Keller Cemetery
The Keller Cemetery
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Cemetery Trust Fund

Julius H. Keller, Edward Simpson, Jane Ingram and Carolyn Smotherman met in Shelbyville on August 17, 2000 with attorney Jody Lambert who has agreed to draw up a cemetery trust for the Keller Cemetery under a special Tennessee law which regulates such an entity.

An application is also being filed with the IRS to assure that all donations will be tax deductible. Until the 501(c) letter is obtained, donors may be assured of a tax deduction, based on the IRS ruling that donations to a non-profit organization which receives less than $5000 income per year are automatically tax deductible.
Tombstone Inscriptions
The purpose of the cemetery trust is to establish a legal entity which will exist beyond our lifetimes and to assure that all funds donated will be deposited to growth accounts with only the income to be used to maintain and improve the cemetery. We believe donations of $15,000 will earn sufficient income to keep the cemetery cleaned up and maintain the barbed-wire fence now in existence. As additional funds become available improvements can be considered.
To make a Donation, write your check to Keller Cemetery Trust Fund and mail it to Carolyn Smotherman, P.O. Box 130, College Grove, TN 37046
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