A Partial Index To Some Land Records Of Kent County, Delaware

A Partial Index To Some Land Records Of Kent County, Delaware

From Kent County, Delaware Land Records

(These are not inclusive of all entries, only the ones that I found interesting.)

Lib. I  1804-1806


Grantor Grantee folio
Capt. Thomas Smith & Catherine, his wife George Turner 103
John Pritchett Fisher, son of John P. Fisher his brother, James Fisher, son of John P. Fisher 103
Thomas Saulsbury, son of William & Sidney Saulsbury his brother, William Saulsbury 104
Philip, Daniel & John Shearwood Samuel Willoughby (land that Joseph Shearwood died seized of) 112
Gove & Rebecca Cox Thomas Saulsbury 172
James & Sarah Harwood Joshua Minner 178
Thomas & Ann Skinner George Soward 190 & 191
Ruth Berry Edward Neal 191
Israel & Lydia Corse Benniah Mifflin or Williams 192
Andrew (Sr.) & Mary Collins Andrew Collins, Jr., their son 192 & 193
Henry & Elizabeth Drinker Abraham Pierce 193 - 195
Jabez Caldwell Francis Barber 195
Thomas & Sarah Horner Benjamin Blackiston 195 - 197
Elizabeth Hattabough  Clothier Anderson 197
Benjamin Cheffins Negro Joseph Dawset, manumission 197 & 198
Thomas Quilling Joseph Stant, Alienation Bond 198
Dr. Timothy & Ann Caldwell John Caldwell 198 - 200
John Walton Thomas Pickering 200 & 201
William Hignutt  James Stafford 201
Andrew Naudain, atty of Andrew Tybout John Hoffecker 201 & 202
James & Mary Hazle George Cummins 202 & 203
William Lloyd Bewley & Deborah Bewley Edward Williams 203 & 204
Thomas Hawkins  Edward Joy 204 & 205
James Clayton Negro London, manumission 205
Major McNatt Negro Bill, manumission 205
Major McNatt Negro Jane, manumission 205 & 206
George & Sarah Denning John Wilds 206 & 207
Daniel & Nancy Short John Williams 207 & 208
Timothy Cummins’ petition re “Bradshaw’s Chance” & “Price’s Chance”   208 - 211
William Green James Green, his son 211
Joseph Barker’s petition 211 & 212
Rebecca Quillen, adm’x of Thomas Quillen, petition 212
Rebecca Quillen, adm’x of Thomas Quillen Joseph Stant 213 & 214
Philemon Dickinson Nathaniel Wilds 214
James Fisher, adm’r D.B.N. of Joshua Fisher, petition   214
James Fisher, adm’r D.B.N. of Joshua Fisher Thomas Buckmaster 215 & 216
Smith Farsett’s petition   216 & 217
David Lockwood, sheriff Smith Farsett 217 & 218
Clothier Anderson’s petition   218 & 219
David Lockwood, sheriff Clothier Anderson 219 & 220
John Pratt George Pratt 220 & 221
John & Sarah Gullett Ezekiel Gullett, brother of John 221 & 222
Robert & Nancy Hopkins Henry Hopkins 222
John Spence, Robert & Nancy Hopkins, Patty Spence & Sally Spence Patrick Spence, Deed of Release 222 & 223
Elijah Laws James Miller 223 & 224
David Lockwood, sheriff Nathan Keach 224 & 225
David Lockwood, sheriff Benjamin Wallace 225 & 227
William Young Daniel & Mary Fisher, Deed of Release 227
George Jennings & George Hairgrove, Article of Agreement   228
Samuel Graham, Jr. & Mary, his wife Samuel Graham, Sr. 228 & 229
Gove & Ann Saulsbury Levi Wolcott 229 & 230
Levi & Elizabeth Wolcott Gove Saulsbury 230
James Raymond Negro Benjamin & others, manumission 231
Elizabeth Nixon George Cummins 231 - 233
The State of Delaware John Lowber, Justice of the Peace 233
Thomas & Mary Morris Isaac Davis 233 & 234
James & Priscilla Miller John Brincklee 234 & 235
Mary Cowgill William Denny 235 & 236
Thomas & Katherine Cooper Hadden Smith 236 & 237
Jonathan Manlove, sheriff Stayton Morris 237 - 239
Jonathan Pollin, Jr. & Susannah, his wife Daniel Semans 239 & 240
Daniel Semans Jonathan, Jr. & Susannah Pollin 240 & 241
Peter & Ann Harwood, John & Mary Potts John Fisher 241 & 242
Philip Masten Hester Masten 242
Robert Broadaway, Sr. Negro Nance & others, manumission 242 & 243
James Buckmaster Negro George, manumission 243
Mary Hawkins William Williams 243 & 244
James Sorden Negro Ceasor White, manumission 244
Stuart & Rebekah Redman William Williams 244 & 245
Walter Dulany Negro Elleanor & others, manumission 245 & 246
James Raymond Negro Jude & others, manumission 246
Richard Fitzjarrold John Fitzjarrold 246 & 247
Daniel & Elizabeth Smith James Whitacre 247 & 248
Joseph & Margaret Hill John Raymond 248 & 249
George Blackiston Isaac Milless (Millis) 249 & 250
Isaac Milless George Blackiston 250 & 251
John & Mary Wood Tumlinson Parsons 251 & 252
Benjamin Blackiston Charles Everitt 252 & 253
David Lockwood, sheriff George Truitt, Esq. 253 & 254
James & Sarah Snow Robert Denny 254 - 256
James & Sarah Snow Robert Denny 256
George (Esq.) & Mary Truitt David Caldwell 257
Benoni Harris, Surv. Adm’r of Joseph Furtad Hadden Smith 257 & 258
Samuel Lambdin Negro Diner, manumission 258 & 259
Thomas & Samuel Lambdin Negro Rachel & others, manumission 259
Thomas & Mary Fisher John Marim 259 & 260
James & Ann Wright, Levin & Mary Wright and Sethel & Lydia Godwin William Gregg 260 & 261
William Davis Jonathan Needum Wheelton 261 & 262
Thomas Manwaring Daniel Coxe 262 & 263
David Lockwood, sheriff Jacob Stout, Esq. 263 - 265
David Lockwood, sheriff Ralph Robinson 265 & 266
Israel & Ann P. Pleasants Thomas Berry & Joseph G. Rowland 266 & 267
Thomas Berry Joseph G. Rowland 267 & 268
Richard Tilghman James & Richard Caldwell, bill of sale 268
Isaac & Mary Davis Ephraim Carter 268
Isaac & Mary Davis John Ware 268 & 269

Liber K 1806-1808

Grantor Grantee folio
William & Elizabeth Hughlett Richard S. Harris 64
Jesse Turner & Elizabeth, his wife James Tharp 65
Selathiel Jones Charles Turner, Alienation Bond 69
Isaac & Nicholas Hickman William Hopkins, Alienation Bond 69
William Hopkins (son of James) Isaac Jones, Jr. 70
Charles Turner John Colescot, Alienation Bond 74
William & Sarah Swiggett Ralph Colescot 74
Waitman Hopkins William Hopkins 75
Roger Adams, the elder John Allen 77
Vincent Dehorty & Rebekah, his wife Zebulon Hopkins 77
Petition of Matthew Jones, surv. adm'r of Salathiel Jones   79
Matthew Jones, adm'r of Salathiel Jones Charles Turner's heirs; Louisa Turner, widow, Jane Booth, wife of John Booth, Sarah, Tilghman, Elias, Jehu & Charles Turner, children of Charles Turner 79
Joseph & Elizabeth Rash Daniel Rash 87
Joseph & Elizabeth Rash Jonathan Hunn 87
Ralph & Sarah Robinson Michael Hickman 94
William & Nancy Hamilton and Margaret Clifton John Gullett 95
John & Unicy Jester Joshua Jester 96
Charles Wallace, on behalf of the Maryland Creditors of Benedict Brice John Jump 97
Charles Adams, Richard Hughlett & Timothy Caldwell William Hughlett, Deed of Release 121
William Townsend & Mary, his wife (he the grandson of Edmond Liston) Israel Peterson 139
Purnel & Nancy Johnson Reuben Turner 146
Annareter Sorden Negro William & others, manumission 165
John Jump Negro Joseph & others, manumission 170
Levin & Sabra Kimmey John Booth 171
Moses Weyatt, Sr., & Lamma, his wife Caleb Jarvis 175
John Bullock Richard Fisher 176
James & Frances Wroten, John & Sabery Cheasman (Cheasam) and Bayley & Nancy Addams, heirs of William Wroten Henry Wroten 202
James & Frances Wroten Henry Wroten 202
Noah & Elizabeth Carter Levin Calloway 207
Elijah Wooters, Jr. Elijah Wooters, Sr., Bill of Sale 213
Edward Stapleford, Jr. Negro Robert, Manumission 215
John & Polly Morriss William Anderson 217
Elijah & Nancy Wooters Daniel Webster 239
Gove & Nancy Saulsbury James Wroten 241
James & Sarah Stafford Reuben, Daniel, John & Isaac Harrington, sons of Isaac Harrington, dec'd 248
William & Mary Newcom (she the daughter of Absalam Parvis) Levi Burtt 277
Incorporation of Union Meeting House in Mispillion Neck   278
Peter Parker Negro David, Manumission 279
James & Comfort Buckmaster Major Townsend 279
Major Townsend James Buckmaster 280
Hadden & Mary Smith Sarah Culbreth, wife of Samuel Culbreth and daughter of Richard Smith 282
George Soward, Jr. & Ann, his wife Farmer's Bank, Mortgage 285

Liber L. 1808 - 1810

Grantor Grantee folio
Matthew Jones & Polley, his wife George Taylor 6
Isaac Lowber & Mary, his wife (formerly Mary Craig) Michael Hall Bonwell 11
Isaac Vinson Shadrack Rawley 13
Benjamin Wallace & Barsheba, his wife (formerly Barsheba Craig) Michael Hall Bonwell 14
Christiana Arthurs, widow, (sister of Abraham Garland and daughter of John Garland) James Chiffins 15
Eliab Vinson Margaret Vinson 17
Margaret Vinson Shadrach Rawley 18
William & Elizabeth Hughlett Richard Sherrenton Harriss 21
Solomon Cahall & Elizabeth, his wife (she the daughter of Daniel Vinson) Nealy Vinson (daughter of Daniel) 26
Holleday & Samuel Smith, sons of Holleday Smith Gove Cox 38
Rebecca Dehorty (daughter of William Saulsbury, the elder) William Saulsbury (son of William, the elder) 39
Solomon Cahall Jacob Grinage 40
William Whiteley Samuel Graham 42
Holladay Smith Jacob Grinage 42
William & Unicey Mulnex Andrew Collins, Alienation Bond 44
James Wroten & Priscilla, his wife Farmer's Bank, Mortgage 45
Vincent Anderson Mulatto William Hopkins, who was the property of my wife late Leah Hopkins, Manumission 53
Lemuel & Moses Wyatt Moses Wyatt, Jr. 60
Gove & Nancy Saulsbury John Smith 63
Mary Stant, widow of Joseph Stant Richard Jefferson, Release of Dower 77
Turpin Jones, exec'r of Isaac Jones Von (Vaughn) Jump 95
Vincent & Rebekah Dehorty Major Wiet 99
Major Wiet & Charity, his wife Zebulon Hopkins, Gent. 100
Shadrack Rawley Nealey Vinson, Deed of Release 101
James Fisher Martin Rash 108
George Pratt & Mary, his wife Sorden Lister 110
Thomas Cox & Rebecca, his wife James Whitaker, Esq. 111
Richard Lockwood & Sarah, his wife Sarah Seney, widow of Bryan Seney, and James Seney, David Seney, William Seney, Martha Lockwood, wife of John Lockwood, the younger, Mary Buckingham, wife of Isaac Buckingham, and Matilda Gillaspry, wife of Patrick Gillaspey, children of Bryan Seney 111
Samuel Willoughby & Rachel, his wife Vincent Moore 120
Nealey Vinson (daughter of Daniel Vinson) Shadrack Rawley 120
Samuel Graham & Mary, his wife John Dehorty 121
Robert & Richard White, sons of James White, Jr., dec'd Major McNatt 122
Robert & Richard White, sons of James White, Jr., dec'd Major McNatt 123
Elizabeth Billeter (daughter of Daniel Billeter) Moses Wilkinson 124
Jonathan & Mary Jarrell John Saxton 125
Jesse Marrett Negro Solomon, manumission 128
Levi Burtt John Henry (Henery) 128
Nutter & Elizabeth Marvel (she being the daughter of Elijah Houston) John Purden 130
James Watkins, Robert Watkins, Thomas Watkins of Jefferson Co., Ohio Joshua Clow, letter of Attorney 131
Hezekiah Vickery (Vickory) William Smith 137
Turpin Jones James Sorden 144
Clement Clifton & Delilah  alias Dinah, his wife Lowder Layton 146
Ralph Colescot Lowder Layton 147
Margaret Vinson, widow of Daniel Vinson Neley Vinson, daughter of Daniel & Margaret 157
Robert Broadaway, Jr., & Ann, his wife John Fisher 158
Jesse Jester & Lydia, his wife (he the son of Francis Jester) Seyron (?) Clifton 159
Clement Clifton & Delilah, his wife (he the son of Thomas Clifton) Nathan Clifton 160
William Saulsbury (son of William) Gove Saulsbury (son of William) Deed of Release 162
Anthony Lane & Ann, his wife (she the daughter of Ebenezer Jackson and niece of Thomas Jackson) Isaac Buckingham 181
An act authorizing the partition of the lands of Thomas Ludenam of Sussex County, dec'd   190
John Fisher Samuel Culbreth 191
Edward Barwick & Sarah, his wife Elijah Sapp 195
Robert Spear & Nancy, his wife, late Nancy Bullock, widow of Ezekiel Bullock Mary Bullock, only surviving child of Ezekiel Bullock 201
Nathan Clifton Lowder Layton 217
Richard H. Leaverton & Polly, his wife & Moses Leaverton & Nancy, his wife, sons of Gary Leaverton Rev. Ephraim Chambers 218
Thomas Saulsbury, Esq. & Ann, his wife William Conlyn 221
Robert Minors & Margaret, his wife, John Purnel & Sarah his wife, Curtis Beswick & Nancy, his wife, Mary Beswick, widow, Charles Polk & Lovey, his wife, and Bevins Turner & Priscilla, his wife, (children and granddaughter of Robert Minors) Robert Young 248
Nicholas Hickman Charles Ross 250
William Sorden & Sally his wife Justice Lowry 251
John Marritt & Sophia his wife John Booth 253
James Wroten & Prisylar, his wife John Booth 254
Solomon Cahall Neally Vinson, Bond of Indemnity 263
Caleb Ross & Lettia, his wife Jonathan Neal 268
John Moore, Samuel Moore & Isaac Moore George Clow, Alienation Bond 271
Holaday Smith Richard Leverton 277
George Gullett & Nelly, his wife, James Gullett, and Elizabeth Gullett, mother of the said George & James and widow of John Gullett Lowder Layton 278
Robert Jones and Ann or Nancy, his wife, and Unity Jones (Robert being the grandson of Zacheriah Jones) Isaac Jones (grandson of Zacheriah Jones) 279
Thomas Reynolds & Fanny, his wife John Reed, Jr. & Thomas Dehorty 279
George Denning and Sarah, his wife, and Amey Seney, (widow of John Seney), (said Sarah being the daughter of Thomas & Mary Jones Hadley and said Amey being the daughter of Benjamin & Sarah Jones Poor, both being granddaughters of Charles Jones) William Taylor (married Sarah Poor, daughter of Benjamin & Sarah Jones Poor and granddaughter of Charles Jones) 281

Liber M. 1810 - 1811

Grantor Grantee folio
James Anderson & Celia, his wife Major Anderson, Esq. 1
James Fisher & Nicey, his wife Major Wiett 8
William Hughlett Elijah Wootters, Sen'r 11
George Soward, Sen'r & Mary, his wife John Lockwood 13
Thomas Potts, Mary Mogram / Morgrage (formerly Potts), Samuel Potts, Shadrick Potts, William Walls, Rachel Walls, his wife, Edward Potts, Ana Potts, his wife, all of Queen Anne's County, Maryland, children of Thomas Potts and nephews and nieces of John Potts. Thomas Reynolds 16
James Seney, son of Bryan Seney Martha Lockwood, wife of John, Jun'r 24
David Seney, John Lockwood, Jr. & Martha, his wife, children of Bryan Seney James Seney, son of Bryan Seney 26
Elijah Wootters, Sen'r McKimmey Smack 34
Thomas Allston Joseph Whitby 45
Clement (alias Lem) Jester and Charlotte, his wife (he son of William Jester) Clement Clifton 49
Elijah Wootters James P. Masten 51
William Killen & Mary, his wife John Jump 53
Elijah Wootters Henry Dillin 69
Francis Asbury Boyer negro Leah Dyer & others, manumission 71
Matthew Traverse negro Affa & others, manumission 72
Levin & Mary Calloway Curtis Calloway 87
Daniel George & Susannah, his wife (she the daughter of Henry Killen) Robert Hopkins 171
John & Sarah Willoughby (she the daughter of Daniel Cardeen) William Cardeen 192
James Selby, Sr. Negro Sarah, Manumission 194
James Harper & Catherine, his wife (she the daughter of John Vickory) Hezekiah Vickory 207
David & Catherine Fountain Elijah Williamson 214

Liber N. 1811 - 1813

Grantor Grantee folio
Petition of Milcha Turner, Exec'x of George Turner   1
James Vinson & Rebecca, his wife,  John Vinson & Deborah, his wife,  Anna Vinson and Marg(a)gret Vinson, heirs of Eliab Vinson Shadrack Rawley 10
William Jester & Nancy, his wife Jeremiah Pritchett 13
William Ford & Ann, his wife Daniel Knock 31
Eli Smith & Samuel Smith (son of Holliday Smith) Holliday Smith (son of Holliday Smith) 35
Tilman / Tilghman Turner, son of Charles John Booth (land adj. John Gullett's) 45
Martin & Nancy Ford Esther Kersey 62
Plot of Eliab Vinson's land now belonging to Shadrack Rawley   85
Patience Shockley Henry Colescot 113
Garrett Sipple John Collins, Alienation Bond 116
Major Hurd Levin Charles 153
Thomas & Elizabeth Rawley (she the daughter of Salathiel Jones) John Booth 157
Patrick & Matilda Gilespy (she the daughter of Bryan Seney) James Seney (eldest son of Bryan) 157
James & Polly Condon John Porter 160
James & Polly Condon Shadrack Rawley 161
Beavins & Priscillah Turner (she the eldest daughter of George Beswick) Richard Cannon 162
Hezekiah & Mary Vickory John Vickory (son of John Vickory) 166
State of Delaware William Saulsbury,  Justice of the Peace 187
Peter & Matilda Caverly Sally Sorden 215

Liber O 1813-1814

Grantor Grantee folio
Nathaniel Coombe, adm'r of Jacob Calloway James Thistlewood 5
Alemby Townsend (son of John Townsend, of Caroline Co., MD) Shadrack Rawley 7
John & Unity Jester (he the son of Francis Jester) William Taylor 16
Matthew Armstrong & Elizabeth, his wife (she one of the heirs of Levin Hill) James Owens 17
James Owens & Mary, his wife Aaron Williams 19
John S. Hill & Nancy, his wife, (he the eldest son of Levin Hill) Aaron Williams 20
Samuel Hopkins (son of James) William Hopkins (son of James) 23
John Saxton & Rachel, his wife (one of the children of Thomas Downham) Philip Hardcastle 28
Michael & Elizabeth Hickman (she the daughter of James Hopkins) William Hopkins (son of James) 62
Ann Buckingham (one of the children of Isaac Buckingham) James Scotton 81
Moses Wilkinson & Nancy, his wife (formerly Nancy Billiter) Risdon Collins 96
Thomas Wing Solomon Brown, Conveyance Bond 101
John Vickery (Vickory), son of John John Willoughby 141
Charles & Hannah Kimmey Isaac Jump 142
Lydia Bileter, one of the daughters of Daniel Billiter Joseph H. Raymond 156
John Vickory (son of John Vickory, the elder) William Vickory (son of John the elder) 157
Joseph Booth Thomas Smith (of Daniel) 158
James Rich Levin Charles 181
Joseph & Frances Whitby Henry Draper 182
Jesse Eckels James Sorden 186
Joseph & Frances Whitby Ezekiel Needham 188
Nathaniel Clifton William Taylor 215
James White & Elizabeth, his wife (late Elizabeth Gibbs) Levi Lister 218
John Jester & Unity, his wife, and Elias Jester & Sealy, his wife William Taylor 220
Abel Harris & Sarah, his wife Thomas Curtis 221
Charles Stubbs & Mary, his wife Nathaniel Coombe 224
James Seney (son of Bryan) John Smith 244

Liber P 1813-1815

Grantor Grantee folio
Isaac Jones & Nexa, his wife Vaughn Jump 4
William Reed & Rachel, his wife Tilghman Reed 9
Petition of Frederick Holdbrook, adm'r D.B.N. of Thomas Wing   28
Frederick Holdbrook, adm'r D.B.N. of Thomas Wing Levin Charles 29
James Fisher James Selby & Hester Wolves (wife of James Wolves) 36
William Hickman & Elizabeth, his wife (he the son of Noah Hickman) Benjamin Coombe 42
John Jump & Mary, his wife Joseph Dawson 70

Liber R 1816-1818

Grantor Grantee folio
William L. Jump & Sarah Ann, his wife Aaron Harrington 61-62
William Conlyn & Mary, his wife Rebekah, Mary, Jessey, John & Zadock Fearns 63-64
Richard C. Cannon Elizabeth Clarkson, Deed of Gift 84
Levin Swiggett & Elizabeth, his wife (formerly Elizabeth Brown) Henry Kelly 94
Henry Kelly Levin Swiggett 99-100
Elijah Barwick & Ann, his wife Archibald Cahall 136-137
Rebekah, Mary, Jesse, John & Zadock Fearns Benjamin Anthony 140-141
Henry Molleston Henry Colescott 142-143
John Diggins, of Talbot Co., MD George & William Reed, of Caroline Co., MD 159-160
James Cahall Mary Leverton, widow of Richard 208-209
Mary Leverton, amd'x of Richard Leverton James Cahall 209-211
William Wright, of Queen Anne's Co., MD & Lydia Ann, his wife (late Tilton), Edward R. Gibson, of Talbot Co., MD & Jennette J., his wife (late Tilton), daughters of Nehemaih Tilton, dec'd Robert Hopkins 217-219
John Boon, adm'r of David Whiting, dec'd Cratcher Lord 256-258
George & William Reed, of Caroline Co., MD Moses Coker 268-269
Caleb Ross & Letitia, his wife, of Sussex Co., DE (she the daughter of James Lofland, dec'd) Charles Polk 270-271
John Johnson & Sally, his wife (he the son of William Johnson, dec'd) Andrew Collins, Jun'r 309-310
Elsbury Walls & Mary, his wife William Sutton 342
David Riggs William Jump 346
Reuben Simpson & Elizabeth, his wife William L. Jump 347
John Powell James Hendsley, Bond of Conveyance 376-377
George Soward, Sr. & Mary, his wife James Lord 391-392
Daniel Gullett & Elizabeth, his wife John Booth 424
John Jump & Mary, his wife Joel Clements 455-456

Liber S 1818-1820

Grantor Grantee folio
Elijah Barwick & Ann, his wife, of Caroline Co., MD Holliday Smith 18
Holliday Smith James Vice (Voss?) 66-67
Milcah Turner, of Caroline Co., MD Elijah Barwick, of Caroline Co., MD 113-114
James & Caroline Seney, he the brother of David Seney, dec'd Henry McClyment 130-132
Enoch Joyce, sheriff James Seney 132-134
Othniel Colescot & Rebecca, his wife (late Wooten) and James Warner & Lavinia, his wife, (late Hillyard) Thomas S. Hillyard 144-145
Benjamin Blackiston, adm'r of Richard Gibbs, dec'd Joseph Fouracres 160-161
Elijah Wothers Daniel Harrington 192-193
James Barwick & Margaret, his wife Margaret Wilson, widow of Robert 198-199
Olive Jump & Mary, his wife Levin Todd, John Gullett, Isaac Jones, Jr., James Spence, Abel Spence and William Todd, Trustees...of the Methodist Episcopal Church..., Deed of Trust 206-207
Enoch Joyce, sheriff John Hopkins 212-214
Ruth Hudson, widow Elizabeth Colescott (wife of Henry) 236-237
Matthew Hinson (Hynson) & Mary, his wife, Matthias Clifton & Cena (Acenath), his wife Edward Shorts (Short) 250-251
Ralf (Ralph) Colescott Negro Arramintta & others, Manumission 264-265
James Breeding, of Caroline Co., MD Anderton O. Breeding, of Caroline Co., MD 271-272
James & John Hopkins, Exec'rs of Zebulon Hopkins, dec'd Curtis Hopkins 286-287
John Smith & Rhoda, his wife Archibald Ross, of Sussex Co., DE 293-294
Othniel Colescott Martin W. Bates & Thomas S. Hillyard 294-295
Jonathan Powell to Mark Powell, both sons of William Powell, dec'd 295-296
Telitha Breeding Collings Stephens, of Sussex Co., DE 352-353

Liber T 1820-1821

Grantor Grantee folio
Hughitt Layton & Mary, his wife Henry Colescott 11
William Spence & Margaret, his wife James Smith, of Caroline Co., MD 84-85
Alamby Townsend & Elizabeth, his wife, Authur (Arthur) Dillen (Dilling) & Ann, his wife Benjamin Anthony 85
Robert Gullett & Rebecca, his wife, William Fleming & Elizabeth, his wife David Riggs, all children of Ezekiel Riggs, dec'd 101-102
John Stradley, adm'r of Patience Shockley Henry Coalscott 122-123
Henry Coalscott & Elizabeth, his wife John Stradley 124-125
Holliday Smith Archibald Cahall 195-196
John Warner Jonathan Powell 227-228
Gary Longfellow & Elizabeth, his wife William Aron 228-229

Liber V 1821-____

Grantor Grantee folio
William Saulsbury, sheriff Andrew Collins 10-12


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