Summary: These are the 5592 decendants of the first known Cass (Casse, Case) in America that I have on file. The personal information for those who are still living has been hidden. Most family lines are followed until the surname is changed from Cass, although I do follow a few lines for several generations; usually those of people that I have corresponded with. In this age of electronic communication, it may be possible to trace many of John Casse's lines to the present. If you do not find your Cass ancestor here, please let me know at my email address, or via my mailing address!

Spelling Variation: Keep in mind that I try to find and use the original spelling of a surname in my data. Surname spellings and pronounciations sometimes change from generation to generation. In most cases, I have used the sources closest to the individual's time period that I can find to determine spellings; the name or signature in the individual's own hand being the most desireable. Therefore, you may find individuals on this web page under a variation of the surname you are looking for, most noteably the CASS vs. CASE variation.

Data Reliability: Regarding reliability of data, much of the information in these web pages was taken from others' GEDCOM files and letters and was not researched by me personally. Therefore, please do NOT use any undocumented data from this file as truth. Consider this a work-in-progress (never to be completed, really). As with any secondary source, any information you gather from this listing should be verified and validated. Much of the information in this list is admittedly speculative and should be treated as such.

Other Web sites: I have another Cass web site on which allows interaction among members; sharing photos, news, stories, etc. This web site is private and by invitation only. If you are interested in Cass genealogy, please write to me and I will send you an invitation. We also have a Facebook page as well -- search Facebook for "Descendants of John Cass(e)".

Copyright: The information presented here has taken many years of my and other generous researchers' time, money and energy to compile. I would appreciate knowing if you create a link to this page, and I also declare that this information not be used for commercial gain without my permission. These pages are Copyright 1997-2014, Bryan Anthony Cass, All Rights Reserved.