This website is dedicated to my beloved grandfather, William Theodore Mobley, whose father was raised in an orphanage, and who always wanted to know who he was.

I would love to hear from my cousins! Please email me if you have any additions or corrections. You may contact me at clkonfetti at gmail.com.

This website covers my Mobley/Moberly, Messmer, Mangeot, Buttermann, Palmisano, and Lucian/Luciani lines. It is a result of many years hard work! When I began gathering this information and entering it into my genealogy program, it was for my use only. I had no intention of ever publishing it, but since I have embarked on the new adventure of using DNA as a genealogical tool, I find I need to be able to share my family tree quickly and easily. Therefore the narratives are rather rough, and although I've tried very hard to source my material and be as accurate as possible with all of my information, this site very much a work in progress and there are undoubtedly many errors and omissions.

These pages contain only one living person, whose name only is used, with permission. Omitting this person would have led to the incorrect representation of a family unit.

Please check back often, as I have much information yet to be recorded and there are many, many records I have yet to obtain.

At present there are no pictures or exhibits connected on the following pages. It is possible that these may be added in the future.

Please cite my website thus:

Lucian, Carol Anne, “Luciani (Lucian) and Mobley (Moberly) Family Genealogy " (http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~carolalucian/)

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