Martha Carrier

Martha Carrier
  "...I am wronged. It is a shameful thing that
   you should mind these folks that are out of
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   Date:   14 Aug 1998

>From Salem-Village Witchcraft: a Documentary Record of Local
Conflict in Colonial New England.  Paul Boyer & Stephen
Nissenbaum, eds., pp. 376-378.

List of All Persons Accused of Witchcraft in 1692

[The date given is the date of the warrent or complaint.  While all of
these individuals were accused, not all were actually imprisoned.  Where
the specific date is unknown, it is probable that the accusation
occurred in June 1692 or after.]

Nehemiah Abbott - Topsfield -- May 28
Nehemiah Abbott, Jun. - Topsfield -- April 21
Capt. John Alden - Boston -- May 31
Daniel Andrew - Salem Village -- May 14
Abigail Barker - Andover -- Sept. 8
Mary Barker - Andover -- August 29
William Barker, Sen. - Andover -- August 29
William Barker, Jun. - Andover -- August 29
Sarah Basset - Lynn -- May 21
Bridget Bishop - Salem Village -- April 18
Edward Bishop - Salem Village -- April 21
Sarah Bishop - Salem Village -- April 21
Mary Black - Salem Village -- April 21
Mary Bradbury - Salisbury -- April 26
Mary Bridges - Andover -- July 28
Sarah Bridges - Andover -- August 25
Hannah Bromage - Andover -- July 30 (examination)
Sarah Buckley - Salem Village --  May 14
George Burroughs - Wells, Maine -- April 30
Candy (slave) - Salem Town -- June 1
Hannah Carrell - Salem Town -- Sept. 10
Martha Carrier - Andover -- May 28
Andrew Carrier - Andover -- July 21
Richard Carrier - Andover -- July 21
Sarah Carrier - Andover -- [not stated]
Thomas Carrier - Andover -- July 21
Bethia Carter - Woburn -- May 8
Elizabeth Cary - Charlestown -- May 28
Mary Clarke - Haverhill -- Aug. 3
Rachel Clenton - Ipswich -- March 29
Sarah Cloyse - Salem Village -- April 4
Sarah Cole (I) - Salem Town -- Sept. 10
Sarah Cole (II) - Lynn -- Oct. 3
Elizabeth Colson - Reading -- May 14
Giles Corey - Salem Village -- April 18
Martha Corey - Salem Village -- March 19
Deliverance Dane - Andover -- [not stated]
Mary DeRich - Salem Village -- May 23
Rebecca Dike - Gloucester -- Nov. 5
Elizabeth Dicer - Gloucester -- Sept. 3
Ann Doliver - Gloucester -- June 6
Joseph Draper - Andover -- September
Lydia Dustin - Reading -- April 30
Sarah Dustin - Reading -- May 8
Rebecca Eames - Andover -- Aug. 19
Mary Easty - Salem Village -- April 21
Esther Elwell - Gloucester -- Nov. 5
Martha Emerson - Haverhill -- July 2
Joseph Emons - Manchester --  Sept. 5
Phillip English - Salem Town -- April 30
Mary English - Salem Town -- April 21
Thomas Farrer, Sen, - Lynn -- May 14
Edward Farrington - Andover -- Sept. 17
Abigail Faulkner, Senior - Andover -- Aug. 11
Abigail Faulkner, Jun. - Andover -- September
Dorothy Faulkner - Andover -- Sept. 17
Captain John Flood - Rumney Marsh -- May 28
Elizabeth Fosdick - Malden -- May 28
Elizabeth Fosdick (Jun.?) - Malden -- June 2
Ann Foster - Andover -- July 15
Nicholas Frost - Manchester -- Sept. 5
Eunice Frye- Andover -- [not stated]
Dorcas Good - Salem Village -- March 23
Sarah Good - Salem Village -- Feb. 29
Mary Green - Haverhill -- [not stated]
Elizabeth Hart - Lynn -- May 14
Sarah Hawkes - Andover -- Sept. 1
Margaret Hawkes - Salem Toen -- June 1
Dorcas Hoar - Beverly -- April 30
Abigail Hobbs - Topsfield -- April 18
Deliverance Hobbs - Topsfield -- April 21
William Hobbs - Topsfield -- April 21
Elizabeth How - Topsfield -- May 28
John Howard - Rowley -- Aug. 5
Francis Hutchens - Haverhill -- Aug. 18
Mary Ireson - Lynn -- June 4
John Jackson, Sen. - Rowley -- Aug. 5
John Jackson, Jun. - Rowley -- Aug. 5
George Jacobs, Sen. - Salem Town -- May 10
George Jacobs, Jun. - Salem Village -- May 14
Margaret Jacobs - Salem Town -- May 10
Rebecca Jacobs - Salem Village -- May 14
Abigail Johnson - Andover -- Aug. 29
Elizabeth Johnson, Sen. - Andover -- Aug. 29
Elizabeth Johnson, Jun. - Andover -- Aug. 10
Rebecca Johnson - Andover -- Jan. 7, 1693
Stephen Johnson - Andover -- Sept. 1
Mary Lacey, Sen. - Andover -- July 20
Mary Lacey, Jun. - Andover -- [not stated]
John Lee - [not listed] -- April 1 (testimony)
Jane Lilly- Malden -- Sept. 5
Mary Marston - Andover -- Aug. 29
Susanna Martin - Amesbury -- April 30
Mary Morey - Beverly -- May
Sarah Morrill - Beverly -- [not stated]
Rebecca Nurse - Salem Village -- March 23
Sarah Osborne - Salem Village -- Feb. 29
Mary Osgood - Andover -- [not stated]
Elizabeth Paine - Charlestown -- June 2
Alice Parker - Salem Town -- May 12
Mary Parker - Andover -- August
Sarah Pearse - Salem Town -- May 23
Joan Pease - Gloucester -- Sept. 20
Hannah Post - Boxford -- Aug. 25
Mary Post - Rowley -- Aug. 2
Susanna Post - Andover -- Aug. 25
Margaret Prince - Gloucester -- Sept. 3
Benjamin Proctor - Salem Village -- May 23
Elizabeth Proctor - Salem Village -- April 8
John Proctor - Salem Village -- April 11
Sarah Proctor - Salem Village -- [not stated]
William Proctor - Salem Village -- May 28
Ann Pudeator - Salem Town -- May 12
Abigail Roe - Gloucester -- Nov. 5
Wilmot Reed - Marblehead -- May 28
Sarah Rice - Reading -- May 28
Susanna Roots - Beverly -- May 21
Henry Salter - Andover -- Sept. 7
John Sawdy - Andover -- September (?)
Margaret Scott - [none listed] -- September
Ann Sears - Woburn -- May 8
Abigail Soames - Salem Town -- May 13
Martha Sparks - Chelmsford -- [not stated]
Tituba Indian - Salem Village -- Feb. 29
Jerson Toothaker - [none listed] -- [not stated]
Mary Toothaker - Billerica -- May 28
Roger Toothaker - Billerica -- May 18
[Daughter of Roger Toothaker] - Billerica -- May 28
Job Tookey - Beverly -- [not stated]
Hannah Tyler - Andover -- Sept. 16
Martha Tyler - Andover -- Sept. 16
Mercy Wardwell - Andover -- [not stated]
Samuel Wardwell - Andover -- Sept. 1
Sarah Wardwell - Andover -- Sept. 1
Mary Warren - Salem Village -- April 18
Sarah Wilds - Topsfield -- April 21
Ruth Wilford - Haverhill -- Aug. 18
John Willard - Salem Village -- May 12
Sarah Wilson, Sen. - Andover -- Sept. 17
Sarah Wilson, Jun. - Andover -- [not stated]
Mary Withridge - Salem Village -- May 14

(Petition of John Proctor)

SALEM-PRISON, July 23, 1692.

Mr. Mather, Mr. Allen, Mr. Moody, Mr. Willard, and Mr. Bailey

Reverend Gentlemen.

     The innocency of our Case with the Enmity of our Accusers and our Judges, and Jury,
whom nothing but our Innocent blood will serve their turn, having Condmened us already
before our Tryals, being so much incensed and engaged against us by the Devil, makes us
bold to Beg and Implore your Favourable Assistance of this our Humble Petition to his
Excellency, That if it be possible our Innocent Blood may be spared, which undoubtedly
otherwise will be shed, if the Lord doth not mercifully step in. The Magistrates, Ministers,
Jewries, and all the People in general, being so much inraged and incensed against us by
the Delusion of the Devil, which we can term no other, by reason we know in our own
Consciences, we are all Innocent Persons. here are five Persons who have lately confessed
themselves to be Witches, and do accuse some of us, of being along with them at a
Sacrament, since we were committed into close Prison, which we know to be Lies.
Two of the 5 are (Carriers Sons) Youngmen, who would not confess any thing till they
tyed them Neck and Heels till the Blood was ready to come out of their Noses, and tis
credibly believed and reported this was the occasion of making them confess that they
never did, by reason they said one had been a Witch a Month, another five Weeks, and
that their Mother had made them so, who has been confined here this nine Weeks.
My son William Proctor, when he was examin'd, because he would not confess that he was
Guilty, when he was Innocent, they tyed him Neck and Heels till the Blood gushed out of his Nose, and
would have kept him so 24 Hours, if one more Merciful than the rest, had not taken pity on
him, and caused him to be unbound. These actions are very like the Popish Cruelties. They
have already undone us in our Estates, and that will not serve their turns, without our
Innocent Bloods. If it cannot be granted that we can have our Trials at Boston, we humbly
beg that you would endeavour to have these Magistrates changed, and others in their
rooms, begging also and beseeching you would be pleased to be here, if not all, some of you at our Trials,
hoping thereby you may be the means of saving the shedding our Innocent Bloods, desiring
your Prayers to the Lord in our behalf, we rest your Poor Afflicted Servants,


Salem Sept. 13 1710

[And in another hand:] 30 lbs. proposed for to be allowed

(Governor Dudley's Order for Payment)

By his Excellency the Governor

Whereas the Generall Assembly in their last session accepted the report of their comitte
appointed to consider of the Damages sustained by Sundry persons prosecuted for
Witchcraft in the year 1692 viz't

                                      lb.     s.     d.                                                           lb.      s      d.

To Elizabeth How          12       0       0         John Procter and Wife             150     0      0
George Jacobs              79       0       0         Sar[a]h Wild                            14       0      0
Mary Easty                   20       0       0         Mary Bradbury                        20      0      0
George Burroughs         50       0      0         Abigail Faulkner                         20      0      0
Giles cory & wife           21       0       0        Anne Foster                               6     10      0
Rebeccah Nurse            25       0       0        Rebeccah Eames                      10       0      0
John Willard                  20       0       0        Dorcas Hoar                            21      17     0
Sarah Good                   30        0       0       Mary Post                                  8      14      0
Martha Carrier                7        6       0       Mary Lacey                                8       10      0
Samuel Wardwell & wife 36    15       0

                                   309        1       0                                                       269     11     0


                                                                                                                 578       12     0

The whole amounting unto Five hundred seventy eight poundes and twelve shillings.

I doe by and with the advice and consent of Maj'tys council hereby order you to pay the
sum above of five hundred seventy eight poundes & Twelve shillings to Stephen Sewall
Esq'r. who together witht the gentelmen of the committe that Estimated and Reported the
said damages are desired & directed to distribute the same in proportion as above to such
of the said persons as are Living. and to those that legally represent them that are dead
according as the law directs & for which this shall be your Warrant.

Given under my hand at BoSton the 17th day of December 1711

                    J. Dudley

(Reverse) Allowance to persons who were prosecuted for witchcraft

[To Mr Treasurer Taylor By order of the Governor & Council Isa Addington Secrty.]

When first married, the Carriers had lived in Billerica where Martha's sister, Mary (Allen) Toothaker, and her family lived.

About 1686, the Carrier family moved to Andover. In the fall of 1690, the smallpox epidemic, which had begun in Boston in late 1689, reached Andover, killing over a dozen people there. Included in this number were seven members of the Allen family. The Carriers were accused of bringing smallpox to Andover and were banned from entering public places.

In May of 1692 during the Salem Village conspiracy, the Carriers were imprisoned; Martha Carrier was committed to the chains of Salem Prison.

On June 28th 1692, a summons for witnesses against Martha (Allen) Carrier included Samuel Preston, Jr. Phoebe Chandler, and John Rogers. Phoebe Chandler, age 11, testified: claiming "I was struck deaf, and could hear no prayer, nor singing, till the last two or three words of the singing" during a Sabbath Day meeting.

On August 11, 1692, Thomas Carrier Jr.,age 10, Sarah Carrier, age 7, were tricked by Magistrate Hathorne(gg grandfather of the author Nathaniel Hawthorne) into naming their mother as a witch. The abuse of Martha Carrier's four children was a tactic used by the court to induce her to confess; she never did. On August 19th,1692, Martha Carrier was hanged at Salem.

Andrew Elliot was one of the jurors on the Witch Trials in Salem. He later made a public recantation along with other jurors for the part he had taken in the trial. The other jurors were:

Thomas Fisk, Foreman

William Fisk,  John Batcheler, Thomas Fisk Jr., John Dane, Joseph Evelith
Thomas Pearly,Sr.,  John Peabody, Thomas Perkins, Samuel Sayer
Andrew Elliot-already mentioned, Henry Herrick Sr.

See Phoebe Chandler, and John Dane references to Martha Carrier and Thomas Carrier with Judge Hathorne.

Martha Allen was born about 1654 in Andover,Mass, the daughter of Faith Ingalls and Andrew Allen. In 1674 she married Thomas Carrier of Billerica, who was at least 20 years her senior. When first married, the Carriers lived in Billerica, where
Martha's sister Mary Toothaker lived. About 1686, the Carrier Family moved to Andover. In the fall of 1690, the smallpox epidemic, which began in Boston, reached Andover, killing over a dozen people. Included in these deaths were seven members
of the Allen family. The Carriers were accused of bringing smallpox to andover and were banned from entering public places.

On May 18th 1692, the conspiracy of accusers in Salem Village filed a complaint against Dr. Roger Toothaker. They charged him with afflicting, among others, Elizabeth Hubbard, servant of his rival, Dr. William Griggs of Salem Village. Dr.
Toothaker was arrested and sent to Boston Prison. On May 28th the Salem Village conspiracy filed a complaint against his wife,Mary (Allen) Toothaker, his young daughter Margaret Toothaker, and his sister-in-law, Martha (Allen) Carrier of
Andover. On May 31st they were arrested and imprisoned in Salem.

On July 23d 1692, Mary's daughter Martha (Toothaker) Emerson was accused and arrested. Mary Toothaker now a widow made a confession before the Magistrates at Salem. Mary confessed to having made a covenant with the Devil in the past May for protection from the Indians.

About a week later, on August 1st 1692, the Indians attacked Billerica and at least six persons were slain. The Indians returned a few days later and burned down the deserted Toothaker farm.

On August 5th 1692, Mary's sister Martha (Allen) Carrier was condemned by the Court of Oyer and Terminer, and on August 10th she was hanged at Salem.

On February 1st 1693, at the Superior Court of Judicature at Charlestown for Middlesex County, Mary Toothaker was found not guilty in a trial by jury. Her daughter Margaret was also released. In 1695 the Indians raided Billerica. They killed widow Mary (Allen) Toothaker and carried off Margaret,now 12,who was never heard of again.

A word about the Ingalls:
        The name is supposed to be of Scandinavian origin derived from
Ingralld.  In England the name appears as Ingall, Engle, Ingolds,
and Ingles, and the following coat-of-arms is recorded:

        Ingles:        Gules, 3 bars gamelli or on a cantonargent 5
                 billete en cable.
        Crest:         A lily springing from a crown.
        Motto:        Hamilis ax carons.