Surnames: Crittenden, Neal, Hulsey, Walker
Cox, Phillips, Johnson

Myself: Carol Thomas Boyd
Born 19 Sept. 1942 in Plain Dealing, Louisiana

My mother: Lorene Crittenden Thomas
Born 21 Nov. 1913 in Dawson, Texas
Died 24 Nov. 1993 in Shreveport, Louisiana
~~~Buried in Plain Dealing Cemetery

    Lorene's father: Thomas Louallen Crittenden
    Born 5 July 1892 in Florence, Alabama
    Died 29 Aug. 1966 in Plain Dealing, Louisiana
    ~~~Buried in Plain Dealing Cemetery

    See below for 2nd and 3rd marriages and children of TLC.
    TLC had one sister, Nina, who died at an early age.

      TLC father: Robert Stewart Crittenden
      Born 31 Jan. 1864 in Florence, Alabama
      Died March, 1931 in Texarkana, Texas.
      ~~~Buried in Woodlawn Cemetery, Texarkana, Texas.
      *See Biographical Note at the bottom.

        RSC father: James G. Crittenden
        Born 1819 in Tennessee

        RSC was born of the 2nd marriage of JGC.
        See below for the 1st marriage and children of JGC.

        RSC mother: Jane Elizabeth Hulsey Crittenden
        Born 1827 in Alabama

      TLC mother: Mary Martha Neal Crittenden
      Born 23 Dec. 1859 in Florence, Alabama
      Died in 1900 in Oakland, Alabama

        MMNC father: Thomas Paine Neal
        Born 17 Dec. 1811 in Florence, Alabama
        Died 29 March 1869 in Florence, Alabama

        MMNC mother: Amanda Walker Neal
        Born 29 Oct. 1819 in Florence, Alabama
        Died 6 March 1900 in Florence, Alabama
        *See a list of all their children at the bottom of page.

    Lorene's mother: Obie Nancy Cox Crittenden
    Born 7 June 1894 in Rosebud, Texas
    Died 5 July 1925
    ~~~Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Texarkana, Texas

      ONCC father: Nathan Cox born in Fannin County, Texas
      ONCC mother:
      Mattie Elizabeth Phillips Cox
      Born 13 Dec. 1870
      Died in 1968, buried in Athens, Texas

        MEPC father: _____ Phillips
        MEPC mother: Rachel Johnson Phillips,
        Born 9 July 1844

    Lorene's Sisters and Brothers from the marriage
    of Thomas Louallen Crittenden and Obie Nancy Cox Crittenden

      Mattie Beatrice Crittenden Brown
      Born 20 Dec. 1914
      Died 4 May 1989
      ~~~buried at Los Banos District Cemetery, Santa Nella, Calif.
      Nathan Louallen Crittenden
      Born 25 June 1918
      Died 14 June 1974,
      ~~~buried in Plain Dealing Cemetery
      Viola Agnes Crittenden Rodgers
      Born 18 Jan. 1921
      Died 17 Dec. 1997,
      ~~~buried in Plain Dealing Cemetery
      Robert Stewart (R.S.) Crittenden
      Born 15 April 1923
      Died 25 April 1925
      ~~~Buried in Rose Hill Cemetery, Texarkana, Texas

    Thomas Louallen Crittenden married Willie Margie Tullos
    after the death of Obie Nancy Crittenden
    in 1925. She died of tuberculosis.
    There were no children of this marriage.
    ~~~She was buried in Texarkana, Texas.

    TLC's 3rd marriage was to Laura (Masoura) McGuffey on 29 Sept. 1928.
    She was born 7 May 1902 and died 21 April 1963.
    ~~~Buried in Plain Dealing Cemetery.
    Of this marriage, five children were born: Dolly, who died at birth.
    Alice lived six days, Juanita was born 20 Sept. 1930.
    Nina Mae was born 11 May 1933 and died 3 July 1934.
    Tommie Lee Crittenden was born 24 July 1937.

    James G. Crittenden's 1st marriage was to Loucinda,
    born 20 May 1819 and died in 1856, buried in Florence, Alabama.
    The 1852 census shows 8 children in the household:
    Martha A., John, James M., Jackson, Malvina,
    William, Henrietta, Lucinda.
    2nd marriage to Jane Elizabeth Hulsey.
    The 1860 census shows 5 children in the household:
    Martha A., John A., James M., Franklin B., Laura V.
    in Florence Alabama.
    Robert Stewart was born 31 January 1864
    of the 2nd marriage of James G. Crittenden.

    *Note on the children of Thomas Paine Neal and Amanda Walker Neal.
    10 children were born to them in Oakland, Alabama:
    James Monroe Neal, 12-11-1845
    Thomas Jefferson Neal, 6-21-1847
    Malisa Emaline Neal, 12-7-1848, died 12-26-1866
    Nancy Jane Neal, 7-6-1850
    Georgia Ann Neal, 9-13-1851
    Manda Rosanah Neal, 10-30-1853, died 9-28-1928
    John Andrew Neal, 6-30-1855
    William Jasper Neal, 8-9-1856
    Mary Martha Neal, 12-23-1859, died 1900
    Thomas Joseph Neal, 1-26-1861

    Robert Stewart Crittenden
    *BIOGRAPHICAL TEXT: Newspaper Clipping, Texarkana, TX paper.
    "Somewhere today possibly a child, a wife, parent or friend is
    waiting for the return of a face, the sound of a footstep.
    And the days will lengthen into weeks, months, years,
    and always there will be a hope that he's still living,
    that he will come home. But he will not.
    Unidentified, unknown, penniless and friendless, the man died
    here in Texarkana and yesterday he was buried in a pauper's grave
    in Woodlawn cemetery. The body of the man was found late
    Saturday at Thirty-second and Hazel streets by A.J. Gordon,
    streetcar motorman. Cororner G.W. Ragland was called,
    Ragland pronounced death from unknown causes. There was no
    indication of foul play. The body was lying in a pool of water.
    The man may have frozen to death. He may have drowned.
    He may have starved to death. Officials, hurried by the cares
    of their own living didn't find out. Neither did they hold
    the body for any unusual effort to identify him.
    It was found late Saturday. At 11:00 a.m. Sunday it was buried.
    The Rev. Wilbanks was in charge. There was a word of prayer,
    and the casket was lowered into the grave.
    The man appeared to be about 50 years old. He weighed about
    140 pounds and was about five feet and 8 inches tall. He wore two
    pairs of trousers, brown shoes, a black overcoat, and a grayish brown hat.
    Two pipes, three sacks of tobacco were in his pockets.
    Officials believe he had been dead two or three days."
    End of article.

    A half-nephew, James Sotherlin, saw the overcoat
    in the city dump and recognized it as belonging to
    Robert Stewart Crittenden. The family believes he died
    of malnutrition. My mother loved her grandfather deeply
    and was heartbroken when he died. Her memories of him were
    of playful times, going to carnivals with him.
    He had a mustache and smoked a pipe.