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Carpenter, Hanson, Oleson, Zook and Allied Families Norway, Germany/Switzerland, Ireland; 
USA: Indiana, Iowa, Minnesota, South Dakota, Wisconsin (and more)
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In case you are wondering, my personal software preference is Personal Ancestral File. I have also tried Ancestry Family Tree, Family Tree Maker and Ultimate Family Tree, but I much prefer the ease of use of the Personal Ancestral File. The $100.00 plus dollars I wasted on software could have been put to better use ordering vital records or more filing cabinets.

P.S.: I find that purchasing CD's from Family Tree Maker are also a waste of money, I prefer an on-line  subscription to This way I have access to all their new stuff without purchasing more and more, etc. I have not tried the on-line subscription to Family Tree Maker, so I have no advise as to it's value.

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