1835  - 1910


REV. DAVID JUNKIN served November 1835 to April 1836, between the formation of the church and the installation of Rev. Webster as first Pastor.


1.      RICHARD WEBSTER, April 1836 to June 1856.  The first Pastorate of the Mauch Chunk Church was that of Rev. Webster’s.  The Pastorate officially began in July of 1837, though he had preached at the church for some time prior to that.  He was an untiring Minister of the Faith, serving fully until shortly before his death June 18, 1856, in the 45th year of life.  It was said he was the father of the Presbytery of Luzerne.


Various ministers served during the interim following the sudden death of Rev. Webster.  They included:

Rev. A. B. CROSS of Baltimore, an in-law of Rev. Webster, served for a short time after the death of Rev. Webster;

Rev. D. THOMAS E VERMILYN of New York, served during July of 1856;

Rev. JOHN JOHNSON of the Conyngham Valley, Luzerne Co., served a short time in July and August of 1856;

Rev. WILLIAM R. GLENN of Tamaqua, served a short time during August of 1856; REV. HARNED of Summit Hill, served during September of 1856;

Rev. WILLIAM OWEN served during October of 1856;

Rev. WILLIAM KENNEDY served during October of 1856;

Rev. EDWARD KENNEDY served during November of 1856;

Rev. THOMAS P. HUNT of Easton, served during December of 1856;

Rev. C. H. EDGAR, of Easton, served in early 1857.


2.      REV. I. ASPINWALL HODGE became the 2nd Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Mauch Chunk.  Installed in April of 1857, he closed his service in April of 1865, having served the church for eight years. 


Various ministers filled the pulpit between April  1865 and November 1866.


3.      REV. JACOB BELVILLE became the 3rd Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Mauch Chunk.  Installed November 1st. 1866, he served seven years until April of 1873.


Various ministers filled the pulpit between the 3rd  and 4th Pastorate.


4.     REV. EDSALL FERRIER, a native of New York State, was installed Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Mauch Chunk October 31, 1873.  He was a very well liked and eloquent minister, serving for over ten years.  Illness forced him to leave Mauch Chunk for a period of six months.  He retired to Philadelphia, hoping to regain his health and return to the church in Mauch Chunk.  Unfortunately, his illness persisted, and on January 15, 1884, the pastoral relation was dissolved.  Rev. Ferrier died at Easton Pa. where he had been teaching at Lafayette College, on Satukrday, January 31, 1903


Various ministers filled in between the 4th and 5th Pastorate.  They included:  Rev. EDSALL FERRIER,

Rev. C. R. GREGORY, who served in June of 1884,





5.     REV. WEBSTER WOODBURY was installed the 5th Pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Mauch Chunk on January 1, 1885.  He tendered his resignation at the meeting of the Presbytery at Allentown on April 18, 1888, to take effect May 1, 1888. 


Various ministers served in the interim.  They included: 



Rev. J. MARSLAND, May 20;

Rev. B. D. SINCLAIR of Fowlersville, NY, May 27;

Rev. THOMAS M. B. NICHOL of West Pittston, June 3 and 10;

Rev. W. P. STEVENSON of Myler, Allegheny Co., Pa., June 17;

Rev. B. D. SINCLAIR, June 24;

Rev. SAMUEL J. HARLAN of Brooklyn, NY, July 1;


Rev. JOHN F. SCOTT of Slatington, Pa., July 15;

Rev. JAMES M. SALMON of Bangor, Pa., July 22 and 29;

Rev. THOMAS NICHOLS of West Pittston on August 12;

Rev. WILLIAM Y. BROWN of West Philadelphia, August 19;

Rev. BALLARD, September 2; 

Rev. EDSALL FERRIER, September 9. 

On several dates the church was closed. 


6.      REV. WILLIAM P. STEVENSON was installed Pastor on September 28, 1888.  Rev. Stevenson served the congregation until April of 1891, when he accepted a call to serve at the Presbyterian Church of Titusville, Pa.  He preached his last sermon in Mauch Chunk on April 26, 1891.


Various ministers preached during the interim.  They included

Rev. J. W. Bischoff on May 3, 1891;

Rev. J. L. Litch on May 10;

Rev. John C. Clyde on May 17;

Rev. H. W. Lowry on May 24;

Rev. W. C. Mickey on May 31;

Rev. Theo Hunter on June 7;

Rev. A. A. Murphy on June 14;

Rev. James Heaney on May 21;

Rev. H. F. Scholl on June 28;

Rev. J. P. W. Blattenberger on July 5;

Rev. J. W. Bishchoff on July 12;

Rev. A. H. Frick on July 19;

Rev. Walter B. Floyd on July 26;

Rev. A. F. Walker on Aug. 2;

Rev. Newton Reed on Aug. 9;

Rev. Duncan M. Buchanan on Aug. 16;

Rev. Henry D. Jenkinson on Aug. 23;

Rev. W. T. Sim Kieffer on Aug. 30;

Rev. J. W. Gilland on Sept. 6;

Rev. James D. Hunter on Sept. 13;

Rev. James G. Patterson on Sept. 20;

Rev. Edsall Ferrier on Sept. 27;

Rev. Prof. Youngman of Lafayette College on Oct. 4;

Rev. Edsall Ferrier on Oct. 9 & 11;

Rev. Prof. Porter of Lafayette College on Oct. 18;

Rev. Edsall Ferrier on Oct. 25;

Rev. D. M. Buchanan on Nov. 1 and thereafter. 


7.      REV. DUNCAN M. BUCHANAN was installed pastor on December 3, 1891.  He served the church until Sept. 5, 1902, when a letter of petition to dissolve his ties to the Mauch Chunk Church was presented to the Presbytery of Lehigh, meeting in Stroudsburg.  This was accepted and the pulpit was declared vacant on September 28, 1902.


Various ministers preached during the interim.  They included: 

Rev. Edward F. Reimer on Sept. 28;

Rev. James M. Work of Cannonsburg, Pa. on Oct. 5;

Rev. William Steans of Elmhurst, Pa. on Oct. 10;

Rev. Frederick M. Johnson of Clayton, NJ, on Oct. 19;

Rev. Kenneth M. Craig of Sayre, Pa. on Oct. 24;

Rev. James M. Cattanach of Tarrytown, Md., on Oct. 31 & Nov. 2;

Rev. Howard L. Guss of Wheaton, Ill., on Nov. 9;

Rev. W. S. C. Webster of Ironville on Nov. 16;

Rev. E. N. Ware of Princeton, NJ, on Nov. 23;

Rev. Edward F. Reimer on  Nov. 30;

Rev. M. W. Kratz on Dec. 7;

Rev. Frank G. Milman of Pottsville on Dec. 14;

Rev. James Cattanach on Dec. 21;

Rev. W. H. Filson of Lehigh Univ. on Dec. 28. 

On Monday, Nov. 10, an election had been held and Rev. Cattanach was chosen to be the new pastor.


8.      REV. JAMES CATTANACH is installed new pastor at the start of 1903.  He continued to serve the church until some time after 1910. 






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