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Tapp Genealogy

Dora and Judd Tapp,
Larry's grandparents
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My husband, Lawrence Matthew Tapp (Larry), was originally from Dunwoody, part of metro Atlanta. He moved to Knoxville as a child, but later again lived (and currently lives) in Georgia. We began research on his father's ancestors in late winter 1999. Because we know very little about his background, we have so far found little information. We know his father was Joseph G. Tapp, born 1908, died 1952; grandfather, Judson Matthew Tapp, born 1877, died 1958. His great-grandfather was William D. Tapp, born 1849, died 1920 in Atlanta. His great-great-grandfather was Melmoth Tapp or Milmoth Tapp (both names were found in the censuses). From several things we have found, we believe Melmoth came from South Carolina, possibly making us related to the many Tapps who now live in South Carolina. We are doing more research and hope to find more.

It's interesting to note that until a few years ago, we did not know "Joe" Tapp was actually Joseph G. Tapp. He did not know it, nor did his wife and children, until we discovered in the 1910 census (when he was two years old) that he was listed as Joseph G. Tapp. Apparently, it was not important enough for his parents to even tell him.

Then a few years ago a DNA test became available and Larry took it, proving that his Tapp ancestors were descended from the Taptico American Indian line. (See Kami Olsson-Tapp's "Tapp USA Surname" site.)

We would welcome any information you may have on the Tapp family and history.

Please bookmark this site and come back again as I complete the computer genealogy files and add information as I find it.


The Tapp Family Crest
(probably for the Tapps who originated in England)


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If you are a Tapp or a Tapp descendant and have a home page that should be referenced here, please send me e-mail and give me the URL.


Download Files

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To save disk space and file transfer time, I have "zipped" some of these files. If they have a "zip" extension, they will need to be "unzipped" before they are imported into your genealogy software. If you are unfamiliar with zipping and unzipping files, visit here for information and downloading of necessary files.

Family Tree Maker

This file is an FTW file of our branch of Tapps. It is designed to be used with Family Tree Maker (after it is unzipped).

  • Tapp ancestors FTW zipped file (coming soon)


This file is a GEDCOM file of our branch of Tapps. It can be used with any genealogy software that can read GEDCOM files (after it is unzipped).

  • Tapp ancestors GEDCOM zipped file (coming soon)

This is a GEDCOM file on Tapps that I found on the Internet. So far we have been unable to tie our Tapp genealogy into this line, but perhaps you or your ancestors are there. If you can help us tie in to this family, please let us know.


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