A Remarkable Woman Passes Away.

Buckhead, Jan. 30


    Mrs. C. Ladd died this evening at Buena Vista about five o'clock. For the last week she has been quite sick and the end was not unexpected. Mrs. R. L. Wilks and Dr. J. D. Cureton of her immediate family were with her. Miss Josephine is yet quite ill with pneumonia, but hope of her recovery is now entertained. I suppose Mrs. Ladd will be laid to rest beside her son Dr. C. H. Ladd in Salem Presbyterian cemetery.




"The lark-like voice that sang so long,

    Through bitter days or bright,

Has found the source of deathless song

    Beyond the night.


The loyal heart that beat so true,

    unchanged by earthly ills,

Has reached the everlasting blue

    Of God's own hills.


The poet soul that clearly saw

    in every mortal thing,

Twin miracles of love and law

    has taken wing.


The eyes by stress of time made dim

    Death's mystic border passed

Beyond the far horizon's rim

    See light at last."


This beautiful poem was written by W. M. Hayne, Esq., and as it is so applicable to our friend Mrs. C. Ladd I have copied it as a tribute to her memory and hope that you will give it space in your columns.


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18 March 2002,  Brian Brown