Carpe Diem!
Day, Allen, Williams, Klein and More of Our Family


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First European Settlements on Eastern Coast of North America
Map of English Colonies in America Prior to 1763
New Amsterdam (New York) 1660
Map of Ionia Michigan 1868
Map Details of Plyn Williams residence in Ionia
Maps detailing where the Kiba family came from (listed in Ellis Island as Chyrow, Austria/Poland)
- Map of the Ukraine, present day, note the Lviv region in the far West
- Map of the Lviv Province, showing Khriv (Chryow) near the border with Poland
- Historical Postcard of Chyrow.

Charles Day, Lulu Roseland Day, Edward Day
James Day
James Dey (Day) Sr.
James Day w/ daughter Dorothy, early 1940
Jim and Jane Day
Jim and Jane Day
Louise Palmer (nanny?) with James and Marion Day
Thor and Marion (Day) Hval

Caroline Roseland
Charles Roseland in group picture (unknown which one is Charles)
Jim and Jane Day on honeymoon


Anna Bigelow Allen aged 102
Laura May Williams Bigelow w/ daughter Anna and granddaughter Jane
Guy Francis Allen as child
Guy Francis Allen
Henry S. Bigelow and Laura May (Williams) Bigelow
Plynn Williams outside of his store in Ionia, MI
Plynn Williams' calling card
Children of Anna Williams and Charles Bartlett
Zola Anna Bartlett age 22; Raymond Charles Bartlett age 12; Lee G. Bartlett age 10; Jennie L. Bartlett age 8; Glenn Dewey Bartlett age 2 (Thanks to Lauren Bartlett for identifying the people in this picture!)
Children of Guy and Anna Allen
Jane Allen as a child


Walter and Marie Klein (center) with friends at Long Lake, MI
Marie (Kiba) Klein

Walter Klein


  Pamela Klein