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The Eyestone Family

My father's maternal grandmother was Mary Elizabeth Eyestone from Iowa. Therefore, I am a descendant of this line of Eyestones. I will be entering information on the Eyestone family as I have gotten it from various members of the family into Family TreeMaker and will be posting the files on this page as soon as I get that done.

I would like to have information here on the Augensteins (the German name of the Eyestones), so please send me any pages you have that fit that name, too.

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Pages of Eyestones and Eyestone Descendants

Carol Dysart Tapp (my main page) Sara Eyestone, American Artist

If you are an Eyestone or an Eyestone descendant and have a home page that should be referenced here, please and give me the URL.


Other Pages

My Family Tree Maker Online Genealogy Page  


Download Files download here

These files will be up later. They are not complete.

To save disk space and file transfer time, I have "zipped" these files. They will need to be "unzipped" before they are imported into your genealogy software. If you are unfamiliar with zipping and unzipping files, visit here for information and downloading of necessary files.

Family Tree Maker

This file can be used with Family Tree Maker Software (after it is unzipped).

Eyestones from early 1700s (Hiero Augenstein - may be an incorrect name), coming soon


This file can be used with any genealogy software that can read GEDCOM files (after it is unzipped).

Eyestones from early 1700s, coming soon


After you download one of these files, check to see if your ancestors are in it. If you can fill in any additional information, please .


Genealogy Forums

The following site allows for searches about the Eyestone family:

Eyestone searches

The following genealogy forums allows you to post information and/or ask questions about the Eyestone and Augenstein families (Augenstein, the German name of this family, was Anglicized to Eyestone):

Eyestone Family Genealogy Forum

Augenstein Family Genealogy Forum

This is a site with links about the name Eyestone.

Surname Web for Eyestone


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