Keller Family Reunions
Keller Family Reunions
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The Keller Reunion is always Saturday and Sunday before Columbus Day (always the second Monday in October), so mark your calendar now for October 11-12, 2003. We will meet near Dallas, Texas. Sallie Mackey is in charge of arrangements and will be helped by Pat Simiskey.

The 2001 reunion of the Jacob Keller Family Association was held at Henry Horton State Park, Chapel Hill, TN October 6-7. Though the number attending was not great, a good time was had by all.

The program concerned a map of Kellertown, Bedford Co, Tennessee prepared by Roy Ferguson. This map and other early records from the area were included in a 10-page booklet received by each person attending. A few copies remain. Send $2 to Carolyn Smotherman, P.O. Box 130, College Grove, TN 37046 if you would like one.

Those attending voted unanimously to implement the Keller Cemetery Trust document. It was agreed that current donations for mowing or other work could be accepted in the checking account and that money deposited to the savings account would be held in trust forever with only the interest available to spend to maintain the cemetery.

On Sunday the group attended a service at the New Hope Baptist Church, Fairfield, TN, which seemed as though it had been planned just for the reunion, based on "Memories and Memorials." The songs chosen were old-time favorites which resulted in a rousing rendition by all.

Church was followed by lunch at the Walking Horse Hotel in Wartrace, a visit to the Keller Cemetery and a trip to the gravesite of John M. Keller at Lynchburg on the grounds of the Jack Daniel Distillery.

Goodbyes were said over the glowing coals of a cookout at Horton Park on Sunday evening. A location for the next reunion is being arranged. The group expressed a desire to meet in Texas in 2003.
Pictures from the 1995 reunion,
grouped as descendants of Jacob Keller's sons:

John M. Keller .. Charles M. Keller .. Joseph Keller .. Francis Keller .. Robert Keller

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