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In memory of my wife.

Jean Mayo Hirsch.

May 28, 1934    January 19, 2017.

FAMILY GENEALOGY - Mayo, Hatcher, Green, Hankinson, Taylor, Potter and Skipper Families.

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Family Tree

We started some 20+ years ago with not much to go on. We spent many hours in archives, courthouses, libraries, and cemeteries searching for family names. There was no computer so data was copied by hand, copying machine or photographic. Microfilms were read (turning the crank) frame by frame, line by line looking for a familiar name.  Today information is available on the Internet, however, you're missing out on the excitement of finding something in your travels! A large granite slab was found along a logging road in Pamlico Co. N.C. that read Edward Bryan born London 1663. This is Jean's 7th Ggrandfather. There were other graves in the same area. This is a "find"!(Story below.)

Caution, genealogy can be addictive!


Jean's fraternal line consists of a number of ancestral lines - Mayo, Hatcher, Green, Hankinson, Williams, Bush, Bryan... The connection to Thomas Mayo is not proven, however, most researchers believe that Alfred F. Mayo Sr. descends from a Thomas Mayo. It was first thought Thomas Mayo, son of James Mayo, son of Valentine Mayo was her ancestor. Based on more than one set of tests Alfred Mayo Sr. is NOT a descendant of Valentine Mayo. DNA taken from a descendant of Richard Mayo, with a paper trail to Alfred Mayo Sr. and a descendant of Alfred F. Mayo Jr. are a DNA match. Mayos were found in the pan handle of Florida and Louisiana. Joseph Hatcher migrated from Burke County Georgia to Barnwell, South Carolina in the mid 1800's establishing the Hatcher family in South Carolina. Family story is that Joseph Hatcher was running from someone and swam the Savannah river to South Carolina where he was taken in by William Green. He later married daughter Caroline and had six children, one being Jean's grandmother Georgia. Jean's grandfather Joel, a railroad man was in Aiken, SC and tore his (britches). Georgia repaired his trousers and that's how they met and later married. The Hatcher line was traced back to William Hatcher, b 1613 in Lincolnshire, England.  The Greens and Hankinsons were prominant familes in South Carolina. Many other ancestral names are included leading into Europe. Collateral lines leading from Josiah Hatcher reach back almost ten centuaries.


Jean's maternal line consists of at least six ancestral lines -Taylor, Roberts, Potter, Skipper,Hinson, Stanley... These families lived in North Carolina, primarily in New Hanover, Brunswick and Carteret Counties. The Potter and Skipper line dead ended about ca1700 in North Carolina. Edward Taylor emigrated from Kent England to New Hanover County ca 1850 and the Roberts & Gaskil familes of Carteret County ca1700 are  also included. After the untimely death of Clarence Taylor, Viola made the painful decision to place her four young children, one being Jean's mother, in the Kennedy Home Orphanage, in Lenoir County, North Carolina. Subsequently she taken under the care of by her grandparents, Caldwell C. and Dolly Potter who raised her until she married Ruby Mayo in 1933. There are Potter and Skipper families in New England but unable to connect to the North Carolina families.


Linage Organizations

Jean has membership in the Daughters of  the American Revolution, the  Colonial Dames 17th Century and The Colonial Dames of America. Individuals wishing to apply for membership in these lineage organizations may find these files useful in providing the necessary proofs .
Information for these families can be found in the following Rootsweb World Connect files:

Thomas Mayo (/ (4,500 individuals)

Potter-Skipper(/ (11,000 individuals)

Caroline Green & Josiah Alston Hatcher (/ (43,000 individuals)

The links above cover the genealogy of Jean's maternal and fraternal ancestors including many collateral and allied branches. 

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For information regarding these databases contact J.G. Hirsch.