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1900 Texas Soundex

Brazos County

Pct. 4, Bryan, Vol. 12, ED 9, Sheet 1, Line 80:   

McCorquodale, Dave D., white, born Sep. 1846, age 53, born in Louisiana.
McCorquodale, Ida G., wife, born Jul. 1856, age 43, born in Alabama.
McCorquodale, William G., son, born Oct. 1874, age 25, born in Louisiana.
McCorquodale, Jno M., son, born Jan 1877, age 23, born in Louisiana.
McCorquodale, William E., son, born Apr. 1882, age 18, born in Louisiana.
McCorquodale, Noah B., son, born Aug 1884, age 15, born in Texas.
McCorquodale, Sam W., son, born May 1887, age 13, born in Texas.
McCorquodale, H. Winfred, son, born Dec. 1889, age 10, born in Texas.
McCorquodale, Minnie M., daughter, born Mar. 1892, age 8, born in Texas.
McCorquodale, Mary A. G., daughter, born July 1897, age 2, born in Texas.

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