Brauns & Williams Families - Livel01
Elbert Berry LIVELY (male)
BirthBet 1816 and 1817Unknown

Elizabeth Sarah HOWARTON (female)
FatherAbout 1791Jeremiah HOWARTON
Birth2 Feb 1825Rhea County, Tennessee
Death21 May 1910Lampasas (Lampasas) Texas

Family of Elbert Berry LIVELY & Elizabeth Sarah HOWARTON
Marriage31 Aug 1854Red River County, Texas
GirlAbout 1855Martha Mary LIVELY
BoyAbout 1857Bob "Bobbie" LIVELY
Boy7 Apr 1860James Elbert LIVELY
Boy27 Jun 1862Joseph Berry LIVELY
Boy2 Aug 1864George Washington LIVELY

James Elbert LIVELY (male)
FatherBet 1816 and 1817Elbert Berry LIVELY
Mother2 Feb 1825Elizabeth Sarah HOWARTON
Birth7 Apr 1860Red River County, Texas
Death13 Jun 1923Eden (Concho) Texas

Retta Adeline "Kittie" BLACKBURN (female)
Father1824C. Elijah "Lige" BLACKBURN
Mother1822Jane "Jennie" GARRETT
BirthAbout 1854Unknown

Family of James Elbert LIVELY & Retta Adeline "Kittie" BLACKBURN
Marriage30 Mar 1879Fort Worth (Tarrant) Texas
Boy22 Feb 1880James Berry LIVELY
Girl22 May 1881Minnie Lee LIVELY
Girl22 Feb 1883Elizabeth "Bettie" Jane LIVELY
Girl25 Feb 1885Margaret Evelyn LIVELY
Boy13 Dec 1886Andrew Jefferson LIVELY
Girl11 Sep 1889Georgia Alevesco LIVELY
Boy11 Feb 1891Walter Timothy LIVELY
Boy25 Oct 1894Joseph Lee LIVELY
Girl8 Jan 1897Adeline Mae LIVELY

James Berry LIVELY (male)
Father7 Apr 1860James Elbert LIVELY
MotherAbout 1854Retta Adeline "Kittie" BLACKBURN
Birth22 Feb 1880Texas
Death5 Mar 1934Unknown

Rosa Lee KERR (female)
FatherUnknownJohn Boiling KERR
MotherUnknownViola CAPPS

Family of James Berry LIVELY & Rosa Lee KERR
MarriageAbout 1901Unknown
BoyUnknownEvan Grey LIVELY
BoyUnknownLeo LIVELY
BoyUnknownDeward Elbert LIVELY
GirlUnknownElmarido Adeline LIVELY
BoyUnknownJames Berry, Jr. LIVELY
BoyUnknownWalton LIVELY
GirlUnknownGeneva Lois LIVELY
GirlUnknownVirginia Lee LIVELY

Evan Grey LIVELY (male)
Father22 Feb 1880James Berry LIVELY
MotherUnknownRosa Lee KERR

(Mrs. Evan Grey Lively) COMER (female)

Evan Grey LIVELY (male)
Father22 Feb 1880James Berry LIVELY
MotherUnknownRosa Lee KERR

(Mrs. Evan Grey Lively) HARRIS (female)

Leo LIVELY (male)
Father22 Feb 1880James Berry LIVELY
MotherUnknownRosa Lee KERR

(Mrs. Leo Lively) SHUP (female)

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