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James Lafayette "Fate" Roberts was born 12 August 1859 in Sparta, White County, Tennessee.  He was the son of JACK ROBERTS and ELIZABETH C. MULLICAN.


He married IZORAH JOSEPHINE COOPER on 17 October 1883 in Howell County, Missouri.  They  had fourteen children:


  1.     MARCUS ARTHUR ROBERTS, born 14 July 1885 in Howell County, Missouri
  2.     MINTIE ELVIRA ROBERTS, born 21 January 1887 in Howell County, Missouri 
  3.     WALTER ALEXANDER ROBERTS, born 23 October 1888 in Howell County, Missouri 
  4.     CLARENCE RUFUS ROBERTS, born 2 December 1890 in Howell County, Missouri 
  5.     ROY MELVIN ROBERTS, born 27 September 1892 in Howell County, Missouri 
  6.     AUSTIN ROSCOE ROBERTS, born 3 October 1894 in Howell County, Missouri 
  7.     LORA JANE ROBERTS, born 5 October 1895 in Howell County, Missouri 
  8.     ORPHA AUGUSTA ROBERTS, born 12 March 1898 in Howell County, Missouri 
  9.     LENA EUDOXIA ROBERTS, born 13 August 1899 in Muskogee County, Oklahoma 
  10.     ALMA ROXIE ROBERTS, born 11 January 1901 in Muskogee County, Oklahoma 
  11.     LOYD ROBERTS, born 10 March 1902 in Muskogee County, Oklahoma 
  12.     PEARL ROBERTS, born 17 December 1903 in Muskogee County, Oklahoma 
  13.     ELMER ROBERTS, born 25 July 1905 in Muskogee County, Oklahoma 
  14.     JOHN LESTER ROBERTS, born 28 November 1906 in Callahan County, Texas


James Lafayette Roberts was located on the following census:

1900 Howell County, Missouri

1910 Wichita County, Texas

1920 Cleveland County, Oklahoma


James Lafayette died 10 July 1935 in Norman, Cleveland County, Oklahoma.  He is buried in Burkburnett, Wichita County, Texas.

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