Carpenters currently of East Tennessee

Connections with Wolfe, Green, Tiller, Phillips

Carpenters, Wolfe and Green(e)'s are my Fathers side of Family.
Connections with my Mothers side are: Dunn, Tiller, Phillips.

Hello, I am Timmy Carpenter from Morristown TN.
I am searching for infor. on the following people in my family:

I am looking for information on Leonard Phillips of East Tennessee or eastern KY. He was married to a woman named "May" or something like that possibly. The woman had a sister named Maudie Tiller.

And Parents of Wally Tiller who married a woman named Sally probably in southeast KY their son was William "Bill" Tiller who married Marthie EmmaLine Dunn/Pike. They had Maudie Tiller and possibly other children. They lived around Campbell Co TN and Middlesboro KY.

Looking for parents of Marthie Emma Line Dunn who died in 1956 and was born in 1881. Her mother died around 1914 and was said to be a full Native American Indian. They spent time in Middlesboro KY and in Morristown TN and LaFollete TN.

Looking for information on a George Washington Wolfe who donated land for Flat Gap School in Treadway TN, Hancock/Hawkins Co. TN.

Looking for infor. on Stephen Carpenter who married a Rebecca. But this Stephen and Rebecca Carpenter was married between 1770-1774. He was born 1730-1759.

I have uploaded my .ged family tree at "" I always reload after finding more information.

Email with any details you may have on these people. Thanks. I have posted what I have of my family tree in Gedcom format at World Connect, Roots Web and All of the above named peoples are in it. It list Leonard Phillips and some other dead people has still being alive because I do not know their death dates. I would be interested to see if any of my ancestors are Melungeon which I think they very well could be as well as some Native American Indian.

I have started a Yahoo Genealogy group for any one who has a relation to the Carpenter Families of TN, NC, VA, WVA, AL, GA, TX, OR and KY. Feel free to join if you think you may be related to me or any of these Carpenter families or interconnected families including Wolfes, Greene, Allen, Cox, etc.

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