                        Hutchinson, Elizabeth              12/19/1853                                                      Jacob & Eliz. Horn                              Samuel & Diana Hutchinson

            Mauch Chunk                                     

            Lehighton                                            Northampton Co.


At the house of S.B. Hutchinson, M.C.                                               



137      Warg, John                                          Conner, Adelia Louise             3/14/1854                                                        ?-?-? & Elizabeth Warg                                   Cornelius & Mary Conner

            Freemansburg, Pa.                               Mauch Chunk

            Freemansburg, Pa.                               Mauch Chunk


At the house of Cornelius Conner, M.C.                                             



138      Curran, Thomas                                   Conner, Uranah                                   3/14/1854                                                        ?-?-? & Martha Curran                         John & Rosella Conner

            ?-?-?                                                    Mauch Chunk

Philadelphia                                         Mauch Chunk


At the house of Cornel. Conner, M.C.                        



139      Caldwell, Robert Alexander                 Murdy, Margaret                      9/22/1854


Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Ireland                                                 Ireland


At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.                          



140      Wisely, Samuel                                                Cunningham, Margaret                        10/1854                                                                                                          

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Ireland                                                 Ireland


At the house of her brother, John Cunningham



141      Boyd, William A.                                 Grubb, Mary Ann                    12/5/1854       


            Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Ireland                                                 Ireland


            At the house of James Andrew                                                           

            Wm. Boyd drowned at Atlantic City, 8/12/1858, age 28 yrs.



142      Yohe, Hiram                                        Sherry, Sarah Jane                   12/23/1854


Mauch Chunk                                     

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk                                                 

Foundry Man

At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.                          



143      McNeal, Charles                                  Marsh, Eliza Rebecca              1/1/1855

James M. Marsh

            Penn Haven, Carbon Co.                     Mauch Chunk



At Mr. Marsh's, East Mauch Chunk    



144      McClelland, James                               Ross, Eliza Jane                       1/25/1855       


            Catasasqua                                           Mauch Chunk

Ireland                                                 Dunboe, Ireland


At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.                          



145      Moore, Robert                                     Ross, Elizabeth                                    2/2/1855                                                         

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Dunboe, Ireland                                               Dunboe, Ireland


At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.                          



146      Groot, Reuben                                     Whittingham, Mary                  4/16/1855                                                                                                                    ?-?-? & Mary Whittingham

Weissport                                             Weissport



At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.



147      Waldby, Robert P.                               Solomon, Elmira                      5/24/1855                                                                                                                    Nathan Solomon

East Mauch Chunk                              East Mauch Chunk

Mauch Chunk


At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.  



148      Drake, David A.                                  Barr, Lucy                               7/2/1855                                                         

Mauch Chunk                                     



            At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.



149      Bertsch, Daniel G.                               Barr, Ebazena                          7/5/1855                                                         

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk                                                                                                 


At the house of Merrit Van Horn, M.C.                                              



150      Emanuel, Morgan, Jr.                           Lewis, Margaret                       10/8/1855                                                       

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk                                                                                     

Catasaqua                                            Mauch Chunk                                                                                      Blacksmith      

At the house of Andrew A. Douglas, M.C.                 



151      Weiss, John                                         Rehrig, Lavina                         11/4/1855


            Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk 



At the house of Rev. Richard Webster, M.C.                          



152      Hutchinson, John                                 Ferrier, Margaret Ann              11/5/1855                                                       

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Ireland                                                 ?


At the house of Robt. Ferrier, M.C.                                        



153      [Though a marriage date and location are given, no names are written]           11/1855




At Mr. Machseimers, M.C.       By Rev. Richard Webster



154      Boyer, Thomas                                                Kerell, Rebecca                       12/15/1855                                         


            Nesquehoning                                      Nesquehoning



            Home of Rev. Webster            By Rev. Richard Webster



155      Christie, Daniel                                                Johnston, Matilda                    11/20/1855     

Samuel & Elizabeth Johnston

            Catasaqua                                            Mauch Chunk



            Home of Rev. Webster            By Rev. Richard Webster



156      Miller, William                                     Hutchinson, Martha                 12/21/1855                                                     

Catasaqua                                            Catasaqua

            Ireland                                                 Ireland


At the home of James Cochran, MC    By Rev. Richard Webster


She was the widow of Wm. Belford [Note: See entry # 117]



157      Wilvert, Samuel                                               Collins, Angeline                     1855/12/31     


            Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Swedesboro, NJ


            Home of Rev. Webster            by Rev. Richard Webster

*She was the widow of Asa Vanneman

 [NOTE: Angeline was the widow of Thomas K. Vanneman, not Asa.  She and Thomas had had a son they named Asa; also, the “Wilvert” surname often appears as “Wilbur”]



158      Williams, Benjamin A.                         Ginter, Catherine                     1856/01/01                                                     

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Penna.                                                  Pennsylvania


Home of Rev. Webster                        By Rev. Richard Webster



159      Torrans, Thomas                                  Barr, Mary                               1856/02/10                                                     


Pennsylvania                                       Pennsylvania


Home of Rev. Webster                        By Rev. Richard Webster



160      Tubbs, Daniel Culver                           Jones, Martha                          [No date given]           

William A. Jones

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Pennsylvania                                       Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Home of Thomas Sprowl, MC By Rev. Richard Webster



161      Krause, D. M.                                      Conner, Matilda                                   [No date given]           

Wm. & Margaret Conner

Mauch Chunk                                      Mauch Chunk

Pennsylvania                                       Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

Home of bride's father, MC     By Rev. Richard Webster








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