Carroll~Rogers~Cushing~Stiles~Traudt Families

Carroll and Rogers Family Genealogy

We have been searching for ancestors and related persons for over 30 years.
Major family groups include Carroll of Alabama; Rogers of Keeseville, NY and Wisconsin; Cushing, Woods, and Stiles of Mass;
Matthews, Johnson, Casey and Cox of Alabama and Virginia.

A similar file, usually more current, is at Rootsweb World Connect pages.
Their system allows more flexibility in listing descendants and graphing family trees.

No living persons are included except a few already well known in the public realm such as US Presidents.

On family group pages, children marked >...< are ancestors of Bob or Dee.

Sources are extensive and shown as superscript numbers on individual person pages.
Additional notes are also given at bottom of individual pages.

Correction and additions with sources are welcome.
From Files of Bob and Dee Carroll of Westport NY on Lake Champlain, for personal use.

Copyright 2008 Robert E. Carroll

Bob Carroll
PO Box 410, Westport, NY 12993