Karr-Gore Genealogy
Karr-Gore Genealogy
Gore Family Photos
Gore Family Photos
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Ashford was born on 9 July 1820 in Trigg  County, Kentucky as recorded in the Gore Family Bible.  He married Mary Jane Onstott on 26 January 1845 in Ralls, Missouri.  He died on 24 April 1882 in Ralls, Missouri.  I have not been able to unravel the Mystery of Ashford Gore's Parentage.  This picture of Ashford was given to his great granddaughter, Uva Dell Gore Wasson, by one of her neighbors.  Ashford and Mary Jane had 10 children. Ashford and Mary Jane are both buried in the Vandalia Cemetery, Vandalia, Missouri.  
Price Gore was born on 22 May 1889 in Ralls, Missouri.  He married Lillian May Waters on 15 February 1912 in Mexico, Missouri.  He is the son of James Henry Gore and Sarah Price Smelser.  Price and Lillian had 3 children.  Price and Lillian are both buried in the Vandalia Cemetery, Vandalia, Missouri.
Uva Dell Gore was born 29 July 1913 in Ralls, Missouri.  She married Eldon Gale Wasson on 12 November 1932 in Ralls, Missouri.  She died 03 July 1985 in Ralls, Missouri.  Uva Dell and Gale had 2 children.  Gale and Uva Dell are both buried in the Vandalia, Cemetery, Vandalia, Missouri.
Maxine Gore was born 15 July 1921 in Ralls County, Missouri.  She married Tommy H Karr Jr on 09 October 1943 in Dallas, Texas.  Tommy and Maxine have 4 children.