Carradine Genealogy

Carradine Genealogy


Brought to you by the "2R" Carradines of Texas



New!  Carradine DNA PROJECT  New!

We have been looking for our lost ancestors, and we have recently started a Y-chromosome DNA project at FamilyTreeDNA, hoping to connect the dots! We are looking for participants with names such as
Carradine, Caradine, Carwardine, Cowarden, Cowardin
For more information click the link below
Carradine DNA Project



Some of the Carradines (of various spellings)
We Know About

Peter Caradin  In 1656, Peter Caradin was brought to St. Mary's County, Maryland, on a ship captained by Thomas Cornwallis. Peter's name was recorded also as Carradine, Carwardine, Carwardin, Carwarden.

Abraham Cowarden of Kent County, Maryland was the son of Thomas Cowarden and Frances Ambrose. Abraham married Mary Joce in 1738 in St. Paul's Parish, Kent County, Maryland.  Children:  John (1737), Martha (1741), Pasco (1744), Sarah (1747), Abraham (1751).

Parker Carradine Sr.  appears in 1767 in South Carolina as a magistrate and as administrator of a will for John Collins, whose widow, Mary Odum Collins, he would marry. Parker and Mary went to Natchez, Mississippi, where Parker participated in the Natchez Rebellion in 1781.

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