Carpe Diem!
Day, Allen, Williams, Klein and More of Our Family

Our family in the US Federal Census

I am compiling the census information that I have uncovered as it pertains to our family. Hopefully this will be a continuing project as I learn more about where everybody lived and when.

Sometimes the info as it exists in the census can be very telling - regarding neighbors, older relatives staying with younger ones, and so on. Also, census information is OFTEN incorrect or misleading. I have added a "NOTES" section at the end of each line in case there is something that I feel is incorrect, unusual or worth noting.

I hope this reference will be interesting to others; I know it will help me, personally, to have all my families organized by years in one place. I can say goodbye to all the paper shuffling!!

Years available for viewing:
some of these files are large, please allow the page to fully load.

- includes: Day/Parker, Bigelow/Hurlbert, and Roseland/Schrempf

- includes: Roseland, Bigelow in Ohio, Bigelow in Michigan, Allen, Williams, Hager, Mayo

  Pamela Klein