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I know very little about my Brown ancestors. My great grandfather was John C. Brown, married to Jane White. He was probably from Harriman or Dayton in Roane County, Tennessee. My grandfather was Foy Green Brown, who may have been an only child. He moved to Knoxville as a young man and married my grandmother there. The only relative my mother knew was a cousin named Will Brown, also from Harriman.

If you have any of the above mentioned Browns in any of your information, please e-mail me at the link below.


my grandfather My grandparents my grandmother
Foy Green Brown   Olive Mae Beaman Brown



In searching for a Coat of Arms for the Brown family, I found three different ones. They are all very attractive, but I don't know which, if any, was awarded to any of my ancestors. This site tells about British Heraldry. Another site tells more about The Granting of Arms today. If you are interested in claiming a Coat of Arms for your family, these are good places to start.


The Brown Family Coats of Arms


Brown Sites on the Internet

Following are a few sites on the Brown family:

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To do an AltaVista search on the Brown surname, click here for a list of sites: AltaVista: Simple Query "brown"

If you are a Brown or a Brown descendant and have a home page that should be referenced here, please send me e-mail and give me the URL.


Download Files

To save disk space and file transfer time, I have "zipped" these files. They will need to be "unzipped" before they are imported into your genealogy software. If you are unfamiliar with zipping and unzipping files, visit here for information and downloading of necessary files.

To download the genealogy files, go to BellSouth and download the file you want to use. The FTW file can be used with Family Tree Maker Software (after it is unzipped). The GED file can be used with any genealogy software that can read GEDCOM files (after it is unzipped).


After you download one of these files, check to see if you can fill in any additional information,and e-mail me.


Mailing Lists & Genealogy Forums

There is a mailing list for exchange of information on the Brown surname.

To subscribe, send e-mail to:

[email protected].

In the message field of your mail enter subscribe.

Mailing address for postings (information you want to send to the list) is:

[email protected]


The following genealogy forum allows you to post information and/or ask questions about the Brown family:

Brown Family Genealogy Forum

Following is a link to the Family History Message Board:

Family History Brown Links

This is a link to another board:

Surname Web - Brown


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