A journey from Scotland to settlement in Victoria, Australia  


 Apart from the fact they were of Scottish origin very little is known about this particular Carroll family prior to their arrival in Victoria, Australia. It can only be speculated at what prompted this family to embark on such a long and dangerous journey to Australia as personal journals do not exist. Official records giving the exact date and port of entry have not yet been found and their journey from Scotland to Australia is unrecorded.


First known generation


1. John Carroll  b. ? Glasgow Scotland  m.? Elizabeth Inglis  (b. ?  d. ?)




                       i      (2a) Daniel Carroll  b.c1851  d.16Aug1924


Second generation


First generation to Australia


2a. Daniel Carroll  b. c1851 Glasgow, Scotland m. Mary Alywin 27Jun1876 Prahran, Victoria (b.24Nov1855 Clifton St Prahran, Victoria d.15Oct1910 bur. 17Oct1910 comp c grave 82 St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria.) d.14Aug1924 bur.16Aug1924 comp c grave 82 St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria (photo) Co-interred within Daniel’s grave is Sara Carroll, Rose Thompson, William Robert Carroll and Vera Elsie May Carroll.




                       i      Daniel John Carroll  b. 13Apr1877 Macquarie St Prahran, Victoria  d. c1882

                     ii      Sarah Jane Carroll  b. 01Jun1878 Prahran, Victoria  d. 09Jun1878 Clifton St Prahran, Victoria bur. 11Jun1878 comp c grave 82 St Kilda Cemetery, Victoria.

                    iii      Mabel Carroll b.1880 m. Richard Thompson 1899 (b. ?  d. ?)

                   iv      (3a) Robert George Carroll  b. 7Mar1882  d. 05Jun1938

                     v      (3b) Charles William Carroll  b. 24May1884 d. 07Apr1936

                   vi      (3c) Herbert Edgar Carroll b.16Feb1887 d. 4Jun1939 Burwood, Victoria.

                  vii      Hilda Maud Carroll b. 1890 South Yarra, Victoria, d.c1910

                viii      Myrtle Rose Carroll b. 1891 South Yarra, Victoria, d. ?

                   ix      Vera Elsie May Carroll b. 22Apr1895 Browning St South Yarra, Victoria (never married) d. 11Aug1962 Atherton Rd Oakliegh, Victoria bur. 14Aug1962 comp c grave 82. St Kilda Cemetery. Victoria.

                     x       (3d).Ernest Edward Carroll b.c1900 m. ?


Third generation


3a. Robert George Carroll  b. 7Mar1882 Browning Street South Yarra, Victoria m. Teresa Christina Higgins 24Jun1904 Arcade St Prahran, Victoria (b. 21Nov1883  Ballarat, Victoria d. 14Aug1946 bur. 15Aug1946 CofE comp b sect 17 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria) (photo) d. 5Jun1983 Lyric Theatre Prahran, Victoria  bur. 6Jun1938 CofE comp b sect 17 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria.




                       i      William Robert Carroll  b. 29Dec1904 Peel St Prahran, Victoria d. 24Jun1905 Prahran, Victoria bur. 25Jun1905 comp c grave 82 St Kilda Cemetery.

                     ii      (4a) Robert George Carroll  b. 8Sep1907  d. 7Jun1988

                    iii      Rosina Carroll  b.11Sep1909 Lewisham St  Windsor, Victoria m. John Townsend White 20Sep1930 All Saints Church East St Kilda, Victoria (b.1909 Ballarat, Victoria  d. ?)  d. 6Feb1997 Cremated. 11Feb1997 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria (remains collected).

                   iv      Eileen Mary Carroll b.1912 Prahran, Victoria m. Thomas Edward Anderson 1928 (b.?  d.?) d. ?

                     v      (4b) William Charles Carroll b.18Dec1914 d.30Sep1967 Prahran, Victoria

                   vi      (4c) Ernest Roy Carroll b.1916 Prahran, Victoria d. 20Oct1987.

                  vii      Rita May Carroll b.1918 South Yarra, Victoria m. Frank Charles Rexter (b.? d. ?) ?

                viii      Marjorie Jane Carroll  b. 1920 South Yarra, Victoria m. Archer Watson (b.? d.?) ?

                   ix      (4d) Daniel Jack Carroll b. 4Sep1921 d. 31Dec1967


3b. Charles William Carroll b. 24May1884 Browning St South Yarra, Victoria m. Clara Isabella Agnew ? (b.1988 d. 29Aug1923 Royal Park , Victoria bur. 30Apr1923 CofE comp 1 sect 11 grave 8 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria) d. 07Apr1936 William St Prahran, Victoria bur. 9Apr1936 CofE comp 1 sect 11 grave 8 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria




                       i      Charles Carroll b.? d. ?

                     ii      Clara Myra Carroll b.1906 d. ?

                    iii      Daphne May Carroll b.1909 d. ?

                   iv      Ruby Elizabeth Carroll b.1911 d. ?

                     v      (4e) Charles Ernest Carroll b.1913 d. ?

                   vi      Myrtle Irene Carroll b.1914 d. ?(twins)

                  vii      (4f) Alfred Williams Carroll b.1914 d. ?(twins)


3c. Herbert Edgar Carroll b.16Feb1887 Browning St South Yarra, Victoria m. Ellen Hannah Salisbury  (b.? d.? bur. Presbyterian sect 2 v 109a Burwood Cemetery, Victoria) ?  Australian Imperial Force doe: 23Aug1917 dod: 4Jun1939 d: 4Jun1939  Through Road Burwood, Victoria bur. 6Jun1939 Presbyterian sect 2 v 109a Burwood Cemetery, Victoria. (photo) Co-interred within Herbert’s grave is Ian Allan McColl. b.? d.?




                       i      Myrtle Jane Carroll b.1908 d. ?

                     ii      Edith May Carroll b.1910 d. ?

                    iii      Elsie Mary Christina Carroll b? (deceased}

                   iv      Dorothy Ellen Carroll b.1918 d. ?

                     v      (4g) John Edgar Carroll b.1925 d. ?



3d. Ernest Edward Carroll b. 1900c m.? d ?




Fourth generation


4a. Robert George Carroll  b. 8Sept1907 York St Prahran, Victoria m. Annie Iris Peters 2Nov1929 All Saints Church St.Kilda, Victoria (b. 3Mar1908 Argyle St East St.Kilda, Victoria d. 21Jul1969 Preston Hospital, Victoria  bur. 22Jul1969 sect 1 comp T Niche 214 Fawkner Cemetery, Victoria) (photo) Australian Army doe: 9Oct1942 dod: 14Jun1945 d. 7Jun1988 Caulfield Hospital, Victoria  bur. 8Jun1988 garden of distant place Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria.(photo)




                       i      Mary Patricia Carroll  b. 22Dec1930 Carlton, Victoria m. Ronald Fyfe Rodgers 21Feb1953 All Saint Church St Kilda, Victoria. (b. 17Jun1929 Bendigo, Victoria d. 23Sept1987 Belmont, Victoria bur. 24Sept1987 Geelong, Victoria.)

                     ii      (5a) Ronald George Carroll b.1Feb1933 Carlton, Victoria d.12Oct1989 Prahran, Victoria

                    iii      Norma Joan Carroll  b. 29Apr1935 Carlton, Victoria m. Russell Joseph Nicholson 27Feb 1954 St Kilda, Victoria (b.1934 Maryborough, Victoria (div ?) d. 21Jun1998 Box Hill, Victoria Cremated 22Jun1998 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria (remains collected)

                   iv      Kevin John Carroll  b. 24Aug1939 Carlton, Victoria (never married) d. 3Jan1987 St Kilda, Victoria  bur. 7Jan1987 wall AL niche 41 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria (photo)

                     v       (5b) Robert Peter Carroll  b.10Feb1944 Carlton, Victoria.

                   vi      (5c) John Anthony Carroll  b. 2Nov1951 Carlton, Victoria.


4b. William Charles Carroll  b.18Dec1914Windsor, Victoria m. Dorothy Dawn May Scanlon 31Aug1940 (b.?  d.? ) Australian Army doe: 6Mar1943 dod:14Feb1946 d. 30Sep1967 bur. 31Sep1967 Alway lawn row f grave 28 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria  (photo)




                       i      (5d) Wayne Robert Carroll  b.1942  d. ?

                     ii      (5e) Lee Patrick Carroll  b.1946 m. ?

                    iii      (5f) Richard Justin  Carroll  b.1948 m. ?

                   iv      Sandra Carroll  b. ? m.?


(4c) Ernest Roy Carroll  b.1916 Prahran, Victoria m. Clara ? (b. ?  d. ? ) d. 19Oct1987 bur 20Oct1987 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria.




i.         (5g) James Carroll  b.? m.? d.?

ii.       Lawry Carroll  b.? m.? d.?


4d. Daniel Jack Carroll  b. 4Sep1921Toorak Road South Yarra, Victoria m. Sybil Adelaide 16Sep1944 (div?) (b.?  d. ?) Royal Australian Air force doe:26Mar1942 dod: 17Jan1946 d. 31Dec1967 Crib Point, Victoria bur. 3Jan1968 Alway lawn row f grave 28 Springvale Botanical Cemetery, Victoria (photo)




no known issue



4e. Charles Ernest Carroll b.1913 m.? d. ?




4f. Alfred William Carroll. b.1914 m.? d.?




4g. John Edgar Carroll b.1925  m.? d.?




Fifth generation


5a. Ronald George Carroll  b.1Feb1933 Carlton, Victoria m#1 Marie Margaret Kearney 13Oct1955 (div?) (b.? d.?) m#2 [de facto] Rona Mary McCallum (b. 27Dec1926 Flemington, Victoria) d.12Oct1989 Prahran, Victoria bur.13Oct1989 R Lawn row 22 Cheltenham, Victoria  (photo)




no known issue


5b. Robert Peter Carroll  b.10Feb1944  m#1 Margaret Lyla Sheen 21Nov1964 Sunshine, Victoria (div ?) (b.16Jul1945 Melbourne, Victoria d.10Apr1987 Edinburgh, Scotland Cremated (remains scattered ) Scotland and  Balnarring  Victoria Australia (photo). m#2 Sonia Percic 8Feb1986 (div 1989) (b. 13Jul1960 Ferntree Gully, Victoria) Australian Army doe:12Mar1968 dod: 8Mar1994


Children: from m#1


i.         Ann Margaret Carroll b.10Jan1967 Preston, Victoria m. Michael Rigby 24 Apr1988 Seaford, Victoria. (b. 18Apr1963 Frankston, Victoria)

ii.       Kristine Marie Carroll b. 3Sep1968 Greensborough, Victoria


Children: from m#2


no issue


5c John Anthony Carroll  b. 2Nov1951 Carlton, Victoria  m#1 Jacqueline Valder Smith Frankston, Victoria 3Mar1979 (div?) (b. 14Jul1956 Flemington, Victoria) m#2 Denise Kennedy 31Oct1992 Warrnambool, Victoria (b. 2Apr1961 Footscray, Victoria).


Children from m#1


                     i.            (6a) Rodney John Carroll  b. 19Jan1980 Frankston, Victoria, m. Kristy Slatter 30Sep2005 Fiji Islands (b. 26Mar1982 England)




                   ii.            Rebecca Tina Carroll  b. 30April1982 Frankston, Victoria, m. Trent Robertson 31Jan2004 Frankston, Victoria (b. 11Feb1980)



Children from m#2


i.         Lauren Carroll  b. 7Apr1985 Essendon, Victoria m#1. Ross Bydder 15Mar2004 Cranbourne, Victoria 2006. (div 2008) (1985 Box Hill, Victoria)


5d. Lee Patrick Carroll b. 1946 m. ? d .?




5e. Richard Justin Carroll b. 1948 m. ? d. ?




5f. James Carroll b. ? m. ? d. ?


6a Rodney John Carroll b.19Jan1980 Frankston, Victoria m. Kristy Slatter 30Sep2005 Fiji Islands (b, 26Mar1982 England)




i.       Madison Carroll b.30Jan2008 Frankston, Vic


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