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Welcome      Retired RC Cola Representative    This water tower in Bowling Green, Ky. was on the front page of Life Magazine in the 50's. I live half a block from the tower. 


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Carley Ancestry Documents
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"The Lott Diary" by Curtis J. Carley
"Lott Medical "
by Clark L. Carley
"Lott Pension"
by Clark L. Carley
by Opal Fern Carley
"Andrew Family"
by Opal Fern Carley Updated 5/03
"Daigh Family"
by Clark L. Carley
"Evelyn Lavon Goodwin"
by Opal Fern Carley
"Index of Surnames"
by Clark L. Carley
"Surname Index"
by Pat Flowers
"Gravelly Springs " by Curtis J. Carley
"Carley Family Tree"
by Clark L. Carley
"The Burdue Family"
by Opal Fern Carley
"The Clark Carley Story"
by Clark L. Carley
"Dunn's of Kentucky-Kansas"
by Opal Fern Carley
"Memorial Service for Opal Fern Carley"
"Leroy (Lee) Carley"
by Clark L. Carley
"Misc. Surnames Index"
by Clark L. Carley
"Our Civil War Trip"
by Clark and Curtis Carley
"Autobiography of Georgia Perine"

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Lott Pension Mini Carley Book (partial) Evelyn Lavon Goodwin  
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