Brauns & Williams Families - Seibel2
Margaret (Peggy) Linda SEIBEL (Second Cousin)
Father22 Jun 1922Joseph Austin SEIBEL
Mother7 Aug 1922Jeanne Margaret KNISELL (First Cousin Once Removed)
Birth2 Mar 1952Glen Ridge (Essex) New Jersey

Daniel Paul [3] KNIPMEYER (male)
FatherUnknownDaniel Paul [2] KNIPMEYER
MotherUnknownMarilynn POTTER

Family of Margaret (Peggy) Linda SEIBEL & Daniel Paul [3] KNIPMEYER
Marriage20 Nov 1985Unknown

Louis Edward SEIBEL (male)
Father31 Mar 1859Louis Lewellen SEIBEL
Mother1858Mary Elizabeth PRICE
Birth19 Feb 1884Hannibal (Marion) Missouri
Death9 Sep 1928Kansas City (Wyandotte) Kansas

Beulah Gertrude AUSTIN (female)
Father9 Jan 1843Byram AUSTIN
Mother30 Jul 1853Talitha Jane CROMWELL
Birth15 Apr 1887Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri
Death9 Jan 1976Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri

Family of Louis Edward SEIBEL & Beulah Gertrude AUSTIN
Marriage16 Oct 1916Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri
Boy15 Aug 1917Louis Byram SEIBEL
Boy24 Dec 1919James Edward (1st Lt.) SEIBEL
Boy22 Jun 1922Joseph Austin SEIBEL
Boy1 Jul 1923John Richard (Jack) SEIBEL

Louis Byram SEIBEL (male)
Father19 Feb 1884Louis Edward SEIBEL
Mother15 Apr 1887Beulah Gertrude AUSTIN
Birth15 Aug 1917Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri
Death3 Feb 2001Overland Park (Johnson) Kansas

Barbara Jean BLISS (female)
FatherUnknownOmar Mark BLISS
MotherUnknownJean Marie LYLE
Birth18 Jun 1922Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri

Family of Louis Byram SEIBEL & Barbara Jean BLISS
Marriage22 May 1943Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri
Boy27 Jul 1946Louis Omar SEIBEL
Girl12 Dec 1950Carol Jean SEIBEL
Boy19 Aug 1953Mark Edward SEIBEL
Boy7 Jan 1957Charles Alden SEIBEL

Carol Jean SEIBEL (female)
Father15 Aug 1917Louis Byram SEIBEL
Mother18 Jun 1922Barbara Jean BLISS
Birth12 Dec 1950Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri

Michael James BLYTHE (male)
Birth17 Aug 1950Unknown

Family of Carol Jean SEIBEL & Michael James BLYTHE
Marriage19 Aug 1972Unknown
BoyUnknownDevon BLYTHE
BoyUnknownChristopher James BLYTHE

Mark Edward SEIBEL (male)
Father15 Aug 1917Louis Byram SEIBEL
Mother18 Jun 1922Barbara Jean BLISS
Birth19 Aug 1953Kansas City (Jackson) Missouri

Kelly Louise PLATTE (female)

Family of Mark Edward SEIBEL & Kelly Louise PLATTE
Marriage21 Aug 1976Dallas (Dallas) Texas
Boy11 Aug 1984Andrew Louis SEIBEL
Girl6 Feb 1987Abigail Marie SEIBEL

Charles Alden SEIBEL (male)
Father15 Aug 1917Louis Byram SEIBEL
Mother18 Jun 1922Barbara Jean BLISS
Birth7 Jan 1957Unknown

Melinda Lee ROGERS (female)

Family of Charles Alden SEIBEL & Melinda Lee ROGERS
Marriage26 Jul 1980Unknown
Boy27 Apr 1982Charles Christopher SEIBEL
Girl16 Feb 1987Amanda Lee SEIBEL
Girl30 May 1989Christine Elizabeth Jean SEIBEL

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