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When I began my genealogy research, I began with the Dysarts, as that is my maiden name. I have found a great deal of information about my background, thanks first to David Roper, from whom I got the initial GEDCOM file on the Dysarts. Then I began researching, largely through the Internet, and found many additional Dysart descendants, cousins from Scotland to California to Oklahoma to North Carolina and other states.

The Dysarts apparently originated in Scotland. There is an area in Scotland named Dysart. Sometime before 1700 the Dysarts migrated to Ireland. Then my branch of the Dysarts came to the US from Ireland sometime between 1727 when James Dysart, who was born in Londonderry, Ulster, Northern Ireland, and 1747 when he married Margaret Young Stewart, a 16 year old from Redford, TN. The marriage was at Cowan's Ford, Mecklenburg, NC. All five of their children were born in Tennessee or North Carolina. I would welcome any information you may have on the Dysart family and history.

The Dysarts, perhaps not all descended from the same forefather, are now spread out all over the United States. It's been fun connecting with distant cousins and finding our "roots."


Pages of Dysarts and Dysart Descendants

All of these Dysarts may not be in my family tree, but many of them are.

Carol Dysart Tapp Jack Dysart
Joe Dysart Tim Dysart
Richard A. Dysart, actor (19292015) Ted Dysart
Dave Roper Aidan C. Dysart

If you are a Dysart or a Dysart descendant and have a home page that should be referenced here, please send me e-mail and give me the URL.

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Other Dysart Pages

My Grand-dad's Autobiography

For an interesting account of the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, read this short essay.

  John Dysart
Descendants of Col. James Dysart Descendants of Col. James Dysart, II
Dysart Castle in Ireland Samuel Dysart

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Dysart Scottish Background and Clan

My brother, David Lawrence Dysart, did some research and discovered that the Dysarts originated in Scotland (which many of you already know). According to information he was able to discover, the Dysarts are members of the clan MacDuff. My brother (before his death in August of 1998) went every year to the Highland games at Grandfather Mountain in North Carolina. He had all the paraphernalia of the MacDuff clan, including the tam, the kilts, etc. The clan has many beautiful tartans. One of them is used as the background of this page.

The Clan MacDuff history is very interesting.

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Message Boards and Lists & Genealogy Forums

Ancestry has a message board for the name Dysart. Click here to access it.

Links to two other boards:

Dysart Resource Center

Genealogy.com Forum

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