The Sobers

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The Sober Family

Descendants of Isaac Sober - born about 1740

Related surnames in my database (either direct or indirect):
Foy, Loffer, Moore, Poyer, Murray, Gearhart, Hummel, Neidig, Davis, Bechtel, Seidel, Cotner, Williams, Shipe, Burmood, Oliver, Smith, Beeteem, Franco, Dunbar, Machan, Skinner, Borowski, Klotz, Niemann, VanDerwerken, Barrett, Dahoda, Devoe, McLinden, Amyot, Adamczyk, Cook, Sykela, Helin, Mullany, Currier, Vertefeuille, Doin, Sampson, Slater, DeBruler, Copeland, Cambra, Orsetti, Burk, Hamilton, Plummer, Buchanan, Jimenez, Voss, Duplin, Estopinal, Woodin, Hulen, McBride, King, Ellis, Wiltsey, Kubiak, Ceremuga, Armstrong, Myers, Carney, Bierman, Edwards, Devries, Jones, Homer, Cutter, Busey, and Croft.

I'm sure this is only a partial list, please feel free to send me more.

Alexander and Mary (Foy) Sober
about 1860

There is lots of information available on the internet about the Sober family, and so I only included here those descendants of Issac that I am most closely related to. As I get more time, I will add the 1000+ names that I have in book form.

Almost all of what I have is the result of the work published by two of my great-great aunts, Ida Sober Woodin, and Ruby Sober Wiltsey. Their research was done long before the internet or even computers were around to speed up their work. So, even though they are no longer with us, thank-you Aunt Ida and Ruby.

First, I'll start with Aaron Sober,one of the children of the people pictured above, Alexander and Mary Sober. Aaron was born in 1837 in Northumberland County, Pennsylvania, and married Anna Belle Murray in 1856 in Northumberland County. He died in 1918, and Anna Belle died in 1906.

  1. Mary Ellen born in 1856, m. William Wallace Davis
  2. Judson Hall, born in 1858 (my great-great grandfather)
  3. Florence, about 1860 - died in infancy
  4. Margaret Florence, born in 1861, m. John J. Armstrong, & Rollin Stewart Myers
  5. Elizabeth J; born in 1863, m. Emery Schulz
  6. Louisa Voris, born in 1866, m. Dr. Henry Bierman
  7. Harry Morris, born in 1868, m. Emma Bertha Stebbins
  8. Grace Fowler, born in 1869, m. David William Jones

I am fortunate to posess a letter, written by Stella Sober, daughter to Alexander's brother Aaron, written to her cousin, Louisa (#6). It mostly contains information about the Sober ancestors, and a story about the Sober surname. I have posted the transcription here. MANY thanks to Gary and Janice Leonard for permission to reprint it.

Judson Hall Sober married Eliza Sloan Wilson, born in 1866 in Scotland, on July 4, 1883. They had 10 children:

  1. Annabell, born in 1885 (my great-grandmother)
  2. Aaron, born in 1887 died in 1908
  3. Judson Clyde, born in 1889, m. Myrtie Helen Griffin
  4. Harry William, born in 1892, m. Mary McAuliff
  5. Fred Ernest Sober, born 1895 - killed in France in WWI (his body was never found, his picture is #4.)
  6. Margaret Burtis, born in 1897, m. Frank Slater
  7. Mary Eliza 'Lizzie', born in 1900, m. Floyd William Plummer
  8. Ida Mae, born in 1902, m. Peter Frederick Woodin
  9. Ralph Raymond, born in 1905, m. Wretha Marium Waldron
  10. Ruby Nellie, born in 1906, m. Elmer Irving Wiltsey

All 10 children were born near Shelton, in Buffalo County, Nebraska.

Click here to see the location of Judson Sober's farm in Buffalo County. Located in the western 1/2 of section 33 in Gardner township at the bottom of the page.

Judson and Lizzie's obituaries are reprinted here.

The Judson Sober family in 1903.

Annabell married William Aaron Loffer, and their children are listed on the Loffer Page.
The children of the
other 9 can be found by clicking here.
I also have posted Judson and Lizzie's
family group sheet to the Buffalo County Rootsweb site.


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