Karr-Gore Genealogy
Karr-Gore Genealogy
Tommy Karr WWII Photos
Tommy Karr WWII Photos
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Tangku China
November 12, 1945
Left to Right:

?? Richardson - O'Fallon, Nevada
Glen Nichols   - Grand River, Iowa
Tommy Karr   -  Dallas, Texas

Identification by Tommy Karr-26 Feb 2006
Back of Photo
Tommy Karr joined the Marines September 15, 1943.  He served in the Pacific with B/1/5 (Baker Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marines, 1st Marine Division).  He saw action on Peleliu Island from 15 September 1944 thru 14 October 1944.  He then went to Okinawa from  01 April 1945 to 21 June 1945.  He was in China from 3 October 1945 thru 17 January 1946.  The pictures below are from his time in the Pacific.
Exact date of photo unknown.  This was in China so it would be between 03 October 1945 and 17 January 1946.

Left to Right:  Pops;  Tommy Karr

Pops was 27 or 28 years old, almost the oldest guy in the platoon.  He was from Detroit, Michigan.  Tommy thinks his last name was Cohnrs (pronounced "Coors").

The picture on the right is the back of the photo.  It says, "We look like a couple of corpses, but we are still alive.  All of my Love, Tommy." 
Boot Camp
Given the date on the back of the picture, this was taken during Boot Camp.  The back identifies the following three people from left to right:    Clyde Landers, Plano, TX; Tommy Karr, Dallas, TX; E.W. Fauces, Sacramento, CA.
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