Daddy's Brothers and Sisters

The Children of Samuel Augustus (Gus) Thomas
born 24 Dec. 1877 and died 15 Sept. 1952
and Sarah Ann (Annie) Ringgold Thomas
born 1 April 1881 and died 29 March 1957
*See Note at Bottom.

  1. Gelia Ophelia Thomas Davis
    born April 2, 1902
    died April 19, 1987
  2. Teddie Lee Thomas Barnett
    born August 4, 1906
    died July 1, 1988
  3. Buddy Thomas
    born January 26, 1909
    died January 11, 1979
  4. Lottie Thomas Shipp Deaver
    born September 17, 1912
  5. Gertrude Thomas Craft
    born February 26, 1917
  6. George Cleveland Thomas
    born April 6, 1919
    died January 17, 1993
  7. John Calvin Thomas
    born June 6, 1921
    died May 5, 1998
  8. Blackie Thomas
    born February 19, 1923
    died September 22, 1998

My knowledge of the generations before Samuel Augustus Thomas is very limited
and I have no records before Sarah Ann Ringgold.

The father of Samuel Augustus Thomas was:
~~~John Thomas, born in Louisiana.
His mother was:
~~~Katherine (Kate) Lofton was born 18 Feb. 1855 and died 22 Oct. 1944.
~~~Kate Stone was buried in Hosston, Louisiana.
~~~John was the 1st of four marriages for Katherine Lofton.

John Thomas had one brother named Will, who married
Katherine's sister, Fanny(?). Will and Fanny had one son named
John Calvin Thomas, who was a double-first cousin to Samuel Augustus (Gus).
John and Will came from Tulsa, Okla. through the Arbuckle mountains.
They lived in Jefferson, Texas and other Texas towns.
~~~John Thomas was buried in Belton, Texas.

Katherine Lofton was part Cherokee Indian.
~~~Her 1st marriage was to John Thomas.
One child, Samuel Augustus Thomas, was born.
~~~Her 2nd marriage was to a Mr. Crowley and three
children were born: Charlie Cassle Crowley, born 2 July 1881;
Bertha Crowley, born in 1882; and, Archie Burt Crowley, born 9 July 1884.
~~~Kate's 3rd marriage was to a Mr. Jenkins.
There were no children of this marriage.
~~~Kate's 4th marriage to Sam Stone produced three children:
Ella Stone, Elmer Stone and Ernest Richard (Dick) Stone.

Samuel Augustus Thomas' first marriage was to Estelle (?), called
"Tellie." There was one daughter, Myrtle, of this marriage.

Sarah Ann Ringgold's first marriage was to Abe Ringgold
and one daughter was born, Mae. SAR was living in Rosebud,
Falls County, Texas at this time.
We think Butler was the maiden name of Sarah Ann (Annie).
There is an "Effie" connected somehow - possibly a sister to Sarah Ann.

*According to the Falls County, Texas census, dated June, 1900, the birth date
of Samuel Augustus Thomas is listed as Dec. 1878, age 21.

The place of birth for Samuel Augustus Thomas, his father John, and his mother, Kate,
is listed as Louisiana.

Samuel Augustus was called "Sam" until his mother, Kate,
married Sam Stone. They began calling him "Gus" after that.

Samuel Augustus (Gus) Thomas and Sarah Ann (Annie) Ringo Thomas

Gus and Annie Thomas