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of the Carr, Lange, Stieb, Blodgett, Maresch families
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My name is Nicole Carr, and this is the website devoted to my husband Troy's, family.
So come on in, meet our ancestors, put your feet up and stay a while!

Things to do while you are here:

Browse through my family tree on the World Connect Database. Updated regularly. Check up on my sources, with links to those which are available online.
Read some obituaries, and a list of those not posted on-line. Sign my guestbook, and see who else is researching our family.
Links to other good genealogy and sites related to these branches of my family tree. See what's new to the site.
Find out more about me and my husband, guaranteed to make you laugh.  

Family Pages:

Maternal: Lange, Maresch, Houston

Paternal: Carr, Stieb, Blodgett, Goette (Götte),

me with questions, comments or corrections.


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