Carla's Genealogical Page
Carla's Genealogical Page

Rotmans    van den Akker/Heijnen    Mounce    Clifton/Young/Guffey/Welcher  Forgy/Forgey
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 Mounce Reunion !

Welcome to my genealogical page. Here you'll find a short description of my main family lines.

Rotmans   van den Akker/Heijnen   Mounce  Clifton/Young/Guffey/Welcher    Forgey/Forgy

You can take a look at the descriptions or look at the data from our tree. If you have anything to add, correct or like more information, please do not hesitate to Email me.

                                             Happy Hunting !

Rotmans - paternal line.       Also look at my Photo Album...

I've traced the Rotmans family back to about 1760. They have lived in the same town - Rotterdam, Netherlands - ever since that time. In recent years, some descendants have moved away from the city, but most of them still live near there.
There are probably 2 more lines of this family name in the Netherlands, maybe 3. They might be related to my line, but that still needs to be discovered. One of the lines goes back into Northern Germany and a few families emigrated to New York in the mid 1800's.

Rotmans    van den Akker/Heijnen    Mounce    Clifton/Young/Guffey/Welcher     Forgy/Forgey
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van den Akker - my maternal line

I didn't do a lot of research on my maternal line yet. The name is a lot more common then my fathers lastname. My grandparents were born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. During the depression in the 1930's they decided to move to Rotterdam. My grandfather was looking for work and because of the harbor in Rotterdam, there was more work there. He work at a shipyard called "Wilton Feijenoord" as a joiner until his retirement.
A sub line of my maternal line is the Heijnen family. My cousin Peter Heijnen - a son of my mothers oldest sister - was starting to do research on his family, but unfortunately he ran out of time..... Or maybe as he told me, before he passed away, he is more fortunately then us, because he might be 'hanging out' with his ancestors getting to know them all intimidly! So, in memory of him, I added this family to my research. This Heijnen line is originally from an area near The Hague called Veur.

Peter Heijnen (22 Sep 1954 - 7 Dec 1996 )

Rotmans    van den Akker/Heijnen     Mounce    Clifton/Young/Guffey/Welcher     Forgy/Forgey
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Mounce - my husbands paternal line

Well here we find one of the causes of me 'getting hooked' on genealogy ! With many thanks to Darrell Nelson, who provided me with most of the data for the Mounce line. We have not discovered yet where the Mounce line originates. We pick it up in Kentucky in the late 1700's. John Mounce (Sr) moved from there to Hocking County, Ohio, were he lived, except for a couple of years, the rest of his live. He was a farmer, and around 1830 he was a moderator in a church in Fairfield County, Ohio. One of his sons - John Wesley Mounce ( 1st)  b: 28 dec 1818 in Hocking County, Ohio - moved in about 1855 to Piatt County, Illinois. He was married twice and had twelve children. My husband is a descendant of his 11nd child - John Wesley Mounce (2nd). He moved to Arkansas in about 1912 and had 1 child Carl Earl Mounce, who in his turn moved to Texas in the 1930's. My husband - John Wesley Mounce (3rd) is the oldest of his 2 sons. 

Other researcher in this Mounce line:

Darrell Nelson    - descendent of  Louise Jane Mounce and William Snodgrass Jr. Wrench

79th Mounce Reunion


The 79th Mounce Reunion will be held in Monticello, Illinois. The reunion is for the
descendants of John Wesley Mounce (b: 1818 in Ohio, d: 1904 White Heath, Illinois).

If you like to join us, here are the details :
DATE :   Sunday, July 26 ,  2009
TIME :   1:00  PM
                 108 E. Livingston St., Monticello, Illinois

The VFW building is just east of the Community building where we had the reunion in previous years.
Take exit 164 (Bridge St) or 166 (Market St) on Hwy 72 into Monticello. For a map click here

There will be a Potluck Dinner at 1:00 PM
Afterwards there will be a White Elefant Raffle, and time to meet with our family members.
Please bring any old family photographs or a story to share.

For more information you can  Email me.

Rotmans    van den Akker/Heijnen    Mounce    Clifton/Young/Guffey/Welcher     Forgy/Forgey
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Clifton / Young / Guffey / Welcher - my husbands paternal grandmother's family       Also look at my Photo Album...

My mother-in-law had a lot of old pictures that where originally from the mother of my husbands paternal grandmother - Virginia F. Clifton. We also had several letters written in the 1920's and 30's. Since we didn't know who most of the people in the pictures were, I started trying to trace them back. Several of the pictures had things written on the back, including names. Virginia F. Clifton was married 4 times and had children from 3 of her husbands. If you think you are related to Virginia F. Clifton, please take a look at the pictures, and let me know if you recognize anybody !
I recently came into contact with one of the descendants of the oldest daughter of Virginia; Sarah Francis Young. She send me a history written by a granddaughter of Virginia about the life of Sarah Francis Young and her family. It describes the time around 1900 in Arkansas/Oklahoma so well that I put it on these pages for you all to read and enjoy.

Rotmans    van den Akker/Heijnen    Mounce    Clifton/Young/Guffey/Welcher     Forgy/Forgey
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Forgy - my husbands maternal line

There is a book written by Elizabeth Lucille (Forgy) Wallace in 1957, with her research about Forgy/Forgey and Forgie families in America. My husbands line goes back all the way to his immigrant ancestor. The name of her book is "Forgy, Forgey and Forgie Family History".
According to this book Samuel Forgey was born in County Antrim, Ireland. He and his wife, Sarah, with their six children came to America about 1765-68. They settled in Rowan Co., North Carolina. He died in August 1770.
Our line moved from NC to SC then to AR and my husbands parents - both independently - moved to Texas.
A big branch of this Forgy family settled in Forgy Town ( now Quality ), Butler Co., KY. So, if you are related to Forgy's from there, chances are you are related to my husbands line. I am currently working on an update to the original book from 1957. So, if you have Forgy's, Forgey's, Forgie's or related names in you family line, please contact me. I can see if I have anything related to your family and if not if I can add your line to the book. Email

This concludes the description of my main lines. Do check back soon !

Rotmans    van den Akker/Heijnen    Mounce    Clifton/Young/Guffey/Welcher     Forgy
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