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Thomas Roberts 

    Thomas Roberts was born March 2, 1788 in Orange County, North Carolina.  He was the son of Reuben Roberts and Mary Millie Asher.

    Thomas married Mary Comer or Camer in Tennessee, probably about 1809.  Thomas and Mary had several children, including many sons, some of which were:

  1. John Roberts, born May 20, 1810 in Warren County, Tennessee.
  2. James Sevier Roberts, born February 2, 1812 in Warren County, Tennessee.
  3. William F. Roberts, born after 1820, probably in Warren County, Tennessee.
  4. A male child, born after 1820, who may have been either William F. Roberts or Jack Roberts, probably born in Warren County, Tennessee.
  5. Jack Roberts, born 1825 in Tennessee, probably Warren County.
  6. Mary Jane Roberts, born December 30, 1830 in Warren County, Tennessee.
  7. Sarah A. Roberts, born November 17, 1832 in Warren County, Tennessee.
  8. Thomas L. Roberts, born January 18, 1835 in Warren County, Tennessee.
  9. Milla C. Roberts, born December 20, 1836 in Warren County, Tennessee.
  10. Lamentha or Samantha Matilda Roberts, born December 8, 1838 in Warren County, Tennessee.
  11. Reuben C. Roberts, born February 1, 1841 in Warren County, Tennessee.

    For his service during the War of 1812, Thomas Roberts was issued warrants for land on January 30th, 1819 and March 22, 1819.

    After the death of his first wife in 1849, Thomas married Mary Conklin on September 13, 1854 in Sandyville, Warren County, Tennessee.  No children were born to this marriage.

    Thomas Roberts was found on the following census records:

1830 Warren County, Tennessee Census

1850 Mason County, Illinois Census

1860 Lucas County, Iowa Census

    Thomas Roberts died on July 2, 1866 or 1867 probably  in Lucas County, Iowa, although family stories say he and his son Jack were killed on their return home from the Civil War near Farmington (Illinois?).  He is buried in Walker Cemetery, Ottercreek Township, Lucas County, Iowa.

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